tan bayswater mulberry Duty Officer Who Fired Gun During Dispute With Teen

mulberry model Duty Officer Who Fired Gun During Dispute With Teen

The Orange County District Attorney will not file charges against an off duty Los Angeles police officer who fired his gun during a videotaped clash with several teenagers in Anaheim last year, officials announced Wednesday.

Cellphone video recorded by a witness shows an altercation between an off duty LAPD officer, right, and teens in Anaheim on Feb. 22, 2017.

Ferguson discharged his weapon during a confrontation with a 13 year old boy that was captured on video in the area of Euclid Street and Palais Road in Anaheim on Feb. that afternoon, Ferguson launched a derogatory insult at a 13 year old girl.

In determining charges, prosecutors sought to determine whether Ferguson had a right to detain the teenage boy who threatened Ferguson as he came to the girl’s defense, and if Ferguson used excessive force in doing so.

Ferguson told investigators he tried to detain one of the juveniles after the teen said he was going to shoot him. While the teen maintains he actually said he was going to “sue him,” officials determined it was reasonable to believe Ferguson heard “shoot” based on the way the boy speaks.

Because of that perceived threat, prosecutors ruled that Ferguson was within his right as a private citizen to place the boy under citizen’s arrest for making threats. After a second boy tackled Ferguson and a third punched him, a fourth boy lunged at him while drawing a pencil from behind his ear in a manner prosecutors say it was reasonable to deem threatening.

That’s when the video shows Ferguson get up and pull a gun from his waistband. He then fired a single shot into the ground, prompting the crowd to back away.

In all, the incident lasted about 14 minutes before Anaheim police arrived at the scene, prosecutors said.

Two boys, including the 13 year old, were initially arrested but then released following the incident.

Ferguson, who was not arrested, was placed on administrative leave.

The Los Angeles Police Department is conducting its own internal investigation of the incident, Josh Rubenstein, a public information officer for the agency, said in a statement issued following OCDA’s decision. Ferguson has been assigned to home pending the outcome of the probe, he said.
tan bayswater mulberry Duty Officer Who Fired Gun During Dispute With Teen

mulberry purse uk Drivers brace for approaching winter storm

mulberry shop in york Drivers brace for approaching winter storm

Guenther is a truck driver from Wyoming. He’s headed back there Monday.The Nebraska State Patrol is warning drivers that parts of Nebraska could be dealing with similar conditions once the winter storm hits here. Troopers urge people to stay off the roads, but oftentimes, it’s a warning people ignore.”When the weather gets bad everybody comes out of the woodwork. Stay home. It works for me,
mulberry purse uk Drivers brace for approaching winter storm
” Serge Cyr, a driver from Plattsmouth said.”Use common sense if you’ve got any of that,” Cyr said. “It’s just common sense stuff.”Truckers aren’t worried about the weather. They’re worried about other drivers. John Brooks has been trucking for more than 20 years.”You have to worry about cars flying by you doing 70 or 60 in the winter conditions. You don’t know what they’re going to do. They could crash into you,
mulberry purse uk Drivers brace for approaching winter storm
” Brooks said.

mulberry bag usa Eagles Super Bowl Parade Details

mulberry fashion Eagles Super Bowl Parade Details

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The City of Philadelphia will have a flowing river of green Thursday morning running from Broad and Pattison to the Art Museum.

Details were posted to the city’s website Tuesday morning.

The parade will be followed by a formal celebration in front of the Art Museum, which planners expect will last about two hours.

Drivers are advised to avoid the areas along the parade route, including Broad Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

City public schools are closing for the parade and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia said all the Catholic schools in the five county region around Philadelphia are closing as well. Additionally, other than critical services, courts in the city will be closed and trash and recycling services are suspended.

The city council meeting is cancelled.

The Inquirer has a run down of school closures.

SEPTA has announced plans for service Thursday including free parking at select locations. depending upon location while others will have an increased number of trains. on Wednesday into the late evening on Thursday. There will be no parking in stadium lots.

The city also issued several safety points for attendees, including:

Do not leave bags unattended and immediately contact police if they notice an unattended bag.

Make a plan regarding travel and supervision of children.

Make a plan in case they become separated from their parties, including identifying meetup points in case of separation.

Ensure children have contact information for their parents or guardians on their person.

Sign up for parade related text alerts by texting “ReadyEagles” to 888 777.

According to WPVI’s Tamala Edwards, there will be plenty of portable restrooms and food trucks along the parade route and screens will be erected so those not at the museum can watch the ceremonies there.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney urged revelers to celebrate with passion and pride. He called troublemakers on Sunday night during the Super Bowl “the knuckle head contingent” and pointed out most fans were peaceful.
mulberry bag usa Eagles Super Bowl Parade Details

Discount mulberry messenger bag Outlet Duane Owen fights to get him off death row for two 1984 murders

mulberry hobo handbags Duane Owen fights to get him off death row for two 1984 murders

Under current law, Owen could get the chance to persuade a jury that he shouldn be put to death for slashing and raping 14 year old Karen Slattery while she was babysitting in 1984. But it far less certain that Kelley would be allowed to overturn Owen death sentence for beating Georgianna Worden to death with a hammer roughly two months after Slattery was killed.

That because of a situation that Owen attorney, James Driscoll, called unusual. When the Florida Supreme Court overturned the state death penalty last year because it didn require unanimous jury verdicts, it set what Driscoll called an arbitrary date that allows some but not all death row inmates to seek mercy. Supreme Court ruled that Arizona death penalty was unconstitutional.

Those sentenced to death by less than unanimous jury verdicts after the date of that landmark Ring vs. Arizona decision are entitled to have their sentences reconsidered, the Florida Supreme Court ruled. Those receiving the death penalty before then cannot have their sentence reconsidered.

Because Owen won a second trial in Slattery death, his death sentence didn become final until December 2002 roughly six months after Ring was decided, according to state records. However, his conviction and death sentence in Worden death, became final in 1992.

But Driscoll said it would be manifestly unfair not to reconsider both of Owen death sentences, especially since juries in both cases voted 10 2 for death and judges imposed it. Supreme Court struck down the state death penalty for flaws it had found in Arizona law 14 years earlier, ruling that juries, not judges, should make the decision. Supreme Court did not address unanimous verdicts in that decision, and the Florida Legislature passed a law this year requiring a unanimous jury verdict for the death penalty after Florida Supreme Court threw out last year law that required only 10 of 12 jurors to agree on recommending death sentences.

Owen case shows the arbitrary and capricious nature of the death penalty in Florida, Driscoll told Kelley. random date in 2002 is unconstitutional.

until Ring we relied in good faith on cases that said Florida death penalty was constitutional, she said. Therefore, she argued,
Discount mulberry messenger bag Outlet Duane Owen fights to get him off death row for two 1984 murders
Owen death penalty in Worden death shouldn be overturned because it precedes Ring vs. Arizona.

And in the Slattery case, Owen crimes stand out even when compared to those committed by the other 363 inmates on death row, Terenzio said. Slattery was stabbed 18 times. The county medical examiner testified she remained conscious for at least a minute, feeling each excruciatingly painful stab wound, Terenzio said. clearly knew of her impending demise, the state attorney told Kelley.

But Driscoll countered that the jury should have been given more details about Owen horrific childhood. His parents, both raging alcoholics, abused him. After his father committed suicide, he was placed in an orphanage where he was sexually abused. He has gender identity disorder and other mental ills, Driscoll said.

Terenzio said jurors who convicted Owen in 1999 during his second trial for Slattery murder were told about his painful past. They rejected his claims his own abuse made him delusional. He claimed he believed that if he killed a woman and then raped her, he would become a woman.

They convicted him despite his insanity defense, she said. Then, 10 of the 12 jurors agreed he should be put to death.

The 10 who voted for death made a reasonable decision, she said. That is a factor Kelley should consider before agreeing to summon another jury to consider whether Owen should be put to death.

Still, she conceded that the Florida Supreme Court has agreed in more than a dozen cases that those whose death sentences became final after Ring was decided deserve to have new sentencing hearings. But she would not concede that Kelley hands are tied in the Slattery case or that he should grant a Owen a new sentencing hearing in either murder.

Kelley said he will need additional information before making a final decision. it doesn get any more serious than this, he said.

He gave Driscoll and Terenzio until Sept. 15 to submit additional information. He said he would likely hold another hearing before making a decision.

Two others who were sentenced to death for Palm Beach County murders have filed appeals similar to those submitted by Owen and Pietri. They are Jerry Haliburton, who in 1981 told his brother he fatally stabbed his neighbor 31 times just to see if he could kill a human being, and Carlton Francis,
Discount mulberry messenger bag Outlet Duane Owen fights to get him off death row for two 1984 murders
who stabbed 66 year old twin sisters to death in their West Palm Beach home in 1997.

Discount mulberry studios Outlet Duval didn’t intentionally drive off cliff

Discount mulberry clothes sale Outlet Duval didn’t intentionally drive off cliff

The Maui News / CHRIS SUGIDONO photo

WAILUKU A crash that killed a woman was caused when a sport utility vehicle driven by her twin hit a berm and went out of control over a cliff near Hana, an accident reconstructionist said Wednesday.

Testifying as a defense witness in the 2nd Circuit Court murder trial of Alexandria Duval, Wayne Slagle said data retrieved from the SUV didn indicate that the driver was turning the steering wheel sharply left or accelerating to try to go over the cliff or into a rock wall before the crash.

my opinion that the left front tire hit the berm, you can almost call it a ramp, Slagle said when asked what caused the May 29, 2016, crash at Milepost 47.5 on Hana Highway. left front tire got caught in the berm and the vehicle shifted and rotated to the right. SUV was in a counterclockwise rotation when the passenger side of the SUV hit and went through a rock wall, causing some of the airbags to deploy, Slagle said.

its left front tire has gone airborne, Slagle said. speed increases because the tire is not touching the ground. It goes over the edge. She has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder in a May 29, 2016, crash near Hana that killed her twin sister, Anastasia Duval.

The Maui News / CHRIS SUGIDONO photo

He said the front of the white 2016 Ford Explorer hit a rock outcropping before the vehicle rotated 180 degrees to land on its back end on rocks below.

The front seat passenger, Anastasia Duval, was first thrown forward into the windshield before ending up in the back portion of the SUV. She died at the scene of the crash.

Alexandria Duval, 39, has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder in her sister death.

With testimony concluded Wednesday afternoon, closing arguments were set for this afternoon in the bench trial. Judge Peter Cahill said he expected to reach a verdict today. May 29, 2016, and saw the white SUV 100 to 200 feet down a cliff.

After Custer and officer Chase Bell made their way down to the SUV, Custer said he saw the driver inside and tried to open the door but couldn The SUV was still running, and he could smell gasoline, Custer said.

He said he reached in to turn off the car engine but couldn remove the key until he switched the vehicle into park.

After firefighters arrived and extricated the driver, Custer said he helped place her on a board to be airlifted out of the area. He was positioned above her head to shield her from debris caused by the helicopter. was able to detect the odor of alcohol, Custer said.

Portland, Ore. based Slagle, who was the only witness called by the defense, said he has done accident reconstruction and engineering work for 25 years. He said he has attended training seminars, done thousands of cases of accident reconstruction and testified hundreds of times in federal and state courts.

For the Hana crash, he reviewed police reports and data, took measurements and photographs at the crash scene and inspected the SUV in storage to reach opinions about the crash.

His opinions contradicted testimony a day earlier by Maui police Sgt. Lawrence Becraft, who was at the scene as a Vehicle Homicide Unit traffic investigator the night of the crash.

Becraft testified that evidence, including data he downloaded from the SUV control data recorder, showed the SUV was in a hard left turn and accelerating when it went off the roadway and through a grassy shoulder gap between two rock walls, with the passenger side hitting one rock wall.

The data included five seconds recorded before a leading to airbag deployment, Becraft said, and showed the SUV had been going straight before the sharp left turn.

In contrast, Slagle said steering data indicated driving of the SUV before it went off the road.

Witnesses who saw the SUV shortly before the crash reported the passenger was pulling the hair of the driver, whose head was being yanked toward the passenger.

believe there was a lot of jerking that went on in reaction, Slagle said.

Defense attorney Birney Bervar asked if the steering degrees measured before the sharp turn were with a person who trying to keep control of a vehicle, keep it on the road.

Bervar asked whether the steering data were consistent with someone turning the wheel 288 degrees out of a full 360 degrees. Slagle said, I believe that was the impact with the berm. for data showing the SUV was traveling 48.3 mph at the time, increasing from 40 mph a half second earlier, Slagle said, means one of the wheels came up and had no traction. when the left tire came off the road. the point where the SUV hit the berm, out of control, there nothing you can do now, Slagle said.

He took issue with Becraft testimony that both tires were on the asphalt when the speed was recorded at 48.3 mph. no way it could be on the asphalt, Slagle said. can get that much acceleration. said the varying percentages of acceleration, ranging from 0 to 100 percent, also indicated that the driver wasn trying to go off the cliff.

on this whole scenario here, if a person were trying to floor it and go off a cliff, I believe it would go to 100 percent and stay there, Slagle said. there was distractions going on, then I can understand why it erratic. flooring doesn actually happen until one second before it hits the berm.

think this is consistent with somebody trying to find the brake and not able to do it. It not consistent with somebody five seconds before, or even four seconds before, trying to put it to the floor, trying to go over a cliff or rock wall. defense rested its case Wednesday afternoon, following Slagle testimony.

When Judge Peter Cahill questioned Duval about her constitutional right to testify or not testify, she said, wish to not testify. Becraft was recalled to the stand as a prosecution rebuttal witness Wednesday afternoon, disagreeing with Slagle opinion that contact with the dirt berm could have caused the steering wheel to turn 288 degrees to the left.
Discount mulberry studios Outlet Duval didn't intentionally drive off cliff

mulberry new bags driving cars to save lives

Discount harrods mulberry sale Outlet driving cars to save lives

FOSTER CITY, Calif. Imagine if the only articles written about smartphones focused solely on the ones you might buy in 2022. While one piece like that may be an interesting read, you probably find it hard to care about too much futuristic information.

Yet, when it comes to automobiles, all we seem to hear about these days is their autonomous future. Everywhere you look, you run into breathless ruminations about the future of the fully autonomous, fully electric car. I have no doubt that we will get there one day, but the day you can walk into a local car dealer and purchase such a vehicle is a long way off.

Yes, technology advancements towards that nirvana of fully autonomous cars are moving forward at a break neck pace. There are some very impressive components being produced by automotive tech leaders like Nvidia, and some great car prototypes from Tier 1 suppliers like Harman. But even if all the technology elements come together over the next few years, the regulatory, infrastructure, insurance, and other more parts of our autonomous automotive future are still far from being ready for this incredibly important and very disruptive transition. As the most recent Tesla AutoPilot related crash highlights, there are still technological refinements that need to be made as well.

In the meantime, there are some amazing automotive related technologies that are getting lost in the noise of full autonomy. Most notably, there are quite a few developments around assisted driving technologies referred to as ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are poised to make a significant impact on automotive safety within the next few years.

More: The coolest car tech from CES that you’ll be driving with any day

More: Why self driving cars will likely be light colored

You can buy these features now

Most automakers, for example, now have some type of front collision avoidance system that can automatically brake if cameras or other sensors on the car detect objects in front of the vehicle that could lead to an accident. Not every automaker offers this capability as standard, but increasingly, many of them are. Lane departure warnings, blind spot detection, rear collision avoidance, road condition awareness, and other similar features are starting to become widespread as well, and they being dramatically improved along the way.

Mainstream brands like Chevrolet and Honda tend to have these features as optional and luxury brands like Audio, Volvo and Mercedes generally have it as standard.

mulberry new bags driving cars to save lives
there seems to be little attention paid to these important here and now improvements to modern cars.

Part of the problem, of course, is that these developments aren anywhere as exciting as fully autonomous cars. But the truth is, we don need fully autonomous cars to save thousands of lives. Widespread availability and usage of these more pedestrian features could go a very long way to reducing the roughly 35,000 auto related fatalities in the US every year. They could also dramatically decrease serious injury causing accidents, as well as annoying fender benders.

The inside of a Tesla vehicle is viewed as it sits parked in a new Tesla showroom and service center in Red Hook, Brooklyn on July 5, 2016 in New York City. The electric car company and its CEO and founder Elon Musk have come under increasing scrutiny following a crash of one of its electric cars while using the controversial autopilot service. Joshua Brown crashed and died in Florida on May 7 in a Tesla car that was operating on autopilot, which means that Brown hands were not on the steering wheel.

As great as many ADAS features are, there are also questions about how far they can realistically be taken. Well before we get to fully autonomous driving, there will be different levels of semi autonomous driving, where the car can do certain things (such as bumper to bumper highway driving) on its own. It not clear, however, how to make sure the drivers are still at least somewhat engaged so that as the situation demands, they can take over the driving process in a realistic time frame. This is where concerns about Tesla AutoPilot features currently are, and we likely to see several other implementations (and potential problems) from other car makers over the next year.

More: Tesla autopilot crash: Feds want to force drivers to watch road

Even with these challenging questions, however, it still great to see the recent increased emphasis that many car makers seem to be showing towards the benefits and attractiveness of ADAS based safety features in their advertising and other messaging. is over 10 years, so even if everyone started only buying cars fully equipped with these new features today, it will still take quite a while for the full benefits to take effect.

Talking, thinking, and writing about the future is certainly an interesting exercise, but sometimes it easy for people entire industries get too far ahead of themselves. When it comes to cars, let not overlook some of the amazing new tech driven capabilities that will be showing up in your local showroom both this year and next.

USA TODAY columnist Bob O’Donnell is the president and chief analyst of TECHnalysis Research, a market research and consulting firm that provides strategic consulting and market research services to the technology industry aand professional financial community. His clients are major technology firms including Microsoft, HP, Dell, and Intel.
mulberry new bags driving cars to save lives

harrods mulberry bags Eagles top all national NFL power rankings

mulberry bags for men Eagles top all national NFL power rankings

In fact, there was only one national outlet that didn rank the Eagles No. 1 in a power rankings: the Washington Post, where Tom Brady and the Patriots remained in the top spot on Mark Maske list. To be fair, Maske had the Eagles ranked first back in Week 7 when most outlets still had the Chiefs on top of their lists.

had the Eagles ranked first and then dropped them behind the Patriots in part because of the injury to Jason Peters. Losing a very good left tackle during the season has a significant impact on a team and, in this case, I thought it justified moving the Eagles down one spot, Maske said. obviously a very subjective exercise and I try to make it about teams current level of play and potential to maintain that level of play going forward, instead of being only about what everyone record is.

The Eagles own the NFL best record right now, but will that last once the schedule toughens up? The Eagles have played the third easiest schedule and have big tests against the Broncos, Cowboys, Seahawks and Rams coming up. Thought at the beginning of the season that Philly had a real chance to be one of the wild card teams, if not challenge for the NFC East title. Now fans are thinking home field and why shouldn they? Carson Wentz is a legit MVP candidate. The Eagles are playing solid ball on offense, defense and even made some hay on special teams Sunday. Perhaps most importantly, Philadelphia did what good teams are supposed to do against weak opponents, especially at home: win decisively. How many of the supposed contenders haven done that this season? The Eagles are a top flight team THE top flight team.

NBC Sports (Eagles ranked 1 Last week rank,
harrods mulberry bags Eagles top all national NFL power rankings

If the Dolphins were trying to send a message to Jay Ajayi by trading him to the best team in football, he probably not upset about receiving it.

Bleacher Report (Eagles ranked 1 Last week rank, 1)

Philadelphia, plain and simple, is the best team in football.

This wasn the Eagles best game. Wentz seemed a bit off. Yet, the Eagles ultimately got the job done against a team they were supposed to beat. The defense made some big plays to help take over the game. When the 49ers got a touchdown to bring the game within two scores, the offense did what it done often this season and answered.

The Eagles are hot right now, and they know what their winning formula is. They have a balanced offense, can get a few long plays from Wentz and can lean on a dominant front seven. Even when Philadelphia isn playing at its best, it is hard to beat.

Washington Post (Eagles ranked 2 Last week rank, 2)

Prevailing at home against the winless Niners was not exactly a major accomplishment. But beating the teams you should beat is part of the equation for being good in the NFL. It no longer early in the season and it must be acknowledged at this point: The Eagles are the NFC Super Bowl front runner.

Yahoo! Sports (Eagles ranked 1 Last week rank, 1)

With how well Carson Wentz has played, it surprising Alshon Jeffery has been so quiet. His long touchdown catch against the 49ers was just one play, but maybe that the spark. If Jeffery plays like the true difference maker he has been in the past,
harrods mulberry bags Eagles top all national NFL power rankings
the Eagles get a lot better. And they already pretty good.

mullbery bag Dubuque area group keeps bicycl

cheap mulberry bags Dubuque area group keeps bicycl

DUBUQUE (KWWL) The Flat Iowa Society Bicycle Club hits the trails twice a week and sometimes on the weekends, hitting anywhere from 15 to 50 miles. And no, what it’s like outside doesn’t make a difference to them.”We make it out no matter what. We’ve been down here in wind chills of 35 and 40,” said Lisa Mormann, a member of the club.So what’s the key to staying warm?”It’s all about the gear. I don’t like to be cold. Nobody likes to be cold.Jansen says they have plenty of experience on the trails during the winter, so they’ve been able to cook up the right combo to keep them warm.But it’s about so much more than just staying warm, they say.”It’s challenging, it keeps me fit. I’m able to be social, because I have so many bike friends. It’s a nice camaraderie amongst us all, and we do it all year round, and it’s so much fun,
mullbery bag Dubuque area group keeps bicycl
” said Martha O’Connor Leigh.And believe it or not, it’s days like we saw Thursday when the temps hovered around 30 that are often the worst for these cyclists.”Just being wet, it’s hard to stay warm. It’s easier to stay warm when it’s zero degrees than when its 35 degrees and wet,” Jansen said.The club is open to anyone interested in joining.UPDATE: Implosion of iconic bridge in Sabula, Jackson CountyVIDEO: Sabula bridge in Jackson County demolitionUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 7:12 PM EST2018 03 10 00:12:38 GMTA long standing bridge in eastern Iowa comes crashing down during a demolition.A long standing bridge in eastern Iowa comes crashing down during a demolition.SIGNS OF SPRING: Birds flock back to the area as ice meltsSIGNS OF SPRING: Birds flock back to the area as ice meltsUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 6:20 PM EST2018 03 09 23:20:48 GMT”It’s just a good excuse to get out finally, it’s not as icy on the trails as what it has been.””It’s just a good excuse to get out finally, it’s not as icy on the trails as what it has been.”Burlington man accused of purposely knocking baby to groundBurlington man accused of purposely knocking baby to groundUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 5:59 PM EST2018 03 09 22:59:09 GMTThe condition of the infant has not been released.The condition of the infant has not been released.First ever ‘Hub City Jazz Night’ planned for Oelwein Coliseum April 6First ever ‘Hub City Jazz Night’ planned for Oelwein Coliseum April 6Updated: Friday, March 9 2018 5:51 PM EST2018 03 09 22:51:48 GMT
mullbery bag Dubuque area group keeps bicycl

Discount mulberry alexa sale uk Outlet Dozens arrested in massive drug bust surrounding Pioneer Park

Discount mulberry factory outlet online Outlet Dozens arrested in massive drug bust surrounding Pioneer Park

SALT LAKE CITY Dozens of people have been arrested in a large scale drug crackdown at Pioneer Park and in the surrounding Rio Grande neighborhood.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes announced the arrests of more than 35 people with ties to Mexican and Honduran drug cartels who had been smuggling and selling drugs in the downtown area for more than a year.

Local, state and federal agents worked together to bust up some of the drug trade in the troubled neighborhood. Altogether, they seized millions in cash, 23 vehicles, 26 pounds of cocaine, 36 pounds of heroin and 12 pounds of meth.

A wall of mug shots tied to a massive drug bust in Pioneer Park. (Photo by Ben Winslow, FOX 13 News)

But the drug crackdown highlighted Utah’s massive opioid epidemic. While conducting surveillance, Drug Enforcement Administration Resident Agent in Charge Brian Besser said they noticed who was buying a lot of drugs.

“We see the soccer mom who can no longer get her prescription pain medications filled, so she hunts pills down on the street. We see the area businessman stealing away from his lunch break to buy the drugs for the weekend party,” he said. “We see the 15 year old kid who got hooked on opioids from grandma’s medicine cabinet and he’s now scoring heroin bindles on the street.”SL County mayor asks DABC to move Pioneer Park area liquor store

While pleased with the results of the crackdown, Besser expressed frustration that as many as 30 people die in Utah every month from drug overdoses, which include prescription and illicit drugs.

“In Utah we’ve got to change the paradigm in our minds that one’s naughty and one’s OK,” he said. “They’re both bad and they’re both equally as lethal.”

A photo of narcotics seized in a series of drug busts around Pioneer Park. (Images courtesy Utah Attorney General’s Office)

Lawmakers at Friday’s news conference admitted they needed to do more.

Reyes confirmed his office has been involved in some investigations into pharmaceutical companies on opioids. He would not rule out potential litigation.

“We’re definitely investigating the possibility,” he said.

Praising the drug crackdown, those who help those with opioid addictions said more also needs to be done to keep people from being hooked.

“We will not get out of this with just taking drugs off the street and just decreasing prescribing. We’ve got to change the demand component,” said Dr. Jennifer Plumb. “Utah has an enormous demand. Utah wants these substances whether they’re prescriptions or, ultimately, illicit.”
Discount mulberry alexa sale uk Outlet Dozens arrested in massive drug bust surrounding Pioneer Park

mulberry laptop bag DYFS boss from Burlington County admits stealing nearly

Discount mulberry shoes Outlet DYFS boss from Burlington County admits stealing nearly

She then would alter her overtime hours and approve her own overtime pay, prosecutors said.

Murphy criminal conduct occurred between November 2015 and May 2017 in the Burlington East office of the Division of Child Protection and Permanency formerly known as the Division of Youth and Family Services which falls under the umbrella of the Department of Children and Families. The office is located in Lumberton.

Murphy was sentenced Friday to five years probation by Superior Court Judge Terrence Cook in Burlington County on a third degree charge of theft by unlawful taking. As a result of the plea, she forfeited her job and is permanently barred from public employment in New Jersey, prosecutors said.

She must pay full restitution of $10,931 in monthly installments of $250. Judge Cook also imposed a $750 computer crimes prevention fund penalty.

According to public payroll records, Murphy earned an annual salary of $63,537 before she was shown the door. She collected overtime amounts of $8,884 in 2017, a whopping $14,263 in 2016 and $8,078 in 2015. Her highest total earnings in a single year came in 2016 when she earned $77,436, records show.

A former state employee who worked with Murphy expressed relief that the supervisor was brought to justice.

just glad she was caught, the employee said. worked with her for years and it was horrible.

Murphy is not the first boss in the state to get in trouble with the law recently.

In August, The Trentonian reported Bernadine Brozena, a supervising pension benefits specialist who earns an annual salary of $96,415, was captured on video stealing money from her subordinate pocketbook, the victim husband previously said.

Brozena, 57, of Lawrence, was arrested by state police on June 26 at the Pensions and Benefits office located at 50 W. State St. in Trenton.

After reviewing video surveillance, probable cause was developed and Brozena was placed under arrest at her place of employment without incident, prosecutors said. She was charged with one count of third degree theft by unlawful taking.
mulberry laptop bag DYFS boss from Burlington County admits stealing nearly