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mulberry mitzy Foundation big part of Bill Clinton

WASHINGTON When Bill Clinton left the White House, he was popular but tainted by scandal, struggling to find his footing. He eventually channeled his energy into the global philanthropy that bears his name and is shaping so much of his post presidential legacy.

Now, he faces the prospect of walking away from the Clinton Foundation. He’s promised to step down from the board if Hillary Clinton wins the White House in November, a commitment made amid swirling questions pushed along by Donald Trump about her ability to separate herself from the foundation’s wealthy contributors at home and abroad.

For the Clintons, the decisions surrounding the foundation are the latest chapter in an unprecedented partnership of personal and political ambitions. While political spouses Hillary Clinton among them often put aside their own goals, never before has that been required of a former president.

Friends and associates say Bill Clinton has accepted that his role in the high profile charity has to change. But he’s also said to be deeply frustrated with the criticism that is shadowing his potential exit.

“We’re trying to do good things. If there’s something wrong with creating jobs and saving lives, I don’t know what it is,” he said last week.

Mark Updegrove, the director of the Lyndon B.

“Bill Clinton is smart enough to know that as much as the Clinton Foundation might help to augment his legacy, Hillary Clinton becoming presidency will be a far greater legacy than anything he himself can do as a former president,” Updegrove said.

The foundation made some adjustments after she became secretary of state, but it has still faced numerous questions about how rigorously firewalls were upheld that were meant to separate donors from her government work.

An Associated Press review of Clinton’s calendars from a two year stretch show that more than half of those she met with from outside of government had made contributions to the foundation.

For Trump and other Republicans, the Clintons’ overlapping worlds are rife with potential ethical lapses. And for some Democrats, even that perception is worrisome in an election year where control of the White House and Congress are at stake.

Meanwhile, there’s a unique reality of modern American politics: What presidents do after leaving the White House can shape their legacy almost as much as their tenure in the Oval Office.

It can be an opportunity to bolster presidential successes and try to make up for failures. And those who leave office relatively young Clinton was 54 can spend many more years on these legacy projects than they did in the White House.

Jimmy Carter, who was seen by some as an ineffectual one term president, has dramatically reshaped his image with decades of work on global issues. George W. Bush left office deeply unpopular, but has been applauded for dedicating his post White House years to HIV programs in Africa and work with wounded military veterans. President Barack Obama has been discussing plans for his White House afterlife with confidants for months.

“There’s a certain expectation that you stay involved, you don’t totally get off the scene,” said Anita McBride, a longtime Bush family aide.

Bill Clinton’s foundation began largely to support the building of his presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas. As his post White House ambitions grew, so did the foundation, ballooning into a $2 billion charity focused on global health, climate change and other international efforts.

The former president has played an active role, leveraging his contacts to fill the foundation’s coffers and traveling around the world to meet with people helped by its work. He’s the star of the annual Clinton Global Initiative meetings in New York, a mingling of international power players and celebrities that has become the hottest invitation in the philanthropic community.

“The work of the foundation is as important to him as anything he’s ever done in a lifetime of public service,” said Matt McKenna, who worked as Clinton’s spokesman until last year.

Perhaps reluctant to let go, the Clintons waited until this month to announce a blueprint for the foundation’s future in the event she wins in November. The plan involves the former president stepping down from the board, though daughter Chelsea Clinton will remain. Foreign and corporate donations will be halted, though the foundation is looking for ways to spin off some programs and keep them running.

The prospect of Bill Clinton stepping away from the foundation that has been the main outlet for his energy and intellect has renewed discussions about how he would fill his time in his wife’s administration. Though he’s now 70 and slowed by health issues, people close to the Clintons say they fully expect him to seek a prominent role. Hillary Clinton has even raised the prospect of putting her husband in charge of “revitalizing the economy.”

“He just has to feel productive every single day,” said Susie Tompkins Buell, a longtime Clinton friend. “If he gets into another situation where he’s going to have that ability, he’s going to be fine.”
Discount mulberry phoebe bag Outlet Foundation big part of Bill Clinton

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ARIES (March 21 April 19): British athlete Liam Collins is an accomplished hurdler. In 2017, he won two medals at the World Masters Athletics Indoor Championships in South Korea. Collins is also a stuntman and street performer who does shows in which he hurdles over barriers made of chainsaws and leaps blindfolded through flaming hoops. For the foreseeable future, you may have a dual capacity with some resemblances to his. You could reach a high point in expressing your skills in your chosen field, and also branch out into extraordinary or flamboyant variations on your specialty.

TAURUS (April 20 May 20): When he was 32, the man who would later be known as Dr. Seuss wrote his first kid’s book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. His efforts to find a readership went badly at first. Twenty seven publishers rejected his manuscript. On the verge of abandoning his quest, he ran into an old college classmate on the street. The friend, who had recently begun working at Vanguard Press, expressed interest in the book. Voila! Mulberry Street got published. Dr. I’m telling you this tale, Taurus, because I suspect your chances at experiencing a comparable stroke of luck in the coming weeks will be extra high. Be alert!

GEMINI (May 21 June 20): A survey of British Christians found that most are loyal to just six of the Ten Commandments. While they still think it’s bad to, say, steal and kill and lie, they don’t regard it as a sin to revere idols, work on the Sabbath, worship other gods, or use the Lord’s name in a curse. In accordance with the astrological omens, I encourage you to be inspired by their rebellion. The coming weeks will be a favorable time to re evaluate your old traditions and belief systems, and then discard anything that no longer suits the new person you’ve become. Navy during World War II, Don Karkos lost the sight in his right eye after being hit by shrapnel. Sixty four years later, he regained his vision when he got butted in the head by a horse he was grooming. Based on the upcoming astrological omens, I’m wondering if you’ll soon experience a metaphorically comparable restoration. My analysis suggests that you’ll undergo a healing in which something you lost will return or be returned.

LEO (July 23 Aug. 22): The candy cap mushroom, whose scientific name is Lactarius rubidus, is a burnt orange color. It’s small to medium sized and has a convex cap. But there its resemblance to other mushrooms ends. When dried out, it tastes and smells like maple syrup. You can grind it into a powder and use it to sweeten cakes and cookies and custards. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, this unusual member of the fungus family can serve as an apt metaphor for you right now. You, too, have access to a resource or influence that is deceptive,
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but in a good way: offering a charm and good flavor different from what its outer appearance might indicate.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. 22): A grandfather from New Jersey decided to check the pockets of an old shirt he didn’t wear very often. There Jimmie Smith found a lottery ticket he had stashed away months previously. When he realized it had a winning number, he cashed it in for $24.1 million just two days before it was set to expire. I suspect there may be a comparable development in your near future, although the reward would be more modest. Is there any potential valuable that you have forgotten about or neglected? It’s not too late to claim it.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 Oct. Geological Survey recently announced that it had come up with improved maps of the planet’s agricultural regions. Better satellite imagery helped, as did more thorough analysis of the imagery. The new data show that the Earth is covered with 618 million more acres of croplands than had previously been thought. That’s 15 percent higher than earlier assessments! In the coming months, Libra, I’m predicting a comparable expansion in your awareness of how many resources you have available. I bet you will also discover that you’re more fertile than you have imagined.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. The “Caped Crusader” eventually went on to become an icon, appearing in blockbuster movies as well as TV shows and comic books. Kane said one of his inspirations for Batman was a flying machine envisioned by Leonard da Vinci in the early 16th century. The Italian artist and inventor drew an image of a winged glider that he proposed to build for a human being to wear. I bring this up, Scorpio, because I think you’re in a phase when you, like Kane, can draw inspiration from the past. Go scavenging through history for good ideas!

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): I was watching a four player poker game on TV. The folksy commentator said that the assortment of cards belonging to the player named Mike was “like Anna Kournikova,” because “it looks great but it never wins.” He was referring to the fact that during her career as a professional tennis player, Anna Kournikova was feted for her physical beauty but never actually won a singles title. This remark happens to be a useful admonishment for you Sagittarians in the coming weeks. You should avoid relying on anything that looks good but never wins. Put your trust in influences that are a bit homely or unassuming but far more apt to contribute to your success.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): A Chinese man named Wang Kaiyu bought two black furred puppies from a stranger and took them home to his farm. As the months passed by, Wang noticed that his pets seemed unusually hungry and aggressive. They would sometimes eat his chickens. When they were two years old, he finally figured out that they weren’t dogs, but rather Asian black bears. He turned them over to a local animal rescue center. I bring this to your attention, Capricorn, because I suspect it may have a resemblance to your experience. A case of mistaken identity? A surprise revealed in the course of a ripening process? A misunderstanding about what you’re taking care of? Now is a good time to make adjustments and corrections.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Charles Nelson Reilly was a famous American actor, director, and drama teacher. He appeared in or directed numerous films, plays, and TV shows. But in the 1970s, when he was in his forties, he also spent quality time impersonating a banana in a series of commercials for Bic Banana Ink Crayons. So apparently he wasn’t overly attached to his dignity. Pride didn’t interfere with his ability to experiment. In his pursuit of creative expression, he valued the arts of playing and having fun. I encourage you to be inspired by his example during the coming weeks, Aquarius.

PISCES (Feb. However, they wouldn’t finalize any intoxicated decision until they had a chance to re evaluate it while sober. The reverse was also true. Choices they made while sober had to be reassessed while they were under the influence of alcohol. I bring this to your attention not because I think you should adhere to similar guidelines in the coming weeks. I would never give you an oracle that required you to be buzzed. But I do think you’ll be wise to consider key decisions from not just a coolly rational mindset, but also from a frisky intuitive perspective. To arrive at a wise verdict,
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you need both.

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mulberry edie bag Foxconn to employ Wisconsin
mulberry edie bag Foxconn to employ Wisconsin

mullberry bag Fort Lauderdale’s Historic Mizell Center Could Be Lost To Gentrification

cheap mulberry purses uk Fort Lauderdale’s Historic Mizell Center Could Be Lost To Gentrification

Contact Us,In 1937, a young black man named John McBride was shot in the stomach by a car full of white men rumored to be members of the Ku Klux Klan. Hospitals in the area near the Pompano Beach shooting at first refused to admit him. A black physician, Dr. Von D. Mizell, ultimately persuaded one of them to take him in. But the hospital later insisted on moving McBride to a rundown sanitarium, where he soon died.

A year later, outrage over that death and others caused by Jim Crow era segregation led Mizell and another pioneering black physician, James Sistrunk, to establish Provident Hospital in a one story home at 1409 Sixth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. For nearly 30 years, it was the only place in the area that African Americans could receive medical care. After integration was ordered, the hospital was torn down by the city, but the site had a second life as a community center named for Mizell.

Related StoriesActivist Says Cops Illegally Arrested Her in Fight Over Craig Robins’ Design District GarageCity Sued After Banning Customers, Ordering Police Surveillance at Overtown StoreLittle Haiti Rent Jumped 13 Percent Last Quarter, Tied for Biggest Spike in Miami

Now some residents fear that history could be lost if Fort Lauderdale city commissioners move forward with a plan to tear down the Mizell Center and replace it with a 65,000 square foot YMCA facility set to receive $10 million in CRA funding. They worry it’s another sign of gentrification creeping into the once bustling, historically black community now named for Sistrunk. After years of decline in the neighborhood near downtown Fort Lauderdale, they’d hoped to see the site turned into a job training center and small business incubator to help those who have long called it home.

“The ground is sacred to us,” says Sonya Burrows, president of the Fort Lauderdale Negro Chamber of Commerce and a longtime resident who was born at Provident Hospital. “The Mizell Center has been a lighthouse to our community.”

But Burrows and others who have spoken out against the city’s plans over the past few months feel they haven’t been heard or kept informed. today, they plan to march and rally at city hall to call for saving the Mizell Center and creating economic development opportunities benefiting the Sistrunk community.

The city did not immediately respond to New Times’ request for comment. Lee Family YMCA to the Mizell site from its current home two blocks south, would transform the neighborhood. It “will serve as a catalyst to spur essential community and economic improvements along the historic Sistrunk corridor,” according to a memo from a CRA manager.

Plans call for the facility to include retail space, a business incubator/networking space, before and after school care, a wellness center, a gym, a pool, community conference space, a roof top patio for events, and a black box theater. The lobby would pay homage to Sistrunk and other community pioneers.

One of Mizell’s descendants, Lorraine Mizell, has become a leading supporter of the YMCA plan, according to the Westside Gazette.

needs a shot in the arm, she said, according to the newspaper. need revitalization.

But plenty of others aren’t convinced that relocating the YMCA is the right approach. About 20 community members showed up at a March city commission meeting wearing Our History, SistrunkStrong shirts, and the Negro Chamber of Commerce has hosted multiple meetings on the topic.

“I think that the entire community ought to be concerned not just the black community about what is happening here and how so many programs that are supposed to be there to lift up communities that have been left behind oftentimes don’t seem to reach the people in those communities,” says Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, who in years past often visited the Mizell Center for meetings of the NAACP, Jesse Jackson’s nonprofit Rainbow/PUSH, and other groups.

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Some critics are upset the city rejected a plan proposed years ago by the Minority Builders Coalition that would have renovated the existing Mizell Center and turned into a small business hub at a much lower price point. They point out that the YMCA is building another center in nearby Holiday Park. They also question the timing.

“There’s an elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about, but everybody sees it,” Burrows says, “and that’s the quickly changing landscape of our community. And it just seems odd to me that after 60 years of putting no money in our community, that right on the precipice of the community turning over through gentrification, now all the sudden we want to give you a beautiful facility on Sistrunk.”

Commissioner Holness says he supports the Y but is concerned about whether it’ll be able to help Sistrunk residents as much as the Minority Builders Coalition concept might have because of its focus on job training. He’s most concerned about the process the city took and that residents seemingly haven’t had a true voice.

“So much of the community’s history is tied to that,” Holness says. “There’s so much that is emotionally vested there by the people of that northwest community that you ought to show more sensitivity to their needs and to what they want to see happen.”
mullberry bag Fort Lauderdale's Historic Mizell Center Could Be Lost To Gentrification

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mulberry black shoulder bag Franklin County deputy comes under fire with noise

The shooting happened Saturday just after seven in the morning, at the Havenwood Townhomes just off Georgesville Road.A Franklin County Deputy responded to a 911 call on the 4300 block of Leesburg Ct. only to realize he was being targeted by gunfire. Two bullets hit the back passenger side of his cruiser, and he took cover while another shattered the rear passenger window.”On this type of run our deputy just came under sudden attack, he didn’t even see the suspect at first,” said Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin.One of two firearms Jason Kimberling was eventually caught with was a semi automatic weapon with a noise suppressor screwed onto the muzzle. The sheriff said that makes it even more dangerous for his deputy.”The noise of the gunfire is going to get your attention and if you can’t hear that, obviously that is very, very dangerous,” Baldwin said.He said a 911 caller reported Kimberling rifling through his pickup truck when the owner confronted him. The caller told the deputies Kimberling fired a shot at him, but missed.”I am extremely concerned! My personnel out there,
Discount mulberry somerset shoulder bag Outlet Franklin County deputy comes under fire with noise
I worry about their safety every day,” Baldwin said.Deputies said they searched the area for quite some time. Baldwin said they eventually spotted Kimberling coming out of a vacant building in the Westland Mall area and arrested him without further incident.”At the apprehension scene, this person was armed at the time when another deputy confronted him, and again, my deputies showed great restraint, no shots were fired.”Kimberling has an extensive arrest record and the sheriff said he was illegally in possession of the firearms and noise suppressor . In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. Please be respectful of the opinions of others and keep the conversation on topic and civil. If you see an inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.
Discount mulberry somerset shoulder bag Outlet Franklin County deputy comes under fire with noise

mulberry changing bag black friday Founder of ATV

mulberry antony bag sale Founder of ATV

Retired Canadian broadcaster Dave Wright, founding host of ATV Live At 5, died today at age 82, his family says.

Wright worked in radio and television in the 1950s and 60s, moving to Nova Scotia in 1976 to host The Hotline on CJCH radio. He also began a half hour program on ATV called Dave Wright Notebook, which current CTV Atlantic anchor Steve Murphy says was unique for its time in the region.

guess it was infotainment, in a sense, but it was the first sort of newsmagazine program that we ever seen on television in the Maritimes, says Murphy. it, over the years, grew into what is now Live At 5, which was a creation of Dave and he was the founding host of the program, and really the architect of most of the programming techniques, many of which we still using today. insisted there be no anchor desk, so he could walk around the ATV newsroom introducing reports and debriefing reporters at their desks, according to a Wikipedia biography of Wright. casual, conversational approach, unique in television at the time, made Live at Five the highest rated television news program in Eastern Canada. was recruited to Boston to anchor the evening newscasts for the CBS affiliate. He had a heart attack in 1987 and required quadruple bypass. He insisted the operation be recorded, and the resulting documentary earned Wright an Emmy Award nomination.

Dave Wright eventually returned to Halifax and ATV. Battling depression, he retired with his wife Audrey in 1993 and moved to Ontario. Wright recovered from depression and developed a web site and blog focused on Productive and Profitable retirement.
mulberry changing bag black friday Founder of ATV

mulberry stores london free’ the latest bad diet fad

mulberry oxford free’ the latest bad diet fad

In the diet world, a new buzzword is emerging: lectins. Have you heard of lectins? Ten years ago, you probably hadn’t heard of gluten, either. Going “lectin free” is primed to become the next big thing in dieting, but this diet seems more fad than fact.

Lectins are a type of protein found in many foods including grains and beans. As isolated compounds, they have been researched for many years and can have positive and negative health effects. While some lectins are highly toxic, others are benign.

The problem is that online health gurus are painting all lectins with the same brush, and playing up the negative effects without the evidence to back it up. Saying all lectins are poison is akin to saying that you shouldn’t eat button mushrooms because some foraged mushrooms are toxic. It makes no sense.

What the online rhetoric doesn’t mention is that North Americans actually don’t ingest a lot of lectins, so the problems they cite linking lectins to obesity, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammation may be way overblown. Before you fall for any pseudo advice, here are the facts.

There’s more than one type of lectin, and different ones can do different things. Scientists are still trying to map out all of the lectins and what they are capable of. And unlike handy lists of how much iron or vitamin C is found in certain foods, there aren’t easy to access lists of the amount of lectins in food, and what each one does.

Without getting too technical, lectins help cells stick together. Research shows that lectins may have some benefits they are antimicrobial, help the immune system and have anti cancer potential. But the same stickiness also makes them act as “anti nutrients,” which hinder the body’s absorption of certain vitamins. High intake of lectins may damage the lining of the intestine, which lets proteins cross into the bloodstream undigested. This could cause an allergic reaction or increase risk of developing autoimmune diseases.

It’s critical to note that the majority of lectin studies have been done with isolated lectins, not actual foods, and have been conducted in test tubes or in animals, not in people. So how can these online health gurus conclusively link lectin containing foods to certain health issues when clinical trials in humans have not even been conducted yet?

Many rely on what we know for sure: Some lectins are toxic. But no one eats those! For example, lectins in raw or undercooked kidney beans can cause symptoms that mimic food poisoning, such as vomiting and diarrhea. But that doesn’t mean no one should eat any beans it just means we can’t eat raw kidney beans.

Have you ever crunched into a raw kidney bean? I didn’t think so. Hard as rocks, all beans and lentils would be inedible in their raw form. Boiling beans for 30 minutes eradicates most,
mulberry stores london free' the latest bad diet fad
if not all, of the lectins. Note that soaking beans overnight does not remove enough lectin, and don’t rely on slow cookers when cooking beans from scratch the machine doesn’t get hot enough to destroy lectins. Prepared properly, beans have low lectin levels and are safe to eat.

Grains can also be boiled to reduce lectin content. Think about quinoa, rice and barley boiled first, then eaten, right? Fermenting and sprouting foods can also help reduce lectin content. Friendly bacteria in the fermentation process digests the anti nutrients, and can reduce lectins by up to 95 percent.

Articles that promote the lectin free diet cite it as a miraculous cure all for arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even cancer. That’s the first sign it’s a fad overblown promises of astonishing health benefits before any clinical proof exists.

The next sign of a fad is a long list of foods to eliminate. What’s not allowed on the lectin free diet? Whole grains, beans, peas, lentils, nuts, seeds, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, dairy, eggs and fruit they’re all out. That’s pretty much my entire grocery list. Obviously, this diet is not sustainable, and it unnecessarily cuts out a wide range of nutritious ingredients.

It’s also a likely fad when everyone regardless of age, health status or medical needs is advised to follow the same diet. How can one diet work for everyone? Finally, it’s a fad when scare tactics persuade you to spend money on supplements. Of course, anti lectin advocates sell expensive pills (just $79.95 a month) that claim to neutralize or reduce the negative effect of lectins.

If you have digestive issues and are particularity sensitive to beans or grains, avoid them. But please,
mulberry stores london free' the latest bad diet fad
don’t suddenly eliminate all lectin containing foods from your diet because an online article told you that they are bad for you. The amount of lectins found in the normal food supply is too low to be a real health concern.

medium lily mulberry France marks three years since Charlie Hebdo attack

black mulberry bayswater France marks three years since Charlie Hebdo attack

Emmanuel Macron laid a wreath outside the former premises of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo on Sunday during a low key ceremony to mark the attack’s third anniversary.

Mourners also led tributes at a nearby site where a policeman was shot dead at point blank range, as well as at a kosher supermarket where four other people were killed.

Read more:

Life after the Charlie Hebdo attack

‘Charlie Hebdo’ issues cover in solidarity with ‘Spiegel’ on Trump

The year of terror in Europe

The Charlie Hebdo massacre was carried out by brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi,who were killed in a police shootout two days later.

A third attacker, Amedy Coulibaly, who staged the assault on the Jewish store, was also later slain by police.

The violence targeted at the staunchly provocative magazine shocked Franceand was the first in a series of jihadist attacks that have claimed dozens of lives in the country.

“The 7th of January 2015 propelled us into a new world of armed police, secure entrances and reinforced doors, of fear and death,” Charlie Hebdo contributor Fabrice Nicolino wrote in the magazine’s latest issue.

“And this in the heart of Paris and in conditions which do not honor the French republic. Do we still have a laugh? Yes,” he added.

How artists have responded to terror First sign of peace The day after the November 2015 Paris attacks, which left over 130 people dead, the city was in mourning. When German pianist Davide Martello began playing John Lennon’s “Imagine” outside the Bataclan on a piano he had transported from Germany, a crowd quickly gathered. Martello later told The Guardian that “I wanted to be there to try and comfort, and offer a sign of hope.”

How artists have responded to terror When words fail After the chaos of a tragedy, a simple visual image can be a comfort. French graphic artist Jean Jullien posted a hand painted peace sign incorporating an image of the Eiffel Tower on social media after the November 2015 attack in Paris. It quickly became an iconic symbol of sympathy with survivors.

How artists have responded to terror The image as a weapon Artists do not always play a peaceful role. The comic artist known as Charb was famous for publishing offensive caricatures of religions, including Islam. After Islamist gunmen shot him and his colleages to death in the offices of Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 7, 2015, demonstrators used his images to defy the attackers and their supporters.

How artists have responded to terror Music from the ashes Artists are sometimes the targets of terrorist groups. Such was the fate of Syrian pianist Aeham Ahmad, who studied music in Damascus and Homs but spent much of his life in a refugee settlement. It was on a bombed out street there that Ahmad gained international attention, playing piano in a YouTube video. After ISIS militants burned his instrument, he fled to Germany and now lives there.

How artists have responded to terror Catharsis, the therapy of theater Aristotle’s theory of catharsis purging emotions through theater lives on. Austrian Elfriede Jelinek crafted her play “Anger” (pictured above in a 2016 production at the Hamburger Thalia Theater) while in shock from the 2015 attacks in Paris. The title points not only to the anger of the attackers, but also the hatefulness of some responses, as well as the agony of those caught in the middle.

How artists have responded to terror “Not even scared” On March 13, 2016, Al Qaeda militants gunned down 19 people on the Ivory Coast’s sandy Grand Bassam beach. Ten days later, a number of the country’s pop stars released a music video to reclaim the space. “Meme pas peur” is the name of the song “Not even scared” and the defiant words ring true among performers as they dance on the sun bleached sand, no blood in sight.

How artists have responded to terror Just color and line Not all artistic responses to violence are literal. The vivid colors and lively shapes of Guillaume Bottazzi’s abstract art speak for themselves as a reponse to tragedy. Since the end of October, he has been working on a mural in Brussels’s Place Jourdan as a permanent memorial to the victims of the March 22 attacks in the city.

How artists have responded to terror A wealthy donor American pop artist Jeff Koons unveiled his plan for “Bouquet of Tulips 2016” at a ceremony in Paris in November. The forthcoming sculpture, by one of the world’s wealthiest artists who hires workers to construct his designs, was donated in honor of the victims of the multiple Paris terrorist attacks of 2015.

How artists have responded to terror Together Berlin! On December 20, a day after an attack on a Berlin Christmas market claimed 12 lives, the Brandenburg Gate was lit with the colors of the German flag. On Friday, December 23, the city will hold a six hour long memorial concert featuring several German musicians as a sign of Berlin’s resilience to the disruption of an otherwise festive public life in the week before Christmas.
medium lily mulberry France marks three years since Charlie Hebdo attack

mulberry somerset Fort Morgan and Brush Chambers of Commerce get silly at joint luncheon

continental purse Fort Morgan and Brush Chambers of Commerce get silly at joint luncheon

Some of the members of the Fort Morgan and Brush Chambers of Commerce likely did not know exactly what they would be asked to do when they went to the joint luncheon Wednesday at the Country Steak Out.

But the 55 people who turned out were good sports, playing along with the fun and games Robin Northrup, executive director of the Fort Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce, had planned for the event.

She also had a table full of wrapped prizes for the winners of those games that nicely matched the festive atmosphere given off by a miniature Christmas tree and holiday decorations at the event.

First up, Northrup had a trivia contest, and each table had a 10 question, multiple choice quiz to fill out while eating lunch. president first decorated a White House Christmas tree and which reindeer was Rudolph’s dad.

After the answers were revealed, the Colorado Land Co. table was the winner, with nine questions right, and so they each got to pick a prize.

Brush Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Melody Christensen then spoke about all of the activities happening in Brush in coming weeks, including free movies at the Sands Theatre, “lots of open houses” at various businesses, the Santa Party sponsored by KSIR/B106 radio stations on Dec. 16, the Junior Main Street program ramping up and the VFW’s Santa visits fundraiser on Dec. 21.

Fort Morgan Area Chamber Acting President Kathy Kathy L’Heureux then shared what’s happening in Fort Morgan, including the opening of the Community Art Show on Thursday at CACE and reception that night, the ongoing Get Your Lights On contest and all the Christmas Capital of the Plains events. That includes shopping nights and give aways on Thursday nights, free movies at the Cover Theatre on Saturdays and much more.

“There’s a lot going on,” L’Heureux said. “Come on out.”

Next up, Northrup had another game for everyone to play, and it was related to blue tickets each person received as they showed up. She drew numbers on those tickets, and the person with the ticket had to do what was on a slip of paper picked out of a bucket she was holding.

Some of the slips had things to act out, such as a snowball fight or building a snowman. Other slips had songs to sing, such as “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Deck the Halls.”

Those whose numbers were drawn were good sports about it, acting things out or singing, with the crowd quickly joining in. For example, Fred Ruff of FMS Bank pretended to build a snowman, and Jeni Elrick of the City of Fort Morgan sang “Jingle Bells.”

The overall luncheon was a big success, according to Northrup, L’Heureux and Christensen.

“Overall, I think it turned out wonderful,” Northrup said. “It’s nice when the Brush and Fort Morgan Chambers can come together. We work hand in hand throughout the year.”

“I thought it was fun and fantastic,” L’Heureux said. “Robin did an excellent job. All I did was show up.”

She pointed out that this used to be something the two chambers always did before Christmas, and then it had fallen by the wayside for a while.

“So we brought it back,” L’Heurex said. “I think this is the fourth year it’s been back.”

“I think it was awesome,” Christensen said afterward. “It was a lot of fun and was a good event. We appreciate Robin and Kathy for putting this together. I just want to thank the Fort Morgan Chamber for doing this. It’ll be our turn next year. It’s nice to see us working together.”

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(AP) Things have only gotten messier at Dartmouth College in the weeks since a former fraternity member went public with allegations of hazing that involved swimming in and eating vomit.

Senior Andrew Lohse raised the issue in January, when he wrote a column in the school newspaper describing “dehumanizing” experiences he witnessed at Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

According to Lohse, the fraternity pressured pledges to swim in a kiddie pool of rotten food, vomit and other bodily fluids; eat omelets made of vomit; and chug cups of vinegar. He called those activities the norm rather than the exception on the Ivy League campus, and he criticized the administration for not doing enough when he made anonymous complaints last year.

The week after the column was published, more than 100 faculty members wrote to the administration, describing hazing as an “open secret” and calling on the administration to set up an independent commission to address it. The college has since formed a task force and brought hazing charges through its judicial affairs office against the fraternity and more than a quarter of its members, including Lohse.

Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson declined to comment on those charges, but the fraternity’s president, Brendan Mahoney, said all 27 accused students face identical charges relating to new member recruitment in the fall of 2011.

But by that time, the fraternity had gotten rid of any traditions that would be “deemed problematic” by the administration, Mahoney said, and no current members of SAE were members in 2009 when Lohse was a pledge.

As for Lohse’s graphic allegations, “None of these practices, and nothing remotely close to hazing, occurred at our pledge events in 2011,” he said in an email to The Associated Press.

Lohse did not specify in his column whether all alleged abuses occurred in 2009 or later, and he declined to comment Monday, citing an agreement with another publication. According to the letter, Lohse is accused of threatening physical harm to new fraternity members, putting other students in fear for their safety and/or engaging in hazing during the fall 2011 term. He also is accused of providing alcohol to underage students, providing drugs and/or providing alcohol to obviously intoxicated individuals during the same time period.

The charges filed were identical for the other individuals, “even though Lohse’s tale does not describe them as engaged in the same activities,” said Mahoney, who said students have been charged “without a shred of real evidence.” Administrators, he suggested, are panicking in the face of bad press.

“We do know that Dartmouth has come in for a lot of bad publicity because of Lohse’s allegations. We hope Dartmouth’s administration will focus on the evidence rather than on a public relations strategy,” he said.

Johnson, the college administrator, strongly denied both Lohse’s allegation that the college failed to act on his initial complaints and Mahoney’s suggestion that the recent charges were brought to quell criticism.

“When we get detailed, specific information regarding hazing or any other violation of our code, we act,” she said. “This isn’t a witch hunt, nor are we sitting on our hands.”

She said the administration already had been working hard to tackle the issue of hazing and was not simply responding to the recent allegations and faculty pressure.

For example, the college hired a new director of Greek organizations who had been credited with turning around the fraternity and sorority system at another college, has hired two sexual assault coordinators and is in the process of hiring another alcohol and drug abuse counselor. The college sees hazing as part of a larger problem, tied together with binge drinking and sexual assault, and has taken steps to address all three through the National College Health Improvement Project it launched last year.

“Clearly we put our resources where our mouth is,” she said. “This idea that we have somehow thrown up our hands, said there’s nothing we can do about hazing or other high risk behavior going on on college campuses is a complete mischaracterization.”

Johnson also said college officials did everything they could when Lohse made his anonymous complaints, but the tips he provided didn’t pan out.

Hanover Police Chief Nicholas Giaccone, who also investigated at the time, agreed. Based on information Lohse provided, police set up a stakeout in a wooded area in December 2010 but nothing they witnessed among pledges and SAE members amounted to hazing, he said. Police began investigating again after Lohse’s column was published, but criminal charges are unlikely, Giaccone said, in large part because Lohse is not cooperating with police.

“We also realized that based on his past history with us, that he may be a witness that would have credibility issues, and it may hard to rehabilitate him in the eyes of judge or jury if we ended up going that route,” Giaccone said.

Those credibility issues include Lohse’s 2010 arrest and conviction for cocaine possession and witness tampering and a 2011 disorderly conduct conviction, following a confrontation with a security officer during Homecoming Weekend festivities.

“The opinion of most students is that he has a bone to pick with both the college and SAE,” said Stephanie Pignatiello, a senior who said that while she believes hazing happens, she thinks Lohse’s claims are greatly exaggerated. But she also agrees with him that the college hasn’t done much to solve the problem.

“They seem to be largely absent,” she said. “I don’t think much will change at the administrative level.”

Sophomore Stuart Ghafoor said reading Lohse’s condensed description of hazing was “gross,” but not a surprise. He thinks SAE is being scapegoated so the college can appear to be doing something to address hazing.
Discount mulberry factory shop uk Outlet Frat pledges swam in vomit