mulberry cara bag A Midsummer Night’s Dream Teaching Unit

Miles served as president of the SHSU Alumni Association in 2006 and was directly involved in the origination of the Alumni Garden, the designation of the “Presidents Tree,” the completion of the Bell Tower, the restoration of the Old Main pipe organ and its installation in the Peabody Library and the initial establishment of the alumni clubs that have resulted in increased participation. He also initiated the creation of an alumni committee to organize the movement to prevent any possible name change for the university.Logan Foster came on in the sixth and also pitched well. He struck out the first two batters he faced, then got a short fly ball that was caught in foul territory along the first base line.But Dhaka was different. India had not lost a Test at home for over four years but Bangladesh are Bangladesh, with nine wins in 100 starts, ever. When that became 10 from 101, whatever the context, the response was always going to be unhinged. It constitutes one of the many varied challenges the side need to overcome in a matter of days before Chittagong.Best Wishes Enzo mate. So sorry to hear of your loss. You can be with your friends family when you want to,if you want be on your own to think,then do so,if you need some company then do so,it is an individual thing to deal with and it is difficult to deal with. Remember the good times and remember how much you loved your Dad,how much he loved you and that you both knew this. I lost my Mum three years ago it was very sudden,I think about her everyday,I remember her saying once that she didn’t want me being miserable. She had had Cancer twice but survived,she had always battled illness throughout her life,but the years that she was alive,i am so thankful for and I remember them certain times so fondly. It does make me well up thinking of these things,but this is natural.In 1861, two watershed events occurred.
mulberry bayswater clutch wallet A Midsummer Night’s Dream Teaching Unit

Review what we learned yesterday in our brief overview of the Renaissance lesson. Introduce the Shakespearean theater. Each student will receive a brief handout on the Elizabethan theater. They are to read the hand out and summarize the handout so that they can teach a partner about the theater. Each student receives something different topics include: special effects, the groundlings, price, seating, costumes and the set, the actors, the Globe etc. The teacher must circulate around the room providing support where needed.When students have a brief summary have them form two circles (an inside and outside circle.) A student on the inside pairs with a student on the outside. The students then share their note cards with each other and teach the other about their topic. Then the pair switches cards and continues through the circle. The students must teach each other about the topic and then go onto teach someone else!Students complete an ABC brainstorm sheet to explore their background knowledge of William Shakespeare.The teacher reads the picture book,
mulberry cara bag A Midsummer Night's Dream Teaching Unit
William Shakespeare to the class. The teacher pauses after 2 3 pages throughout the book for a three minute pause. At this time students turn to the person next to them. They summarize verbally what they have learned, identify something that they find interesting, and ask any questions that they might have before continuing.Homework Students complete the ABC brainstorm sheet filling in all letters. They may use ideas from class, or use material from the media center or on line (must students can fill most of it in after the class.)Review homework on William Shakespeare from the previous day. Students can add to their notes during the discussion.The teacher discusses the fact that a lot of the fear of Shakespeare comes from the fear of the language. The teacher shares the fact that even the best Shakespeare scholars cannot understand every word of Shakespeare the way it was meant to be understood because there are certain jokes etc. that we today just don’t understand. A discussion about the change in language specifically slang words takes place. The teacher discusses the difference between the words that were cool when their parents were growing up compared to the words that they think are cool.Teacher hands out the work sheet with the list of words and phrases that Shakespeare created. In groups the students review the list and see if they recognize some of them. Class discussion to follow.Teacher share with students some Elizabethan insults. Students look at the lists of words and create their own insults. They walk around the room sharing their insults with their peers.Technology One Introduction to the blog Teacher discusses the fact that the blog has been used informally and is now becoming part of the class for a grade. Student must post weekly to the blog answering the questions posted. Teacher reviews how to use the blog using the laptop and projector. A reminder is given to all students to use standard English on the blog and to sign their names to all entries. Students are able to respond to each other on the blog. The discussion questions are instead of doing the written responses to what we are reading in class.Friday, September , 2008King of Shadows by Susan Cooper is about a young actor, Nick Field who is thrilled to be in London, England, playing Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But things get even more exciting when he wakes up one morning to find the year is 1599 and he is working with William Shakespeare himself!In English, we have been reading and talking about Shakespeare’s England. If you could travel back in time, or into the future, what time period would you like to visit? Explain your choice and describe what you think you might experience.Technology Two Teacher reviews the Midsummer Night’s Dream PowerPoint with the class as an introduction to the play. This is an effort to front load knowledge about the play. As the class progresses through the PowerPoint the teacher will discuss how the play will be acted out in class with students dressing up and creating mini sets. The students are asked to think about costumes and sets as the class progresses through the PowerPoint. (See separate attachment for PowerPoint)By the end of class students will have a list of costumes that are needed to be collected and mini sets to make. Students can share the work amongst themselves and all work is voluntary.Blog Trouble Shooting a review of procedures question and answer session in the computer labIntroduction to project options for A Midsummer night’s Dream see Appendix 1Tuesday, May 6, 2008Here are some useful web sites to help you as we progress through this unit. I will add more as I find them!
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mulberry cara bag A Midsummer Night's Dream Teaching Unit
controlling the game throughout.”I don’t know what we’ll do. The whole crisis is just overwhelming.