mulberry antony ‘Dangerous job’ clears ice jam in Penns Creek

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Discount mulberry handbags outlet sale Outlet ‘Dangerous job’ clears ice jam in Penns Creek

The jam cleared in the late morning and caused no further significant flooding downstream, according to Michelle Dietrich, Union County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Dave Gutelius of Gutelius Excavating drove a 50 ton bulldozer through the frozen water and with its blade, chopped and pushed away chunks of ice that clogged the creek following the recent thaw and re freeze.

“Never in my life did I ever crawl into something I didn’t understand what it would do or how it would react. It had to be done,” Gutelius said of the uncertainty of the virtual ice dam formed by thousands of hunks of ice.

Contractors worked an estimated combined eight hours Tuesday and Wednesday along and in the creek, with permission from the state Department of Environmental Protection. Two small islands with trees were removed.

West End Fire Co. ambulance and the rescue squad of the Mifflinburg Hose Co. responded on stand by in the event of an emergency during the ice breaking.

The creek jammed Friday, forcing water out of its banks and into adjacent fields and over roads. It cut off access to the bridge on Millmont Road between Creek Road and Canada Drive.

That eliminated public road access to an estimated 50 homes in Lewis and Hartley townships because two other bridges, Millmont Red Covered Bridge and the Glenn Iron Bridge, are closed for reconstruction.

Union County declared the situation an emergency. A private road opened but is only suitable for vehicles with four wheel drive. Plans were put in place to respond to any emergencies south of Penns Creek.

The ice formed peaks as high as 6 to 7 feet, Gutelius estimated. When portions were chopped and knocked loose,
mulberry antony 'Dangerous job' clears ice jam in Penns Creek
there was no telling which way the ice and water would rush.

Gutelius didn’t take lightly the risk involved.

“It was crazy,” he said. “All that time I spent there trying to get through it the last two days and in 10 minutes, I saw the thing go down and start to go by me. That was it. The story was over.”

Except, not quite.

“We could see from the bridge where the ice jam broke, it got hung up within eyesight. The contractors got the equipment back into the creek and moved it away,” said Union County Commissioner John Showers.

Dietrich said spotters posted up downstream to monitor Penns Creek. S turns near Libby Lane were closely watched. By late Wednesday afternoon, Dietrich said there were no reports of additional flooding. Though some homes saw neighboring fields fill with water, Dietrich said there were no reports of homes having taken on flood water.

“Hooray to Dave Gutelius! What a courageous man,” said Canada Drive resident Ellen Kahler.

Kahler and neighbor Ann Koonsman rode a side by side all terrain vehicle to the Millmont Road bridge to see the ice gone for themselves. They wanted to tell their respective husbands they’d have an easier drive home after work.

“There’s a lot of ice yet in Penns Creek. A lot. This is just a touch of what’s in it,” Gutelius said.
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mulberry antony 'Dangerous job' clears ice jam in Penns Creek
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mulberry antony Hometown Heroes Part 2

mens mulberry messenger bag Hometown Heroes Part 2

Speech to Text for Hometown Heroes Part 2

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clayton cullen has impacted more than just his knox county community. like we explained at 10 o’clock on fox we put together our own list of local men and women who died fighting for our country. we wanted to help share a few of their stories too. news 10’s alia blackburn brought you part one of honoring our hometown heores. she joins us now with part two. staff sergant roy lewsader junior was from clinton, indiana. he was assigned to fort riley, kansas. when he died in june 2007 he was serving in afghanistan. since then life has not been easy for his widow melissa but she’s determined to also keep his memory alive. “i still have his wedding ring.” “i still have his dog tag.” a piece of melissa lewsader’s forever is worn by chain. “all of our friends had bets on how long it would last, the longest was five years . we well exceeded that.” melissa was young when she married the love her life roy lewsader junior. like any pair they had their own routine. “when he would pack to go somewhere. i would have the check list and call it off and check it as he was packing it, we always helped.” but in june 2007 she knew something wasn’t right. her husband forgot a few things before he left for deployment to afghanistan. but what sealed that nagging feeling in june a message from her husband. “he called me and told me to check my email.” “it was pretty much a goodbye letter, i think he knew.” june 16th lewsader was killed in afghanistan. that pain melissa describes is like a scene out of a movie. for her and their kids an ending they weren’t prepared for. “i detached, and i put my emotions and being a wife aside to become the military wife that i knew i needed to be to get through that.” but memories are what gets her family through. constant visits to the resting place of a loving husband and dad who died doing what he knew best. “i know in my heart that if he had to go, he would not have want to have went any other way and i know that sounds silly but that kind of brings me comfort, i know he died doing what he loved.” melissa says their children continue to honor their father’s memory. one of her daughters chose to get married on may 10th which is lewsader’s birthday. their son she says is following in his father’s footsteps by joining the junior r o t c. back to you. i’ll have your full forecast coming up after the
mulberry antony Hometown Heroes Part 2