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mulberry bag singapore A New Private Funds Regulatory Framework for the PRC

For years, the Chinese private fund industry has operated in regulatory limbo, but a recent series of legislative and regulatory actions should provide greater certainty and help create a more favourable environment for the incipient hedge fund industry in the People Republic of China (hinaor the RC. Please note that these changes, which are summarised below, apply only with respect to domestic PRC private funds, although non PRC private fund managers may wish to bear them in mind as they seek to access China burgeoning investor base.

The cornerstone of the newly designed regime is a set of amendments to the Securities Investment Fund Law of the PRC and accompanying regulations (collectively, the mendments1 that took effect on June 1, 2013. Previously, PRC law explicitly regulated only publicly offered securities investment funds, causing private funds (both domestic and non PRC) to operate in an opaque regulatory environment. The Amendments address this uncertainty, at least in part, by providing a framework applicable to private funds that invest in publicly offered securities, such as so called unshine hedge funds In addition, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and the Asset Management Association of China (MAC the self regulatory organisation of the fund industry in China), released draft rules on private fund registration and reporting that are intended to complement the Amendments. Although these draft rules are not yet final, most industry participants appear to be proceeding on the assumption that the draft rules will be implemented substantially as proposed. In addition, many details of the new regulatory regime will need to be clarified via future rulemaking and emerging market practice.

Following is a summary of the key points reflected in the Amendments.

The Amendments apply only to domestic PRC private funds that limit their investments to securities (including stocks, bonds and investment funds) that are publicly offered and/or traded in the PRC, as well as other securities and derivatives specified by the CSRC.2 Accordingly, private equity funds and venture capital funds are not subject to the new regulatory regime, nor are non PRC private funds. The CSRC may further expand the scope of private funds covered by the Amendments at a future date.

The Amendments provide an exemption from CSRC registration for private funds with no more than 200 qualified investors. Each individual investor must invest a minimum of RMB 1 million in the fund. To be a ualified investor an individual investor must possess sufficient knowledge to identify and to undertake investment risks, and satisfy at least one of the following conditions: (i) total financial assets (personal or household) of at least RMB 2 million; (ii) personal average annual income of no less than RMB 200,000 for the last three years; or (iii) household average annual income of no less than RMB 300,000 for the last three years. An institutional investor qualifies if it has net assets of at least RMB 10 million. Draft regulations indicate that, in the future, investment products duly established and managed by CSRC supervised financial institutions, such as investment trust products, also will be deemed to be qualified investors for purposes of the Amendments.

Interests in a private fund may not be offered or sold to unqualified investors, or marketed through mass media such as newspaper, radio, television, internet, or seminars. A private fund manager may promote and sell fund products directly, or the manager may entrust a third party placement agent to do so. The fund manager and any placement agent are required to fully disclose investment risks to potential investors, and must avoid providing false, incomplete, misleading or exaggerated information in the course of marketing a private fund.

In addition, the sale of interests in a private fund must be appropriate in light of an investor risk profile. However, PRC regulations do not yet provide guidance on how to assess the risk profile of prospective private fund investors. The only current guidance suggests that funds should be ranked on the basis of relative investment risk, and a fund manager or placement agent should only offer an investor a fund with a suitable risk ranking. In the absence of further regulatory guidance, use of an investor questionnaire to document the qualification of investors and the suitability of the offer and sale is recommended.3

Regulation of the fund manager

Under the Amendments, AMAC assumes a primary role in overseeing the operations of private funds and private fund managers. A private fund manager must register with AMAC if it manages one or more private funds with cumulative assets under management of at least RMB 100 million.4 Absent such registration, a fund manager cannot use terms such as fund, fund manager or similar terms in its name. In order to register with AMAC, fund managers must also: (i) have paid in capital of at least RMB 10 million; (ii) employ two licensed responsible officers and one compliance and risk control responsible officer; and (iii) have had a clean legal and administrative record for the last three years.

Under PRC law, private funds generally operate pursuant to a und contracta management contract entered into among the fund manager, each investor in the fund and the fund custodian. A fund contract typically will cover key issues such as the duties and rights of the fund manager and the custodian (if any), various operational matters, and investment objectives, strategies and limitations. The purpose of a fund contract is to document the manner in which a fund operates and the relationship among each of its parties, including their respective rights and obligations. An offeree becomes an investor in a private fund only when it enters into a valid fund contract.

Under the new regulatory framework, the parties to a private fund contract have greater leeway than in the past to define their contractual relationships, including allocation of gains and losses, as well as the extent of information to be disclosed by the manager and custodian to investors.5 However, under the Amendments, private fund contracts must include, at a minimum, provisions addressing the following matters: (i) investment (investment scope, strategy, and limitation on investment activities); (ii) profit distribution; (iii) allocation of expenses; (iv) manner of disclosing fund related information; (v) subscription, redemption and transfer of fund interests; (vi) amendment, rescission and termination of the fund contract; and (vii) circumstances under which the fund may be liquidated.

Under AMAC’s proposed rules, when a private fund offering is closed, a filing must be made with AMAC through the AMAC filing system within five business days after closing.6 The filing will convey certain basic information concerning the private fund, such as the name of the fund, the amount of capital raised, the number of fund investors and the fund contract. The fund should update the information within five business days after the end of each month. Funds offering interests on an ongoing basis should make the required filing within five business days after the end of the month in which the offering commences, and update the information on a monthly basis. AMAC will notify the CSRC of any private fund having assets under management in excess of RMB 100 million or more than 50 investors.

Unless the fund contract stipulates otherwise, a private fund must engage a commercial bank to serve as custodian of the fund assets. Private fund custodians must be members of AMAC. By officially recognising the existence of domestic private funds and providing a regulatory regime that seeks to strike a balance between oversight and operational flexibility, the Amendments should foster growth of the PRC hedge fund industry and broaden participation in the PRC domestic securities markets. Mr. Robinson previously led the firm Asian Financial Services practice during his residency in Dechert Hong Kong office from January 2008 through May 2011. and international financial institutions on a host of corporate and securities issues.

Karl Paulson Egbert is a Registered Foreign Lawyer in Dechert Hong Kong office. Mr. Paulson Egbert advises private and registered funds on regulatory, corporate and business matters. His experience also includes advising Hong Kong and Asian hedge fund managers with respect to fund structures and global fund offerings utilizing various investment styles and strategies.

Jingzhou Tao is the Managing Partner responsible for developing Dechert Asia Practice, and he is resident in the firm Beijing office. Mr. Tao has represented major American, European and Japanese companies in transactions in China involving joint ventures, tax planning, strategic alliances and intellectual property protection. He also has significant experience in international arbitration proceedings, both in China and before the major international arbitration institutions.

Gregory Louvel is an associate in Dechert Corporate and Securities practice in Beijing. Mr. Louvel leads mergers and acquisitions transactions in China for both international and Chinese clients. He also represents clients in the natural resources, technology, life sciences and financial services industries.

Dechert is a global specialist law firm. Focused on sectors with the greatest complexities, legal intricacies and highest regulatory demands, Dechert lawyers excel in delivering practical commercial judgment and deep legal expertise for high stakes matters. In an increasingly challenging environment, clients look to the firm to serve them in ways that are faster, sharper and leaner without compromising excellence. Dechert is relentless in serving its clients delivering the best of the firm to them with entrepreneurial energy and seamless collaboration in a way that is distinctively Dechert.

2 The Amendments require (i) any fund wishing to raise capital within the PRC to invest in offshore securities markets, and (ii) any qualified foreign institutional investor (QFII) wishing to invest in PRC securities markets to first obtain approval from the CSRC for making such investment.

3 Use of investor questionnaires is already standard market practice in the PRC with respect to the offer and sale of retail investment funds.

4 Managers of smaller private funds with assets under management below RMB 100 million apparently may not register with AMAC and may not take advantage of the new regulatory framework.

5 Unlike with respect to PRC retail fund contracts (which are subject to CSRC review as both a primary fund organizational document and investor disclosure document), PRC law does not impose significant disclosure requirements on private funds. Instead, private fund disclosure practices are primarily determined by negotiations between the parties, as well as by market practice.

6 It is not clear at this stage whether the contents of this filing will be made available online.

7 Among other possible options, the Qualified Domestic Limited Partner (QDLP) program will provide non PRC private fund managers with a direct avenue to connect with Chinese institutional investors. Details about the rollout of the QDLP program will be announced publicly shortly and will be discussed in a separate DechertOnPoint.
Schools in the Midwest “have been particularly hard hit,” according to the story, since many of them have “come to rely heavily on tuition from foreign students, who generally pay more than in state students.”Frozen EI premiums will continue for another year, as will the Workshare program, in which the government helps companies, such as ones in Nisku, retain their employees by contributing to their benefits.Vous savez, les riches payent quand mme un peu d mme si, proportionellement, c peu comparativement au moins nantis mais en quoi c leur problme? Ils se payent un systme de sant prive et envoient leurs enfants au prive. De plus, je sais que c peu mais c aussi eux qui procurent ces fameux emploies mal pays et prcaires qui leur sert survivre. Dans le font, ils sont ce qui fait des USA les USA.Verret, the wife of Major Marc Verret, is one of hundreds of military wives throughout the Quebec City region marking time while their husbands are deployed from the Valcartier Garrison to Kandahar City in Afghanistan.
Discount mulberry clipper holdall Outlet A New Private Funds Regulatory Framework for the PRC

mulberry shop A Fraud Lawsuit Under California Law

3. Learn to educate your support system. Although it is a difficult time to have to do it, telling your caregivers what you need and when you need it, can result in great dividends.AP Interview: UN Women chief: Sex abuse cases tip of iceberg Source: AP Davis turns ankle, but Pelicans roll to 10th straight win Source: AP Jury selection continues in Pulse nightclub trial Source: Cox Media Group S. Korea leader sees more obstacles ahead to disarm N. EST Source: AP Rockets extend winning streak to 17, beat Bucks 110 99 Source: APwere really trying to put on a lot of ball pressure and get them off their game a little bit, Opsal said. think we did that really well and we had great help defense, so if someone got beat, there was another defender right there to step in. Amber Darge had 16 points to lead Regis, while junior Morgan Rohrscheib hit three 3s and had 12 points in one of her best games of the season. Karlstad fought through the foul trouble and finished with 12 points including eight in the second half.
mulberry store locations A Fraud Lawsuit Under California Law

The various ways a victim can be defrauded are as limitless as the bounds of human ingenuity. But under California law, wrongful actions are generally characterized as civil “fraud” only under one of the following legal theories:

1. Intentional Misrepresentation. Probably the most common type of fraud is a false statement. But not every false statement is fraudulent. The elements of a claim for intentional misrepresentation are:

a. An intentionally or recklessly false statement of fact. Not every false statement is a false statement of “fact.” Statements of opinion generally are not actionable. Sales talk, or “puffing” (“This is the best location in the county!”), is generally not actionable. However, if the defendant claims to be an expert or there are other reasons to expect that the victim would rely upon the defendant’s opinion as a statement of “fact,” an opinion may be treated by the court as a statement of fact. Also, a statement need not be made directly to the victim. For instance, if the defendant made the false statement to a third person with the expectation that the statement would be repeated to the victim, the victim may have a valid claim for fraudulent misrepresentation.

b. Intention to defraud.

c. Reasonable reliance upon the false statement. The false statement need not be the only reason the victim changed his or her position, but it must be at least part of the reason. Also, the victim’s reliance on the false statement must be reasonable. If the victim knew or should have known the statement was false, the victim did not reasonably rely. Even an unsophisticated victim, however, “may not put faith in representations which are preposterous, or which are shown by facts within his observation to be so patently and obviously false that he must have closed his eyes to avoid discovery of the truth.” Seeger v. Odell (1941) 18 Cal. 2d 409.

d. Resulting in damages. There must be measurable damages that were caused by the fraud.

2. Negligent Misrepresentation. A claim for negligent misrepresentation is generally the same as a claim for intentional misrepresentation, except the victim must only prove the defendant did not have “a reasonable basis” to believe its statement of fact was true (as opposed to proving the defendant knew its statement was false). If the defendant’s false statement was both honestly made and based upon reasonable grounds, however, there is no claim. Punitive damages are not available for negligent misrepresentations.

3. Concealment. A claim for fraud may also arise if the defendant concealed or failed to disclose a material fact during a transaction, causing damage to the victim. The elements of a claim for fraudulent concealment are:

a. The defendant failed to disclose or concealed a material fact with an intent to defraud the victim.

b. The defendant had a duty to disclose. There is not always a duty to disclose facts during a transaction. If there is a duty, it generally arises in one of four different circumstances: (i) The defendant is in a “fiduciary relationship” (such as being a partner) with the victim; or (ii) The defendant took steps to hide important information from the victim (as opposed to simply failing to tell the victim); or (iii) The defendant disclosed some information to the victim,
mulberry shop A Fraud Lawsuit Under California Law
but the disclosed information is misleading unless more information is given; or (iv) The defendant is aware of key information and knows the victim is unlikely to discover that information. In addition, California laws may create a duty to disclose in certain transactions. For example, sellers of residential property in California generally are required to make written disclosures about the condition of the house.

c. The victim must have been unaware of the fact and would not have acted as he or she did if he or she knew of the fact.

d. The victim sustained damages as a result of the concealment.

4. False Promise. A claim of fraud may arise if a defendant entered into a contract and made promises that it never intended to perform. The elements of a false promise claim are:

a. The defendant made a promise.

b. The promise was important to the transaction.

c. At the time he or she made the promise, the defendant did not intend to perform it.

d. The defendant intended the victim to rely upon the promise.

e. The victim reasonably relied upon the promise.

f. The defendant did not perform the promise.

g. The victim was harmed as a result of defendant not carrying out his or her promise.

h. The victim’s reliance on the defendant’s promise was a substantial factor in causing the victim’s harm.

It is important to understand that a broken promise, alone, is not a sufficient basis for a fraud claim. More than a mere broken promise is required. The victim must also prove that the defendant did not intend to perform the promise at the time the promise was made. In practice, it is usually difficult to tell the difference between a broken promise and a promise made without an intention to perform. Courts generally look for circumstantial evidence to support a false promise claim (as opposed to a broken promise claim), such as the defendant broke its promise immediately after making it.

Characterization of a claim as fraud has many advantages to a victim; primarily, the victim may be able to recover punitive damages in addition to actual damages. Also, the measure of damages is generally more liberal under fraud and other “tort” theories, allowing victims a more complete recovery. But even if a wrongful action does not fall under the definition of “fraud,” it still may lead to a valid legal claim. For instance, a broken promise while not necessarily fraudulently may still constitute a valid breach of contract claim. While punitive damages and emotional distress damages are generally not available for breach of contract in California, the victim still should be able to recover his or her monetary damages.
A. Move back home. I definitely want to be back home in Fort Smith. There are a couple of options. I could do something in sales. I don’t know if I really want to travel but I want to have a family one day and really be able to support them and just be able to be back there. It’s been a dream come true. Every day I wake up, you’re living the dream. Playing the game for a living and making a lot of money doing it. The weather and stuff, you manage that just like you do any other job, especially outdoor jobs. I was looking out my window and there were construction workers on the roof, putting up stuff, and I was thinking I could be doing that. It’s got to be brutally cold but those guys have to do that because that’s what they do for a living. I think the community here has so much support and the best fans that you could possibly ask for, the best organization; everything is first class.One on One with Eddie LacyAmericans are less prepared to absorb the spike in gasoline prices than they were the last time prices rose this high, in 2008, because unemployment is higher and real estate values are lower, says David Portalatin, an analyst for the market research firm NPD Group.Because they consist of a large number of massively interconnected processing units, all operating in parallel on the same problem, neural networks can potentially operate at considerable speeds.Neurologist faces sex allegations in 3 statesDuring the years when we confronted a nuclear armed Soviet Union, we at least realized that we had to “think the unthinkable,” as intellectual giant Herman Kahn put it. Today it seems almost as if we don’t want to think about it at all.
mulberry shop A Fraud Lawsuit Under California Law

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“When I first saw him, I thought, man, that dog is skinny,” Beck said. He then asked the carrier for his thoughts on Jackx. “He said, ‘Well I transport dogs for a living and I can tell you this guy is a sweetheart,'” Beck said.None said life in a tent is calm or simple. A city contracted company routinely clears out camps, with a list of planned sweeps posted weekly online. Campers can never settle in; they must be ready to move on short notice. Some return to their camp sites to find their belongings rounded up during a sweep and moved miles away to a storage facility.term psychological effectstexted a friend of his named Kionna Price, saying that he owed her a birthday present, Clark said. asked Price if she could come by and pick it up. And she said no. So, sometime between 11 and midnight, Thompson walked from his home and met up with Price. She turned to go back in the house and he turned to walk back down Vance Street. to Everette, Price saw a vehicle driving back and forth down the street. Price said she heard someone say, poppin? said that as Price was walking into her house, she heard Thompson respond, that? No one got out of the car. Then she heard gunshots.She added the training model provides “everyday skills for coping.”Karen Hays, Cope’s niece, is 12 years younger than her famous Aunt. She said she loved hearing tales from the road.
Discount mulberry look alike bags Outlet a resolve to rebuild after Thomas Fire

Ventura homeowner Adele Bonge steps on a piece of her rooftop as neighbors David Carlson and Amy Crittenden dig through rubble for lost possessions on Thursday morning.(Photo: CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR)Buy PhotoLaura and Ron Van Rossum were just about out the door of their Ventura home Monday night, a few minutes after an alert about a Santa Paula fire jolted them awake.

Less than a mile away, Nick Bonge was also tracking the fire. He texted friends in Santa Paula, asking if they were OK and offering his place up to anyone forced to evacuate.

Within hours, the wind whipped fire that sprinted from its origins around Thomas Aquinas Collegehad destroyed both of their Ventura hillside homes.

A street in ruinsHillcrest Drive is a narrow, winding road where custom builthomes overlook views of the picturesque downtown, the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. The Van Rossums moved to the city in 1989, and in their 1940s era hillside home they settled into a community they grew to love. They also loved the houseand had remodeled it various times the most recent, just finished projectinvolvedthe third floor.

On Thursday, the couple returned to the charred remains of theirhome for the first time and instantly set about, with the help of neighbors and Fresno firefighters, trying to open a gun safethat contained important documents.

“I’m not crying over the house. I’m crying when someone does something nice,” Laura Van Rossumsaid. “I’m so absolutely humbled by so much love. I didn’t know we were loved that much.”

Laura Van Rossum lost her Ventura home. But what’s been more overwhelming to her has been the support she’s getting everywhere. Now, it is those businesses who are supporting her. At The Wharf on Front Street, where she went to buy new clothes, she was overwhelmed by the kindness of the store employees.

Without a doubt, she said, the couple will rebuild after the Thomas Fire. In fact, they’ve already been in contact with the Ojai architect who worked on theirrecent remodel.

“I love this community,” she said.

In the rubble, determinationBuy PhotoVentura homeowner Adele Bonge, center, is assisted by neighbors David Carlson and Amy Crittenden as dig through rubble for lost possessions on Thursday morning. (Photo: CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR)

In the 600 block of Briarwood Terrace, neighbors Amy Crittenden and David Carlson helped Nick and Adele Bonge dig through the rubble of their house. The fireproof box they sought contained documents related to the Bonges’ house, their marriage and other important things.

Nick thought they were digging where the bathroom had been, but Adele recognized a box from her closet and thought they might be getting close. The side of the shower leaned precariously. In their backyard, the glow coming from Hall Canyon signaled the fire was near. Then they got closer. Aside from a charredwall facing the street, the house was a pile of unrecognizable ash and twisted metal.

Buy PhotoNick Bonge, right, of Ventura, and wife Adele Bonge, talk with neighbors David Carlson and Amy Crittenden before they dig through rubble for lost possessions on Thursday morning. (Photo: CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR)

Nick planned to meet with his insurance adjuster laterThursday and, with his help of his daughter, had leads ona house to rent. “We have a lot of memories here. We raised our kids here. Our son’s soccer trophies melted,” he said. “But we’re optimistic. We’re going to rebuild and make it better.”

Bonge said he wouldn’t even consider leaving the hillside, a place that because of its people and eclectic homes is so special it’s difficult for those unfamiliar with it to fullyunderstand.

Ventura’s lossAt the Thursday night news briefing,fire officials said439structures had been destroyed, and 85 had been damaged. Most of those were in Ventura.

On Hillcrest Drive, home after home was in ruins, with a fireplace, twisted plumbing fixtures, a grill andblackenedtreesamong the remains. The neighborhood wasn’t even the worst, Fresno fire officials checking on the street said Thursday.

Among the homes still standing isone owned by the family of Nichole Hocamp. She said she felt overwhelming feelings of guilt but also deep appreciation.
But Hellerstein said he’s not persuaded by arguments about the Nixon administration. “You can’t win with that argument,” he said.The location of the city in some of North Dakota’s most productive oil territory has so far meant that it’s been able to follow its repayment plan even as oil has hovered around $50 per barrel. But if the price falls even lower, Veeder seems unsure what bends that course will take.SCSO sergeant and 18 year SCVSAR detail Danny Wikstrom emphasized the financial aspect.
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Discount mulberry blue bag Outlet A look back at who Michigan lost in 2017

Veterinarian Andrew Bean, DVM, of Animal Ark and Animal Kingdom Pet Hospitals, said the beginning signs of hypothermia, include shivering, lethargy and abnormal breathing.Alan wrote that he a of simple songs and not a political man. That may be the case, but he is in touch with the emotions so many are dealing with. Yes, Alan, I did and I will continue to do so.TargetChief Financial Officer John Mulligan told analysts earlier this month that it was “not reasonable” to think in terms of a national minimum rate. Paying only $9 an hour in New York City or the oil crazed economy ofNorth Dakotawould not attract any workers, he said.In the UK about 25,000 more people die over the course of each winter compared to other times of the year and there are a number of conditions that are made worse by the cold weather including asthma, heart disease and dementia.Food, for example, provided to the kid as a prize for a specific thing accomplished is a primary reinforcement. Secondary reinforcements aren’t rewarding at the beginning, but they’ll be right after accumulating for a time period. Negative reinforcement is one thing which, in the event that removed, has to be made in order for it to go away. The seat belt buzzer which gives out an annoying sound and can end only when it’s put on is one example of negative reinforcement. like a mode of self discipline is different from reinforcement. It is such as some sort of an opposite since where reinforcement tries to boost behavior, punishment attempts to decrease it. Nevertheless, a number of punishments don’t have direct connection to the behavior it is seeking to discourage. is the real opposite of reinforcement in the impression that it removes the rewards that encourage or keep a behavior going. A class clown receives laughter from everyone in the event that he clowns around for the purpose of attention. are calculated to assist kids behave and act in moral ways.
mulberry handbag A look back at who Michigan lost in 2017

after the Red Wings won their second consecutive NHL Championship. (Photo: Julian H. Gonzalez, Detroit Free Press)

Mike Ilitch rose from a humble west side neighborhood to assemble a food, sports and entertainment empire that enabled him to return the Stanley Cup to Hockeytown, build a new arena and ballpark, restore the grandeur of downtown’s iconic Fox Theatre and introduce metro Detroit to the concept of He died Feb. 10 at age 87.

From his first Little Caesars outlet in a Garden City strip mall in 1959, Ilitch became a major metro Detroit personality and a key figure in the revival of downtown Detroit. In addition to founding the Little Caesars pizza chain, he owned the Red Wings, Tigers and the Fox Theatre, and operated city owned Joe Louis, Cobo, and Little Caesars arenas, among other smaller businesses, teams and restaurants.

Marvin Yagoda, owner of Marvin Marvelous Mechanical Museum. stands by his carousel on Monday, Jan.5, 2009. Yagoda passed away in 2017. (Photo: David Kilkenney, Special to the Free Press)

Marvin Jay Yagoda, a pharmacist by trade who was best known for creating Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, died Jan. 8. He was 78. Tucked in the back of a strip mall on Orchard Lake Road just south of 14 Mile, Yagoda’s museum is a cacophony of gizmos, games and gadgets that bills itself as “A mind blowing fully interactive museum open to the public 365 days a year with free admission!” The place is so unusual that rapper Eminem rented it to host his 30th birthday bash.

Ron Savage, Fox 2 News anchor and a Milford firefighter (Photo: Fox 2)

Ron Savage, an Emmy Award winning journalist and volunteer on call firefighter, died Feb. 25 after collapsing while training with the Milford Fire Department. He suffered a cardiac arrest at age 63. Savage co anchored Fox 2 News Weekends and produced Michigan’s Most Wanted segments, highlighting unsolved crimes. At the time of this death, Fox 2 officials said more than 1,000 fugitives had been arrested from tips from viewers.

Francine Hughes walked into the Ingham County Jail on March 9, 1977 and confessed that, fearing for her life, she had set fire to her home in Dansville, where her abusive ex husband Mickey Hughes was sleeping. (Photo: Lansing State Journal)

Francine Hughes walked into the Ingham County Jail on March 9, 1977 and confessed that, fearing for her life, she had set fire to her home in Dansville, where her abusive ex husband Mickey Hughes was sleeping. A jury eventually acquitted her in Hughes’ death. Her defense that her actions were the result of the beatings and verbal abuse she had endured for more than a decade brought the plight of battered women into the national spotlight, inspiring dozens of domestic violence laws. Her story also inspired the best selling book “The Burning Bed,” a TV movie of the same name, a folk song and a hit for country star Martina McBride (“Independence Day”). Known as Francine Wilson after remarrying, she died March 22 in Alabama. She was 69.

Robert D. Mahoney was Michigan first blind lawmaker and raised 10 children with his wife, Jennie,
Discount mulberry blue bag Outlet A look back at who Michigan lost in 2017
who is also blind. (Photo: Family photo)

Robert D. Mahoney, who was Michigan’s first blind lawmaker and who raised 10 children with his wife, Jennie, who is also blind, died March 30 at age 95. Mahoney, who attended Northern High School in Detroit and the Michigan School for the Blind, lost his eyesight at age 15 and worked as a door to door salesman before he was first elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 1954, representing northeast Detroit for 18 years. She was 78. Moy, a Detroit native, gave Wonder his second Top 10 hit with 1965’s “Uptight (Everything’s Alright),” helping convince Motown chief Berry Gordy Jr. to give her the role of producer making her the first woman to land that position at Hitsville.

On October 20, 2003 Kirk Jones of Canton leaped from the railing along the Niagara River in Ontario, Canada and became the first human to survive the 300 foot drop over Horseshoe Falls with nothing but the clothes on his back.

Michigan native Kirk Jones, the first person to have survived an unprotected plunge into Niagara Falls, is believed to have died in April after a second attempt at plunging into the same falls, according to the Associated Press. Jones’ body was recovered June 2 from the waters under the falls. He was 53.

Disc jockeys Bob Bauer of WLLZ and Lynn Briggs of WJLB visit at a reception in February 1987 at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield. (Photo: Daymon J. Hartley, Detroit Free Press)

Radio personality Bob Bauer, whose voice was familiar to decades of Detroit rock listeners, died July 21 at age 63. Bauer was best known for his tenure at Detroit stations WLLZ FM (“Wheels”), WABX FM, WCSX FM and others. During the last decade, he embraced online radio, including a pair of programs webcast from the UDetroit studio in Detroit’s Harmonie Park district.

Birmingham architect Gunnar Birkerts, photographed in 1991, carved a tiny, private office suite into a hillside off Telegraph Road in Southfield. Birkerts died in August at 92. (Photo: Detroit Free Press archives)

Gunnar Birkerts, a Latvian born architect who over half a century of practicing in Detroit designed some of southeast Michigan’s most notable buildings, died in August in Massachusetts. He was 92. His best known works included Domino’s Farms in Ann Arbor, the 1300 Lafayette residential tower near downtown Detroit, the orange hued Calvary Baptist Church near Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit, the University of Detroit Mercy’s Fisher Administration Building and the University of Michigan Law School’s underground library.

Sister Joseph Marie (Madeleine) Ruessmann was a member of the Religious Sisters of Mercy. She was both a civil lawyer and a Catholic canon lawyer, with a master degree in business. (Photo: Lux Funeral Homes)

Sister Joseph Marie (Madeleine) Ruessmann, 64, died Aug. 17 after being struck by a vehicle while riding her bicycle in Alma, where she lived as a member of the Religious Sisters of Mercy. Ruessmann was both a civil lawyer and a Catholic canon lawyer, with a master’s degree in business. She helped people in the community with financial, legal and immigration matters.

Thomas Edison Wark is considered the “father of the Detroit Free Press Action Line.” (Photo: Lois Wark)

As an editor at the Detroit Free Press, Thomas Edison Wark helped oversee the paper’s Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of the 1967 Detroit riots and created a hugely popular public service column that other newspapers copied. Wark, who also held senior editing posts at the Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Times, died Aug. 18 of pancreatic cancer. He was 82. In revealing his terminal diagnosis to friends, Wark wrote, “It’s been a good ride. No regrets. Grateful for so many good friends.”

Jeanie Daar Sinclair Smith was a regular at Hudson Thanksgiving Day parades, posing here with Santa Claus. (Photo: Family photo)

Known around Detroit as Christmas Carol, singer Jeanie Daar Sinclair Smith was a frequent guest for decades on many local TV and radio programs. Sinclair Smith, 93, died Aug. 29. Known professionally as Jeanie Daar, she was a regular on radio station WJR AM’s “Jack Harris Show,” and she delighted thousands of children over many years as Christmas Carol, taking over the role made famous by Maureen Bailey in Hudson’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles left, Bobby Rogers, Pete Moore, Smokey Robinson and Ronnie White. (Photo: International Talent Mgt)
It not just astronauts whose biological clocks fall out of sync; shift workers such as doctors, pilots and police officers may face the resulting fatigue and the impairment that comes with it.Harry was then put back on the nebuliser treatment.Also, Community Outreach Inc. has received a $75,000 infusion of donations that will allow it to re open its emergency family shelter Friday. COI, which has been trying to cope with a loss of $100,000 in government funding, closed the shelter July 1.And he was a factor in the overtime as he scored five of the Dragons’ seven points in the extra session,
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hitting a layup and three of his four shots at the charity stripe.

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Government housing assistance has not kept pace with demand. The state’s Housing Assistance Program, which helps poor families with security deposits and the first month’s rent, has been curtailed; the waiting list for Section 8, the largest subsidized housing program, has been closed. Limits on the number of people per room and prohibitions against children of different sexes from sharing a bedroom make it especially hard for large families to find subsidized housing.More than 10 years later, these delay times gradually built up correlate strongly with SAT scores, the ability to cope with stress and the ability to concentrate. Self control leads to academic success and better interpersonal relationships.As a boy, Chris Froome had two unusual pets: a pair of pythons. They needed feeding, and their meals had to be alive. Mice at first, then rats. But as they grew they needed something more filling. So he raided the rabbit hutches in the kindergarten across the road.Mosaic Co.’s Colonsay mine east of Saskatoon, where 330 unionized miners were temporarily laid off in July.He enjoyed a trip away with the Princess Royal Trust for Carers some years ago, and has benefited from the We Care Appeal, set up by the Evening News’ sister paper the Eastern Daily Press. Mr Corder has also accessed a carer’s learning grant, but says he has not had any other help.calls crimes ‘brazen’
mulberry bayswater bag Cyber Monday A Call to Action for Canadian Astronomy in Space

Over the next few months, the federal government is developing a new long term plan for the Canadian Space Agency. We believe that the government wants to make a major and possibly transformational investment in space exploration. However, they want to see broad support from the community before they will act.We developed Vision for Canadian Space Exploration that calls for a sustained, competitive and comprehensive program of science in space over the next decade (see document here) to keep Canada competitive economically, technologically and scientifically. We have presented this vision to members of parliament, the Canadian Space Agency and the responsible ministers.Now is your chance to drive major change in how astronomy is done in Canada. Canadian astronomers have led globally through partnering in and building the best ground based facilities. Now astronomy from space plays a larger and larger role in the latest discoveries. Please reach out to your member of parliament to let them know that Canada should invest in space exploration with a sustained program of competitively chosen missions. Let them know how space astronomy can inspire our communities, develop new technologies and train the next generation of innovators for Canada.
together allows the Tasmanian choir of disadvantaged people to become united. The songs uplift the singers, inspire audiences and enrich the community. We are thrilled to have the Choir of High Hopes present their show in Burnie. The spirit of this group is undeniable and should not be missed. is a musical theatrical performance telling the story of the choir and its members as they delve deeply into their past to reflect on what has occurred and how their lives have been enhanced by their involvement with the choir.House Rules With Supernanny techniques you can transform a chaotic family life into a haven of peace and fulfilment. In the show, families use House Rules to set out what behaviour is acceptable in their household, and what behaviour is notHow will Montgomery County cope with snow removal after losing winter fleetThe figures were compiled in January and are designed to establish homelessness at a single point in time and not necessarily “tell the full story of homelessness in our communities,” according to the state report. We should all be grateful that the 2017 data have achieved a new level of reliability and can serve as a more valid benchmark going forward. But the worst thing we could do is look at 2017 compared with 2015 and conclude that there has been a major increase in persons experiencing homelessness in Corvallis (and) Benton County.Horowitz said the first social robot his company launched was Jerry the Bear, an interactive companion for kids with diabetes. Children take care of Jerry by feeding him, giving him insulin and monitoring his blood glucose levels. They also unlock a modular diabetes curriculum geared toward kids.To do all this and more, it is important to plan your finances well. You can’t really live on love and fresh air. Invest from an early age. Have investments which reap you periodic benefits like property rent or pension schemes.
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If you are both handling the separation and divorce well, your children will be better able to cope with the situation at hand.”I am feeling fine, but I won’t feel right until I get back with the fellows again,” he wrote.Good Parenting: Stop Losing It With Your Kids
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The French know a thing or two about the perfect braise, so I wasn surprised when I tasted the rabbit in cider, Calvados (apply brandy) and cream that my host family served me during my semester abroad in Nantes. If you ever find yourself in France, I highly suggest seeking out this classic dish that finds itself perhaps under radar of many Americans.

Back stateside, I created my own slightly Americanized version of the dish, making just enough swaps to lighten up the dish and make it weeknight friendly while also capturing the iconic flavors.

While rabbit is a relatively lean protein choice, I use chicken thighs and legs for the braise simply because it readily available, easier to cook perfectly, less expensive, and my daughters may have freaked out a little about eating a bunny.

Both the French version and mine get most of their apple flavor from hard cider, which is available in many stores near the sparkling wines. But if you can get your hands on hard cider, feel free to use half white wine and half regular cider instead. We like using sparkling apple cider the kind that mimics non alcoholic champagne leftover from family celebrations this way.

In a somewhat bold move, I completely omit two classic ingredients: cream and apple brandy. The cream, while luscious, not only added a ton of fat grams, it actually muted the other ingredients. While I certainly love an occasional creamy sauce, the main flavors of the dish are more pronounced without the cream.

Without fatty cream, the brandy became almost too strong. Leaving out an expensive ingredient that I don often use is always my preference as long as its presence won be overly missed. It wasn missed at our house. I use unpeeled pears instead of apples because I like the texture of their peels after braising, but certainly some tart granny smiths would feel right at home. A tiny bit of smoky bacon and a hefty dose of sweet, caramelized onions round out the dish, and make it a bright, slightly sweet, braise that you can make in under an hour anytime of the year.


Servings: 6

Start to finish: 1 hour

3 pounds chicken thighs or legs (or mixed), skin removed, bone in

2 thick slices of bacon, cut into chunks

1 tablespoon of butter

1 large onion, sliced

4 cloves garlic, smashed

2 teaspoons dried tarragon

1 1/2 cup hard apple cider (or 3/4 cup regular cider and 3/4 cup dry white wine)

3 large pears, cut into wedges

1 bay leaf

1/4 1/2 cup chicken broth, if needed

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

Set the chicken on a plate and dry gently with paper towels and lightly season with salt and pepper. In a heavy oven safe pan or Dutch oven, cook the bacon over medium heat until it starts to crisp, about 5 minutes. Remove the bacon and set aside on a plate, leaving the fat in the pan. Brown the chicken on all sides over medium high heat until all sides are golden, about 10 minutes. Add the onions and butter to the pan, and cook,
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stirring until onions begin to soften, about 3 minutes. Add the garlic and tarragon and cook until fragrant, stirring, about 1 more minute.

Turn the heat up a little to medium high and deglaze the pan with with the hard cider (or regular cider and wine) and allow the liquid to bubble up. Add the bacon, pears, bay leaf and enough broth to cover the chicken about halfway. Bring to a simmer on the stovetop, then cover tightly and cook in the oven until the meat is tender, about 30 more minutes.

Serve straight from the pan, or if desired, remove the chicken and pears to a serving platter, and then simmer the liquid stovetop for 5 minutes to reduce into a richer sauce to spoon on top.

Nutrition information per serving: 450 calories; 136 calories from fat; 15 g fat (5 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 224 mg cholesterol; 449 mg sodium; 25 g carbohydrate; 4 g fiber; 16 g sugar; 47 g protein.
So you learned a lot of street smarts?What to do: Keep a budget and track what you spend in cash; make a list of how much you owe, and note if you’re saving any money. This will give you a sense of whether you need to be concerned. (If you can’t gauge this on your own, see a financial planner.) It’s also wise to think about what money symbolizes to you, Leahy says. If it represents security, success, pride, or moral worth, for example, finding other (free!) ways to fulfill those desires can take some of the pressure off your financial picture. Also, avoid comparing your finances and happiness with those of people who have more money, Leahy says, because “this can fuel money worries.”This was his third county stint, after having previously played for Yorkshire and Derbyshire. With a tour of Sri Lanka line later this month, Pujara recalled the series in 2015 when India won 2 1 after losing a closely contested first Test and said the century in the final Test at Colombo was a career defining one for him.Whether a solution can be found is anyone’s guess. After all, food shortages are nothing new to the Inuit.”There’s always been incidents of starvation,” said Frank Tester, an Arctic historian at the University of British Columbia.
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Latulippe credits the club with giving him the discipline and structure he needed to achieve success in life. After graduating from Methuen High School, he said, he tried several different occupations, including carpentry, sales and musical production.In just five days, the page has raised 645.The boxes contain “fun things for kids. Each item has a tip on how to cope.”
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industry associations). Why would occupations want to be licensed? Here is the economic view (from the article)

“Occupations prefer to be licensed because they can restrict competition and obtain higher wages.”

Licensing enables supporting higher prices (by making it harder for new firms to enter). A study cited in the article found that licensed workers earn, on average, 15% more than their unlicensed counterparts in other states. Clearly, it can make the industry quite attractive for incumbents

“If you go to any statehouse, you see a line of occupations out the door wanting to be licensed.”

The clincher is that these regulations often exempt existing providers (incumbents) from being subject to these requirements (emphasis below mine).

“In Michigan, for instance, it will soon be a felony to practice massage without a license. Newcomers to the field must take 500 hours of classes and pass an exam to get that license. But a grandfather clause exempts most current massage therapists, including those who may never have taken a class at an accredited school.”

Clearly, this action by Incumbents raises barriers to entry and makes the industry more attractive to them now that is a great example of an Endogenous (or Strategic) Barrier to Entry. Because the pigment deeper treatment more difficult, increased frequency, the higher the price. Individual due to pigment cells deep in the dermis need after 56 treatments, while the relatively shallow only once or more than we can achieve clear purpose, but a friend assured, its for the skin without any harm, no pain. In fact now, this minute there is nothing wrong with that. But yet the right to manage distributed to a wrong person . Gosh! She exclaimed, when I found her screaming particularly beautiful, your eyes do not want it! Really were her words in it. The past two decades I have been competing with children and eyes. This is something female teacher and later into the book to the library is always with me, what to buy art books entirely by not buying what I say, I took the opportunity to buy a better watch their favorite books. In addition, formamide is volatile, can release ammonia, to stimulate the body to produce tears, coughing, shortness of breath and other symptoms, when consumers buy mats smell the odor should be that excessive addition of formamide exudes the flavor quality department said that the human body does have formamide some irritation, but foam puzzle mats in the addition of the substance, the need for testing in order to draw firm conclusions, consumers should first choose the regular manufacturers of products , Secondly,
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we should try to choose a non toxic, odorless plastic floor mats, Alternatively, you can choose some cotton texture of carpet products instead of plastic mats, do not let the baby for a long time in contact with the plastic. While China has yet to develop foam puzzle mats on the identification of standards, leading some manufacturers from their own interests, to increase the use of formamide, supervision over the market more difficult. Approach seems a lot, but it is not so easy to understand, and even in the correct password is entered, the system sometimes repeatedly prompted for password error, several failed attempts is enough to destroy the user mood seems to use WiFi WiFi users seem exceptionally picky. You know, WiFi has been seen as a flexible, wide bandwidth, the use of high technology, seamless coverage is widespread. Hooker Dane Coles turned on some enterprising running. Harbour were simply undistinguished and a poor advertisement for those aiming to be part of the Blues squad next season.

Please do not engage in such behavior. We encourage your thoughtful comments which: have a positive and constructive tone, are on topic, are respectful toward others and their opinions. Bonneville reserves the right to remove comments which do not conform to these criteria.

jeremy scott wings to sell would have most significant playoff outcome

Born Oct. 13, 1926, in Johnstown, son of Nicholas and Anna (Strushensky) Melnick. Preceded in death by parents and sisters, Mary Flaugh and Catherine Paserba. Kremlin Home Culture Hand or machine appliqued article 1. Imo Neighbors, 2. T. Even a lounge that stayed open to 1pm would have been nice to continue to enjoy the company of our new friends. We were left with two options after 11pm Karaoke and the Disco, which by the way has the music waaaayyyy too loud. If it peace and quiet 24/7 you want, this resort will give that to you and you be very happy to have it.

Following are results from the Garfield County Fair. DEPT H AGRICULTURE Early Maturing Wheat 1. Allen Spencer, 2. She is a Registered Technologist n Radiology and is employed by Dr. Paul Andreini.
And at Pasquotank Correctional Institution where four employees were fatally injured during a failed escape attempt on Oct. 12 the staffing problems have been even worse. In October, more than 28 percent of officer positions were vacant up from 17 percent three years earlier.So Carle moved from her home in Sioux City, Iowa, to Nye Square, a senior living facility in Fremont, to be closer to Sell. She shipped all of her sewing material to a niece in Minnesota; she didn’t need it anymore, she said. She liked her new home. But, at least at first, she was lonely.lot of places got rain from this system, but it looks like Edmonton was one of the worst hit areas, Pearce said.
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loved architecture. I just wasn disciplined enough to do what I needed to do, he confessed. I joined the Marine Corps, and the Marine Corps fixed that discipline issue. enlisted in 1977, and chose field artillery as his branch. That what brought him to Fort Sill. He took the fire direction course that fall and came back three more times while he was in the service. He went through survey school and operations chief school before going overseas. On his last tour here, he taught the fire direction course.”I have a lot of confidence in Geronimo,” McCarthy said. “Not just the way he played in Detroit, it’s definitely an experience he can build off of, but really what he’s done and watch the progression that he’s made throughout the season. So he’ll be ready to go.”Most Idaho children who were in the first grade when I became Governor are now starting their last semester of high school. Every program, initiative and investment I mention here today is focused on providing those young men and women with a leg up on postsecondary education and career opportunities.”After Smith reported numerous financial indiscretions and complained about a hostile work environment, she has been subjected to threats, privacy violations, prejudicial treatment and continued retaliatory actions which hinder her ability to perform her basic job duties,” according to the lawsuit.A: I want, and am always looking for, a real partnership with the government that’s in place not just a transactional relationship. I would be looking for a leader who really understands the value proposition of this university in this province. I would hope to see a leader who had a vision for not just this university, but for all post secondary in the province, and how all the post secondary institutions can work together to make the province stronger.
mulberry editor A lot of change expected in Trenton general election

Expect an announcement from Trenton Councilman at large Duncan Harrison regarding his intent to run for mayor, a decision that will deliver flux for city government.

East Ward Councilwoman Verlina Reynolds Jackson could exit should Democrats appoint her to fill the empty chair in the state 15th Legislative District, a vacancy that occurred when Gov. Phil Murphy named Assemblywoman Liz Muoio (D Mercer/Hunterdon) state treasurer. as a House of Representatives member.

Mercer County Freeholder Anthony Verrelli of Hopewell Township and West Windsor Councilwoman Ayesha Krishnan Hamilton have officially announced as candidates for Muoio seat although Reynolds Jackson,
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the Mercer County Democratic Committee chair, ranks allegedly as a frontrunner.

A previous Trentonian report noted that whoever wins the appointment will serve as an unelected state lawmaker for several months. A special election would then be held in November, and the appointed Democrat is expected to run and face a Republican challenger in that election. The Nov. The two term council member has filed an ELEC report and Holly Ward sounded lukewarm about another term during a phone discussion.

Holly Ward leaving would mean only incumbents South Ward Councilman George Muschal, West Ward Councilman Zachary Chester and North Ward Councilwoman Marge Caldwell Wilson seeking reelection.

All three council at large seats could be vacant with a current list of candidates Rachel Cogsville, Lee Ingram, Dwayne Farrior, Elvin Montero, Santiago Rodriguez, Nathaniel McCray and Sherwood Brown potential replacements.

Harris handed Perez a of Petitions Received which confirms his ballot spot in the Tuesday, May 8, 2018 general election. Perez submitted more than the required 390 signatures necessary for a mayoral candidacy.

are putting Trenton and its many peoples first; we need to show that in our bid to assume the municipal reins and we will win the public trust regarding our leadership and efficiency, Perez offered in an emailed statement.
Both Lutheran Health Network and Parkview Health officials said the health care systems do offer some support groups.JAPAN MACHINERY: Orders for machinery were the highest in almost a decade in November, rising nearly 12 percent from a month earlier, the government reported Wednesday. The strong demand suggests companies are investing to expand production capacity that likely would support growth in coming months, analysts said.The co founder of OnePlus Carl Pei said on Twitter that the new handset would come with their opticAMOLED display, but it is reported that the company is facing some difficulties to apply it. Apart from this, another rumor is that the company moves to LCD with this Smartphone.Standard stuff for those of us who work full time jobs outside the home, and have to fit everything in to a few hours after work in the evenings or on the weekends.”Derriere,
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” Cope replied. “It has nothing to do with milk.”

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Encourage your child to share his or her fears and talk to your child about his or her worries; as well, practise coping skills. Touch base with your child at a regular time each day to discuss your child’s worries and encourage him or her to problem solve and plan. Role play with your child and focus on the positive aspects ask your child to list the three things that they are most excited about on the first day. Practise calm breathing with your child so they can learn to use this when their anxiety rises.was really a once in a lifetime experience, she said of the hoopla. miss it. I miss the people, I miss the feeling of togetherness and camaraderie and just the general excitement. profits will be put to good use, O said Monday in an interview.Rose’s win made it 44 14, Vikings. After Gabriel picked up a forfeit at 195, Mitchell pinned his opponent at 220. Winchel Dorcelus wrapped up the first meet with a forfeit victory at 285, making the final 44 32.
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Ogilvy’s pens down a memoir for Ranjan Kapur who passed away a week back.

It wasn’t clicking on first sight. We were quite opposites when we first met. He a ‘jolly, garrulous, Punjabi’ and I a ‘nerdy, diffident, South Indian’. However, in a few interactions, I found a terrific mentor and a very interesting friend. This was way back in 1994 I was in Bangalore (it was Bangalore then) and he had just returned to India and Bombay (it was Bombay then).

Ranjan was a dreamer and he did it big just like everything else in life. I envied his ability to envision, to think of a future that was very different from today. But even more fascinating was his ability to make everyone around him believe it was possible.

Ranjan KapurHe was a people’s leader. Whenever he spoke to you, he made you feel important. He made you feel whatever you were doing was most important to him and the company. You were either ‘core business’ or ‘growth business’ or ‘future business’ and so you felt good and inspired. I did many new things I never thought I could under his leadership.

I have never heard him tell me ‘You are wrong’. He had the charming ability to just talk you into a different space and you left the room only after he and you agreed on it. He seemed to build off your ideas and you left feeling it was ‘our idea and solution’.

Every business meeting ended with a few minutes on the work issue and rest talking about life and other things. He was a boss who you had interesting conversations with not just business.

One personal incident that reflects his leadership and trust in people: I remember my second published piece landed him into trouble with a client. He called me in Bangalore and said ‘Arre yaar, mujhe marva diya’ and after suggesting a solution, I remember him saying ‘Please don’t stop writing because of this. Just run your articles through me before you send for publication’. I owe my prolific writing to him his constant encouragement and that day when he made sure I didn’t withdraw into a shell because of one unpleasant experience.

I will miss his dreaming and visioning, his painting and sculpturing and above all his little ribs like my ‘weekly striptease’ (a name he coined for my suit on Monday to T shirt, Friday dressing). I will miss his charming inspiration and energy that he brought along wherever he went or whenever he was present. I still hope he will walk into the room saying ‘Madhukar’ in his inimitable way a sound I have got used to. I know it’s not going to happen.
Rehabilitation is an important component of care. Shriners Hospitals for Children Erie offers both occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) as the keystones to recovery. In addition, the medical center offers an area exclusive motion capture motion analysis system within its state of the art motion analysis center.”There comes a time when we heed a certain call, when the world must come together as one. There are people dying and it’s time to lend a hand to life, the greatest gift of all. We can’t go on pretending day by day that someone, somehow will soon make a change. We are all a part of God’s great big family, and the truth, you know, love is all we need. We are the world, we are the children. We are the ones who make a brighter day.”My wife and I are very competitive regarding who can come up with correct answers first.My office recently conducted two audits of The New York City Department of Environmental Protection management of the project. One looked at the pace of construction, while the other examined the agency controls over costs. What was uncovered was an embarrassment.Questions remain about school district’s response to Amber Alert
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mulberry bags uk Cyber Monday A Panthers night to say thanks to H

“I’m pretty booked up with three new clients this past week. There is no room for random drop in clients,” Chu said recently. “Some are coming three times a week” for private sessions that run $130 for 75 minutes.How is your prayer life? (No judgment here this is something I’ve been working on, too.)Fernando, who suffers from a rare bone disease, was being treated for anxiety and depression at Vista del Mar. He eventually was transferred to a Kaiser Permanente psychiatric facility in Los Angeles, Hartman said. (Kaiser Health News, which produces California Healthline, is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.)
Discount mulberry sale uk Outlet A Panthers night to say thanks to H

This is what you must always remember about H. Wayne Huizenga, on the occasion of the Panthers having a ceremony tonight to honor their original owner: As much as building, as much as winning, he loved the big event.

“To success,” Huizenga toasted, a flute of champagne held high, in a Chicago Stadium suite that October night in 1993 when the Panthers played their first game.

That was part of Huizenga bringing the magic carpet ride of sports to much of South Florida. His Marlins had thrown their first pitch that April and he would take majority ownership of the Dolphins early the next year.

It was before Huizenga, now 80, became an example of everything a big sports owner can be, both good and controversial. Friday night is a thanks for that, even if Huizenga’s health is expected to keep him away.

His family will be represented. Current Panthers owner Vinnie Viola, long time Panthers executive Bill Torrey and former Panthers stars John Vanbiesbrouck, Bill Lindsay and Ed Jovanovski will be there.

Sometimes you don’t know the good old days were so good until they’re gone. So it was for the Panthers and for Huizenga looking back on that start.

He didn’t know much about hockey, once asking, “How much does a puck weigh?” He knew talent and knew how to build an organization, though. He hired the best people. He spent smart money.

The Panthers earned a tie that first night in Chicago and were a surprise out of the gate that first season, similar to Friday’s expansion opponent, Las Vegas, this year.

“Look at this,
mulberry bags uk Cyber Monday A Panthers night to say thanks to H
” he said one night, pointing to the purse of his wife, Marti. A few plastic rats were stuffed inside, ready to be thrown on the ice in the manner that still resonates around this franchise.

He did more. He won a World Series with the Marlins, though he never quite warmed to baseball, once calling a scored run “a transaction.” He got the BB Center built in Broward for the Panthers. He hired the best names for the Dolphins Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Bill Parcells but the big wins never followed.

His first love was business, of course. He built his teams with the same brains and bloodless brawn he used to take a staggering three businesses to the New York Stock Exchange Waste Management, Blockbuster Video and AutoNation.

George Steinbrenner once famously said owning the Yankees was like owning the Mona Lisa, and that once you owned the Mona Lisa you never sold it. Huizenga never felt that way. Most owners don’t.

Huizenga not only would sell the Mona Lisa, if it came to that. He’d figure how to sell at the most opportune time of all. And on his terms. And those terms were forever changing. The Marlins were losing money despite winning the World Series?

“I’ll lose $10 million next season, if you take $10 million off your contracts, too,” he told Marlins players who tried to talk him into keeping the team together.

His sale of the Marlins looks more understandable with time. No owner has managed to make baseball work in South Florida.

“The price just went up $70 million,” Huizenga told Steve Ross the morning after the Dolphins won their only game of the 2007 season.

He sold the Dolphins and the stadium to Ross for $1.2 billion. It was a record price. It’s nearly doubled in value in Ross’ time, too. So good businessmen rubbing against good businessmen that was Huizenga’s way.

Joe Robbie started the Dolphins. Ted Arison brought the Heat. Huizenga made South Florida a complete sports region by bringing baseball and hockey. He made us major league, even if he was the first to say sports weren’t his best work.

“My business decisions were all very good,” he said one day at the Dolphins headquarters. “My sports decisions?”

He held out his palm and waggled it back and forth.

There will be memories and applause and thanks Friday when a jersey with No. 37 (he was born in 1937) is retired. Perhaps thanks, most of all. Panthers coach Bob Boughner wasn’t around when Huizenga brought hockey and baseball to South Florida.

He’s a sports lifer, though, so understands what a man like Huizenga means to a franchise like the Panthers.

“It’s going to be a great night for this organization,” he said. “We’re looking forward to honoring Mr. Huizenga, but when the puck drops it doesn’t matter who’s on the other side of the ice.”
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