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Discount mulberry look alike bags Outlet a resolve to rebuild after Thomas Fire

Ventura homeowner Adele Bonge steps on a piece of her rooftop as neighbors David Carlson and Amy Crittenden dig through rubble for lost possessions on Thursday morning.(Photo: CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR)Buy PhotoLaura and Ron Van Rossum were just about out the door of their Ventura home Monday night, a few minutes after an alert about a Santa Paula fire jolted them awake.

Less than a mile away, Nick Bonge was also tracking the fire. He texted friends in Santa Paula, asking if they were OK and offering his place up to anyone forced to evacuate.

Within hours, the wind whipped fire that sprinted from its origins around Thomas Aquinas Collegehad destroyed both of their Ventura hillside homes.

A street in ruinsHillcrest Drive is a narrow, winding road where custom builthomes overlook views of the picturesque downtown, the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. The Van Rossums moved to the city in 1989, and in their 1940s era hillside home they settled into a community they grew to love. They also loved the houseand had remodeled it various times the most recent, just finished projectinvolvedthe third floor.

On Thursday, the couple returned to the charred remains of theirhome for the first time and instantly set about, with the help of neighbors and Fresno firefighters, trying to open a gun safethat contained important documents.

“I’m not crying over the house. I’m crying when someone does something nice,” Laura Van Rossumsaid. “I’m so absolutely humbled by so much love. I didn’t know we were loved that much.”

Laura Van Rossum lost her Ventura home. But what’s been more overwhelming to her has been the support she’s getting everywhere. Now, it is those businesses who are supporting her. At The Wharf on Front Street, where she went to buy new clothes, she was overwhelmed by the kindness of the store employees.

Without a doubt, she said, the couple will rebuild after the Thomas Fire. In fact, they’ve already been in contact with the Ojai architect who worked on theirrecent remodel.

“I love this community,” she said.

In the rubble, determinationBuy PhotoVentura homeowner Adele Bonge, center, is assisted by neighbors David Carlson and Amy Crittenden as dig through rubble for lost possessions on Thursday morning. (Photo: CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR)

In the 600 block of Briarwood Terrace, neighbors Amy Crittenden and David Carlson helped Nick and Adele Bonge dig through the rubble of their house. The fireproof box they sought contained documents related to the Bonges’ house, their marriage and other important things.

Nick thought they were digging where the bathroom had been, but Adele recognized a box from her closet and thought they might be getting close. The side of the shower leaned precariously. In their backyard, the glow coming from Hall Canyon signaled the fire was near. Then they got closer. Aside from a charredwall facing the street, the house was a pile of unrecognizable ash and twisted metal.

Buy PhotoNick Bonge, right, of Ventura, and wife Adele Bonge, talk with neighbors David Carlson and Amy Crittenden before they dig through rubble for lost possessions on Thursday morning. (Photo: CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR)

Nick planned to meet with his insurance adjuster laterThursday and, with his help of his daughter, had leads ona house to rent. “We have a lot of memories here. We raised our kids here. Our son’s soccer trophies melted,” he said. “But we’re optimistic. We’re going to rebuild and make it better.”

Bonge said he wouldn’t even consider leaving the hillside, a place that because of its people and eclectic homes is so special it’s difficult for those unfamiliar with it to fullyunderstand.

Ventura’s lossAt the Thursday night news briefing,fire officials said439structures had been destroyed, and 85 had been damaged. Most of those were in Ventura.

On Hillcrest Drive, home after home was in ruins, with a fireplace, twisted plumbing fixtures, a grill andblackenedtreesamong the remains. The neighborhood wasn’t even the worst, Fresno fire officials checking on the street said Thursday.

Among the homes still standing isone owned by the family of Nichole Hocamp. She said she felt overwhelming feelings of guilt but also deep appreciation.
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Discount mulberry hobo handbag Outlet a resolve to rebuild after Thomas Fire