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purple mulberry bag A rally for Santa Ana

ALAMO More than 600 people gathered to celebrate the legacy of an historic refuge and simultaneously protest what environmentalists say is the federal governments bid to irreparably damage it.

With the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge as their backdrop, opponents of a border wall and legislation that would pit Dreamers against other undocumented immigrants urged attendees to pressure lawmakers to reject any deal that would include funding for construction that they say would all but destroy the refuge. Environmentalists established the refuge about 75 years ago as a sanctuary to protect migratory bird species, plants and other endangered animals.

While guest speakers took turns singing music and reading poetry, several in attendance held signs and chanted messages of protests to convey their dissatisfaction with an administration committed to building a physical barrier at what is considered by environmentalists worldwide as the crown jewel of the national wildlife system.

Recently, the president proposed to protect nearly 2 million Dreamers from deportation in exchange for $25 billion in border wall construction funds.

Veronica Fernandez Diaz, 22, a Dreamer herself who came to the rally with a group of fellow students from Colorado College as part of a borders and borderlands class, said it was important for her to visit the region and support DACA recipients and immigration advocates.

I feel very emotionally invested in the process and its hard to take a class where youre emotionally invested just because its draining, she said. Im in it all the time, but its also very empowering to learn how people feel about border issues. We talk about issues pertaining to the border, to communities around the border, about how theyve experience life on the border, the issues they face right now, or things theyve seen.

The latest deal proposed by the president would essentially pit her future against that of her own family, Fernandez Diaz said. citizen but both of her parents are undocumented.

I refuse to criminalize my family for my own sake and so many (Dreamers) know that its not worth it if (they obtain) citizenship if (our) parents are going to be deported or criminalized, Fernandez Diaz said.

The second Trump gets any money for border walls, hell start tearing apart Santa Ana, Nicol said. We want to point out that this could happen very quickly if were not able to exert enough pressure on Sen. (John) Cornyn (and) members of Congress. But this is also part of a much larger militarization, anti border, anti immigrant project thats coming out of this administration.

Opponents of border wall construction have said it would have a negative economic impact across the region.

Less than 10 years ago, researchers with Texas AM University estimated that more than $460 million pours into the Rio Grande Valley from ecotourism, the majority of which comes from birders who travel to the world renowned refuge. Specific estimates suggest more than 165,000 people visit per year, according to the study.

Thats a huge blow to our ecotourism economy, Nicol said. The people that come down here to see birds, if you destroy places where they want to go see birds same thing with the (National) Butterfly Center (and) people that are coming down to see those resources .. theyre going to go somewhere else.

He also said the constant politicization of Dreamers lives speaks to a lack of humanity in those who oppose the youth brought here through no fault of their own.

It adds a tremendous sense of urgency to what were doing, Nicol said. It means that its really critical for people in border communities and throughout the country who care to reach out now and speak up very loudly. I think part of the problem in all these discussions is whats political, whats the political deal thats going to come out of all this, and what the discussion really should be is, what is the right thing to do, what is the moral thing to do.

Nicol said too many times lawmakers pit constituents against each other like pieces in a political game of chess.

I think the moral argument is pretty obvious, and the political argument is pretty offensive, he added. Rep. Filemon Vela, D Brownsville, who earlier in the week chastised fellow Democratic lawmakers for their negotiations with relation to Dreamers and border wall concessions, said he would continue to fight for the recipients of the Obama era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The congressman said the close relationship with Mexico and the overall cost of constructing barriers along the border are the basis for why hes opposed to the idea.

My fundamental objection to physical barriers along the border are really pretty simple the country of Mexico is an ally, not an enemy, and the idea that we would construct physical barriers between our two countries has ever made any sense to me, Vela said just outside the refuge Saturday morning. In the 2017 budget congress appropriated $400 million for replacement fencing in California and Arizona; what does that tell you if were 15, 20 years later spending $400 million to fix what we built 20 years ago, it just doesnt make sense from a cost standpoint.

Vela has been steadfast in his opposition to a DACA deal that includes concessions for border wall construction.

He refused to support a continuing resolution on the eve of a government shutdown last week and then again on Monday when a short term, three week stopgap deal was reached, ending a shutdown that lasted less than three days

Following the agreement to briefly end the shutdown, Vela issued a statement in which he said he was confounded by the negotiating tactics of his fellow Democrats.

Beyond the stupidity of offering unmatched concessions and negotiating against themselves, my colleagues have begun to refer to the border wall in the same way Trumps base speak about Dreamers and undocumented people, his statement read. Reps. Henry Cuellar, D Laredo, and Vicente Gonzalez, D McAllen, as part of the deportation caucus who voted yes for the short term deal Monday.

Allies and other immigrant advocacy groups who support Dreamers want a clean Dream Act, one not tied to border wall concessions in exchange for protection of the undocumented youth.

Abraham Diaz, a Valley native and Dreamer who spent time in Washington lobbying for a clean Dream Act during the week of the government shutdown vote, urged opponents of the wall to pressure their lawmakers into a deal for not only a large contingency of Dreamers in the state, but those around the country whose lives remain in limbo as the early March deadline approaches.

Diaz, who is also a member of La Union del Pueblo Entero, a local immigrant advocacy group, said the clock continues to wind down for him, and more than 700,000 other DACA recipients.

The lives of immigrant youth are on the line, Diaz said. It is shameful that President Trump and aid Stephen Miller are playing with our lives and pitting children against children and immigrants against immigrants. President Trump created this crisis when he ended the DACA program. Now, 122 immigrant youth lose protection from arrest, detention, and deportation every day. The way out of this Trump made crisis is the passage of a Dream Act now.
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Discount mulberry outlet york uk Outlet A rally for Santa Ana