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Discount mulberry factory shop somerset Outlet Brands bat for gender equality in Women’s Day videos

Here’s a quick look at our pick of the lot.

Women’s Day is an important season in the advertising calendar. And like the years that have come before, this year too, brands have put their best foot forward to lecture us on women’s rights. While we have curated the best of the lot, you decide if they were able to hit the right chord.’s new ad celebrates ‘beautiful thoughts’ on Women’s Day. The minute long ad opens with a young boy arranging the dining table while his sister is getting ready for work. The role reversal portrayed by children reminds viewers that a change begins at home. The video is conceptualised by Social Kinnect, a digital marketing agency.

‘s new ad celebrates ‘beautiful thoughts”s new ad aims to break stereotypes and challenge social norms by narrating the story of a woman, who ditches the chairman’s seat and instead, enrols herself at a college in order to change the direction of her life. The one and a half minute long video has been crafted and conceptualised by the brand’s agency on record, Lowe Lintas.

‘s new ad titled, ‘My Solitaires’

Prega News

Prega News’ latest video deals with postpartum depression by focusing attention on the difficulties faced by pregnant women working in the corporate world. The ad which has been conceptualised by ADK Fortune is the second leg of the brand’s YourSecondHome campaign. The long format film is directed by Vijay Veermal and produced by Chrome Pictures.

Prega News’ new ad is part of the brand’s YourSecondHome campaignConsumer durables brand USHA has released its new ad film which advocates equal partnership in marriages and urges viewers to celebrate Women’s Day every day. The video showcases an endearing interaction between a girl and a boy who are to get married shortly. Seeing his partner getting paranoid, the boy assures his to be wife that he will equally partake in the completion of their daily chores.

USHA’s new ad advocates equal partnership in marriages

P. C. Chandra Jewellers

Jewellery brand P. C. Chandra Jewellers has come up with an ad film which urges viewers to boycott Women’s Day celebrations till a time when our world is free from gender bias. The ad is a montage video where we see several women making a case against Women’s Day. The ad titled, ‘Let’s Un celebrate Women’s Day’, is about three minute long. Chandra Jewellers’ new ad titled, ‘Let’s Un celebrate Women’s Day’In its new ad, MTV India takes a humorous route in order to shatter gender based stereotypes. Be it the pink colour pens, strawberry cupcakes, soft toys, roses or even the ‘roti’ makers, the video targets the sexist mindset which automatically dictates certain objects to be feminine in nature, thereby making them ‘ideal gifts’ for women employees.

MTV India’s new ad aims to shatter gender based stereotypes

Parle G

Parle G’s new ad titled, ‘Ziddi Chhoriya’ celebrates women who have done the nation proud across various fields. The ad features, Maheleqa Mohseni (air rifle shooter), Sakshi Shitole (archer), Neha Pardeshi (Indian women rugby team captain), Sonia Kulkarni (motivational speaker), among others.

Parle G’s new ad titled, ‘Ziddi Chhoriya’Ethnic wear brand Biba has released its latest digital film titled ‘ChangeForProgress.’ As part of the brand’s on going campaign series, ‘Change’, the film wittily aims at tackling the age old stereotypical notion of boy’s vs girls’ education and what is expected out of them. The ad has been crafted and conceptualised by Brandmovers India.

Biba’s new ad titled, ‘ChangeForProgress’Intimate wear brand has come up with a new video titled, ‘WomenForWomen’. The minute long ad hinges on this line of thought When women support women, it makes for a happy Women’s Day. The ad crafted and conceptualised by Leo Burnett Orchard communicates that the company employees 65 thousand women.
Discount mulberry lily bag sale Outlet Brands bat for gender equality in Women's Day videos