mulberry bag ebay cause of wall collapse probed

Discount red mulberry bag Outlet cause of wall collapse probed

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) The Mulberry Street Bridge reopened for the Friday afternoon commute a day after the collapse of a retaining wall that supported an adjacent parking lot.

PennDOT officials said the bridge is structurally sound. Inspectors will continue to check the site frequently, especially when it’s raining.

The bridge was closed to traffic after the wall collapsed Thursday afternoon at the McFarland Press apartments on Mulberry Street. Tons of rubble and an unoccupied car that was in the parking lot crashed through the roof of the Howard Tire Auto Company warehouse in the 200 block of Cameron Street.

The American Red Cross was assisting seven adults and three children who were displaced from four apartments. The residents were allowed to return Friday.

The cause of the collapse remains under investigation.

“I don’t think anyone could tell you exactly, today, why that wall failed, but we do see this kind of failure on older infrastructure when we get a lot of rain like we had this week,” Michael Keiser, district executive for PennDOT Engineering District 8, said.

Howard Henry, the owner of Howard Tire Auto Company, wants answers about what happening to his business.

“My insurance company says that none of that debris is covered that collapsed on my building,
mulberry bag ebay cause of wall collapse probed
” he said. “And they are deciding whether any part of this claim is going to be covered by my insurance at all.”

What happens if nothing is covered?

“I have no idea. I don know,” he said. “I don have the money to do that.”

Henry says he went to PennDOT about the wall several months ago.

“It was my concern all along that all of that water was soaking that wall,” he said.

PennDOT doesn’t own the wall. Mayor Eric Papenfuse said the wall belongs to the McFarland property and the city wasn’t aware of any issues.

“The city engineer didn know, the codes department didn know about it, and I didn know about it,” he said. “I don think there anything we could have done but react now.”

“I not stopped here. I just interrupted, seriously interrupted, but I not stopped,” Henry said. “I have a lot of faith. I have a great, great God.”

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mulberry bag ebay cause of wall collapse probed

mulberry bag ebay Boko Haram suspects go on public trial in Niger

mulberry somerset bag Cyber Monday Boko Haram suspects go on public trial in Niger

NIAMEY, Feb 1 (Reuters) Eighty one people accused of fighting for Boko Haram went on trial in Niger on Thursday in a public court sitting, one of the first of its kind after closed door trials of suspected insurgents were criticised by human rights groups.

Those on trial in a special international court in the capital Niamey come from Niger, Nigeria and Chad and are suspected of playing a role in Boko Haram’s near decade long bid to create a caliphate in Nigeria.

The Niamey trials follow closed door Boko Haram trials, including in Nigeria where a court in October jailed 45 people to between three and 31 years in jail, but the government did not say what they were convicted of.

Open trials are meant to show that suspected fighters will be given due process, and could also help alleviate a conflict that has been stoked at times by the mistreatment of captives.

The death in 2009 of Boko Haram founder Mohammed Yusuf in police custody is seen as one of the major triggers for the conflict.

The Niamey court will hear 22 separate cases over the next 10 days, following the trial of nearly 300 people on similar charges last year. In all, nearly 1,000 people are expected to come before the court. (Reporting by Moussa Aksar; Writing by Edward McAllister; Editing by Robin Pomeroy)
mulberry bag ebay Boko Haram suspects go on public trial in Niger