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duties for the biscuit brand, Anmol Marie. The brand is owned by the Kolkata based

Anmol Biscuits and is quite well known in the eastern region.

Confirming this development to agencyfaqs!, Tathagata Chatterjee, director, client servicing, Rediffusion DY Kolkata, says, “This is the first time the company has appointed an advertising agency as its brand communications partner. The challenge is not only to strengthen the brand in the eastern region, but also across India.”

He adds, “While other brands promote biscuits as tea time snacks, we plan to promote Anmol as anytime snacks, which, in turn, will increase consumption of the product.”

Meanwhile, the company has signed Indian football star Baichung Bhutia to endorse the brand. Bimal Chowdhury, director, Anmol Biscuits, says, “Bhutia, as a footballer, stands for all the core values of the brand. He is an entertainer who innovates, exhibits versatility, and is a wonderful performer. We want to exhibit similar qualities for the brand, Anmol.”

For the record,
Discount mulberry filofax refills Outlet bags Anmol Biscuits account
the Rs 225 crore Anmol Group has over 29 varieties of biscuits. Anmol Marie is the group’s flagship brand.

Discount mulberry filofax refills Outlet Holcomb discusses plans for 2018

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News 18 met with Holcomb to discuss that list and asked some people in Tippecanoe County about what they would like to see from the governor this year.

Many Indiana residents say Holcomb’s first year in office was a successful one. But there are still a lot problems facing our state.

When asked what that meant, he responded, “It means making sure that we are investing at the earliest age and I am talking Pre K, K 12, making sure that our youngsters are fully equipped and on a path that when they graduate from High School, they’ve got their ticket to success.”

Hoffman says that sounds familiar, saying, “I feel like he’s riding the coattails of Pence.”

He’d like to see the Governor come into his own this year. Holcomb thinks he has.

“My predecessor’s clothes don’t fit. I don’t try to wear them. I don’t try to fill their shoes, I am my own guy 100 percent,” said Holcomb.

He’s proud of the state’s infrastructure success so far.

“I thought we had a lot of construction going on, especially on I 65,” said Marcinda O’Neal.

Holcomb added, “And we’re doing it not debt financed, we’re paying for it as we go not leaving it for someone else to pick up the bill.”

But he says the drug addiction epidemic still needs a lot of work.

“You know, I’ve got four grandchildren living here, and I’m always concerned,” said O’Neal.

Holcomb says the state is attacking the drug problem from every angle, education, law enforcement, added treatment programs, finding millions of dollars to fund the efforts while keeping track of statistics in the process.
Discount mulberry filofax refills Outlet Holcomb discusses plans for 2018