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Virginia: Right behind the Irish, at no. 15. (DallasLaxDad) The Cavaliers can win the big games, but the key is, as always, their consistency. A senior laden team such as this should be a able to harness that experience. (draw18) 9. Northwestern and UVa each went 6 6 against top 20 teams. So I’ll give the Cats top billing from their win over Hoos waaaay back in February. (johnnyboy) Laxing and relaxing. (Lionwatcher) 13 Congratulations! You’re the Most Inconsistent Team of 2015. Good news: that means there’s still a chance for big NCAA showing. (LowD09) 15. (Lucky Laxer) Coin flip between UVa and the Empire. UVa gets 10, NU gets 11. (mytwokeepers) 8. Hoo will show up? (Palmtree) 16. Await tourney. (slides2) The ‘Hoos lost twice to Notre Dame. 7 seed? I just don’t see it. (socrlaxdad) 12. (Turtles Lax) Hoos up for playing anywhere on the road as long as it isn’t in South Bend! (UnderArmourOdor)One activity stood out to Leardi: creating a memory box.James says closing the school, which also houses a daycare, would be hard on single mothers in the neighbourhood. He thinks some may have to move and change jobs to get the same kind of support in another community.was a lot of fun there, she said. Well, maybe not all of it: she had no idea how early she be forced to rise and shine.Crook County officials will be holding a public meeting on Winter Weather Awareness and Preparedness on Monday, November 20th at 6:00 pm in the Crook County Courtroom located at 320 NE Court Street.
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What is “standard protocol” for stirring or not stirring iced drinks? Almost every time I order a flavored iced latte or iced Caramel Macchiato, the drink looks like all milk with toppings/espresso floating on top. Then, I have to take it over to the counter to stir it up before I can go on my way. I would love to have a stirred drink, so I could just grab and go! Are baristas supposed to stir? If so, how can I politely ask for this standard to be followed? If not, is it obnoxious for me to request this favor/customization when I order? What would the preferred wording of that order be?

Thanks to the many hard working, cheerful baristas out there!

Hey Lisa, I work in a busy store, most stores with the labor systems we currently employ are busy. I would say that the preferred method would be to stir the cup as you grab it, I am not trying to be a jerk, I know what you are talking about and I take my cup when ordered and shake it a little myself, its very easy. We deal with thousands of customizations already and adding onto that is just one more thing that challenges us in our roles, especially when it is so easy for the customer to stir it. And yes, I tremendously busy. But I there to support them, and I do that without complaint every day, every time.

The customer is not there to help you/make your job easier. They absolutely should be pleasant, reasonably patient, please and thank you, get off the phone, look you in the eye and say hello, etc., but they are not there to help you make the drink. That YOUR job.

Macchiatos, fine, obviously not meant to be stirred, and now that Lisa question has been answered, her expectations have been set.

But an iced latte? YES!
mulberry tillie bag A customer has a question for baristas
If standard is to stir, then stir, and don expect the customer to do it for you!

Thanks to all the informative, hard working, dedicated baristas out there. You make people day a bit brighter!

we do not stir any drinks. we swirl heavy sauce drinks and i don know the term used for iced green tea lattes but we kinda “twirl” them when the lid is put on.

order your drinks however you want them! if its not done right just nicely say so and if the barista is a good barista they will have no problem fixing it! and if the person does well then its just their fault and need to get over themselves. busy store or not we have repeatable routine to help us keep the drinks flowing so customizations are NO problem!

the problem is people just don realize or care what they are doing. drinks are not suppose to be stirred, and if made correctly you won have syrup at the bottom of your drink. whenever a barista asks me a drink question we will look up the answer together, usually that can happen on the spot so i give the answer and then before the shift ends i show them where the answer is so they can look up things and learn for themselves. its not that hard, its called recipe cards! (of course this doesn go for caramel macchiatos as macchiato can mean “marked” so we mark the milk with espresso and it sits on top)

At my store we not supposed to stir drinks and no longer have the stirring spoons because a customer complained about how it wasn ecofriendly to have the small sink of running water we kept them in. So without the sink, to stir with the metal spoon requires they be sanitized after each drink (A minimum 2 minute process. Plus drying). If someone request a stirred drink now we have to get a wodden stir stick and just throw it away after. Usually we just give our drinks the “Starbucks Swirl” and swirl the shots and syrup together real good before pouring milk.

Id like to chime in, I have been with Starbucks for some time now. When I first started we swirled, had stainless steel stir stick in a water flowing inlet. I work at one of the biggest tourist towns in America. If I didn have a stir stick that I cleaned every two hrs because of running water, id go crazy.

The items behind the bar, tools, are there to make you job, as a barista easier. I think if we had the same tools customers use it would be incredably hard to personalize every drink. Talk to your managers, learning coach, the Starbucks swirl is a be a big one.

On a personal note I do not agree with the hot shots in the iced cups. Just like water bottles melt with heat so do cups. I was actually was told, when training for managerment, our cups are bio degradable! (Not true if I put a Starbucks cup in my garden it will not become dirt) I always order my iced drink milk second before shots then stirred.

There are other points very valid and I did read all the comments but the point is, yes if you have time in an afternoon when a Starbucks isn so busy ask how it is prepared then ask for samples its that easy it will probably not even take 15 mins but learn how its prepared then choice what you would like. I even given those little tabs for personal cups to customers, so they don have to remember what they get if they are new to ordering. I say to them keep this in your wallet/purse then all you have to do is hand it to the barista and say, this is what is like. It really easy if you have a local store and a favorite morning team they will learn your drink quick and after a while they will match your drink to your face. Good luck and bring on the holiday trio!


Starbucks’ top coffee expert to retire No, that’s not Howard Schultz. It’s Dub Hay, the master taster who is in charge of creating new blends. Anyone with info/stories about Hay? With top coffee expert retiring, Starbucks adjustsStarbucks does not have a drink called “Black Guy” Starbucks customer Paul Klenk thought he heard someone order a “Black Guy” a drink with two shots. “I was mortified,” he writes. “A simple double espresso had taken on a racially offensive and violent nickname.
put in a lot of work in and I been doing well, Maddie said. made more strides mentally than physically and that a good thing. I going to keep working it at. said the progress she has made has helped her cope with the jitters that come with doing the pole vault.The Arizona Republic receives the Ursula and Gilbert Farfel Prize for Investigative Reporting and $20,000 for “Scandal at the VA,” a series that uncovered mismanagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs and led to reforms that will improve service to ailing veterans.The study participants were presented with an online survey in which they were asked to imagine a hypothetical situation: one of their loved ones was in an intensive care unit with a 40% chance of dying from sepsis, a severe bacterial infection. Some of the participants were also shown pictures of their family members or loved ones on the screen to intensify the emotional impact of the experience.Practise good personal values. People with integrity inspire confidence in others because they are trustworthy, tell the truth and keep their promises. Some people with exceptional talent and potential have gone from hero to zero because of a lack of guiding values, principles and self discipline to keep them on the straight and narrow. Adopting a code of personal values will help you live a meaningful and successful life.
mulberry tillie bag A customer has a question for baristas

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Department of Human Services employees Sheena Garrard, left at podium, and Ronnie Key, right at podium, speak at an event about the shortage and importance of foster homes in Ouachita County. No foster homes exist within the county, while around 28 children in Ouachita County need foster homes. Due to the shortage, the children are transported to surrounding areas, and as far away as Fort Smith.It is extremely difficult for a child to talk about sexual abuse. If a child you know ever reports abuse to you, you have a moral and legal duty to report it to law enforcement. We can afford to repeat the mistakes of New Mexico past.She writes the songs and now the novel”Qatar is a partner of the UK in the fight against terrorism but they urgently need to do more to address support for extremist groups, building on the steps they have already taken,” Johnson said.Iran nuclear deal is historic catastropheMurray agreed: “The next HHS Secretary must focus on strengthening health care for everyone, rather than carrying out President Trump’s extreme, politically driven, harmful agenda.”Truro Cathedral bids farewell to Canon Perran Gay
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TAMPA The mystery started when the white house turned black.

Starting a year ago, the eight room house on a prominent stretch of Nebraska Avenue sat among brighter bungalows, a lone raven. Black siding, black chimney bricks, black awnings and a new, black roof.

The owner was not a witch, but a 41 year old estate planning attorney named Rose Wilson. She pulled up to give a rare tour of the 75 year old building this week in a black Mercedes with black, tinted windows. She wore an all black suit and black heels that matched her straight black hair.

It’s her favorite color.

“I really need to get a black cat,” she said. Her current cat, Pig, is all white and presents a fur “nightmare” for a person like her.

The Ladies Heights Happy Hour networking group meets across the street at Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe. Over drinks, they discussed the house.

“It definitely stands out,” said Ellie Baggett, who organizes the group. “Lots of people around here ask, ‘What the hell is that?’?”

What neighbors can’t tell from the outside is that most of the inside is black too some walls are “pacific sea teal,” a dark green that might as well be black and that Wilson has filled this black void with an array of oddities that are either amusing or chilling.

Wilson led the tour through the kitchen, past a table full of headless or hollow eyed dolls and a chrome dental phantom with its jaw affixed in a permanent scream. She entered the dining room, with a several hundred year old oak dining table and elaborate chairs upholstered in green velvet, across from a bell jar filled with tiny doll furniture.

A favorite piece, a 100 year old wooden wheelchair in the corner, reminds her of one that chases a woman in the 1980 horror movie The Changeling.

Wilson, a lawyer and shareholder in the firm Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney, has spent the last year filling nearly every inch of the place with old medical devices, taxidermy animals, bones, crucifixes and vintage furniture and artwork that feels equally dark.

She doesn’t live in the house, which is zoned for commercial use, but lives in Seminole Heights. She calls the home Margoza’s Galleon. A skeletal pirate sculpture and other details, such as sea shells preserved in resin at the edge of some decaying stairs, add to the vibe of a sunken pirate ship.

Wilson has a mild smile and demeanor, and answers questions with the kind of considered precision you’d expect from someone who navigates complex tax code for high net worth clients. She downplays her own fascination with her creepy items, but obviously enjoys the reactions of others.

“I’m trying to remain a bit of a mystery, though,” she said.

The other lawyers at the firm know her as an excellent attorney, meticulous, pleasant, and reserved. So it took them by surprise when they visited the home for a party Wilson hosted.

“It shed a whole new light on her as a person, and gave me an appreciation for how multifaceted people can be,” said Heather Brock, a partner at the firm. “The way she’ll take a fossilized beetle and pair it with something else and make something beautiful. She’s got a great eye for design.”

Wilson procures some items via the Internet, such as a framed tonsil guillotine, a 19th century surgical device for curing chronic sore throats, in the reading room. Many items she constructs,
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like a box containing a blood splattered, nail impaled voodoo doll on an upstairs coffee table.

The squirrel’s tail suspended in a jar of liquid was found, sans squirrel, in the back yard. A wooden staff with a stoic face that sits near a 200 year old family Bible presided over by a headless angel came from a Tampa botanica.

Upstairs, antique bird cages sit empty inside a window. Sometimes, the berries on the huge mulberry tree outside ferment and drunken birds fly into the windows and die.

“It’s really sad,” Wilson said.

She’s spent several thousand dollars on the collection, she estimates, but “not a crazy amount.” Apparently, you can get rooster feet to hang above an altar pretty cheap on eBay.

Margoza’s Galleon is also the name Wilson does business under when she occasionally sells some of her macabre creations at local weekend markets.

She had long been a fan of horror films such as Alien and Poltergeist, stuff her dad let her watch while growing up in Orlando. By elementary school, she’d taken to wearing black and hanging out with the “nerds.” She wore black lipstick as a teen. She liked the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

But in high school she set much of that aside. She was focused on academics, and went on to get a master’s in accounting, which led her to tax law. After law school at the University of Florida, her job became all consuming, even on weekends, leaving her little time for hobbies until recently.

The girl with goth leanings found herself a single woman with money, time and a need for a creative outlet.

“Then it was really a Field of Dreams thing. It just got into my head. You must build it.”

Around the same time, she bought the house as an investment. She found oddities online and spent weekends traveling the state to thrift stores and antique shops, painting, crafting and doing renovations.

The house is not open to the public. Wilson has occasionally allowed small, local groups to use Margoza’s Galleon for meetings.
He was about three weeks shy of his second birthday when the unexpected took a tragic turn.The young boy was buckled in the back seat of his babysitter’s car Monday afternoon when she lost control along wet Camp Ernst Road just north of Bluestem Drive and collided head on with another car.He lingered until late Wednesday night.”It’s heartbreaking, because I was just holding the kid a few days ago,” said Cody Hickman, a close friend of the family. “He was hanging out with everybody and, you know, it’s crazy how fast things can change in the split of a second.”Hickman has set up a GoFundMe page to defray mounting medical and funeral expenses for the family. According to Hickman, more than $4,200 had been raised in the past couple of days.Here is a link to the GoFundMe page that has been established.The boy’s mother, Chelsi Williams, posted how she’ll miss her son’s dancing, making funny faces in the mirror and the way he’d grab her face.His father, Matthew Knapp, lost his own father not long ago. Now, he’s dealing with the loss of his son.Boone County investigators have made no final determination, but believe Ashley Miller of Florence was going too fast for rainy road conditions, lost control, then overcorrected into the path of an oncoming car.Her 1 year old, Madlynn, was also buckled in the back with Chase. She was in serious condition and, according to family, has stabilized.”She’s really torn up,” according to Hickman, who knows her and spoke with her. “I mean, she’s of course blaming herself. She’s a complete wreck, to be honest with you.”Miller, who is from Florence, was steering a 2007 Honda Civic northbound Route 237 when she lost control.Investigators determined she crossed the center line into southbound traffic, hitting a 2003 Saab driven by 19 year old Karlie Ferguson of Burlington.The department’s media release stated, “No charges have been filed at this time. Both drivers were wearing their seat belts and both children were seated in car seats in the rear of the vehicle. The rainy conditions, wet roadway, and driving too fast for conditions are preliminary suspected factors in the collision.”After driving Thursday along the narrow, winding road where it happened, we were told about the close knit relationship within the car, truck and track community that most of those involved in the tragedy are a part of.old in South Windsor freezes to death in December”It’s a little picture of time in your life where you realize you’re doing something good,” Harnden said.Debbie emphasized the small town store is able to pay big attention to details.As for the sales tax rebate proposed to be given to the developer not the buyer over six years,
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questions were posed about that proposal as well.If you’re not used to managing your own budget having to do so is one of the most challenging aspects of university life. Unless you’re lucky to be generously funded by your relatives then money is likely to be tight so make sure from the very beginning that you set yourself a budget and stick to it.

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I started to have a few conversations and then, all of a sudden, all of this grief that I never processed came to the forefront. I was like, actually a lot of stuff here I need to deal with.’ Harry did the interview to promote his mental health charity, Heads Together, and encourage people to be more open with their personal feelings and struggles.Before stealing Smith vehicle, New Hampshire State Police say, Calvin was involved in a robbery on Main Street in Nashua that also resulted in him carjacking a female driver. He was involved in an accident in the first vehicle on the turnpike, police say, and scaled the highway median right in front of Smith.Distant recurrence. This refers to cancer that has spread (metastasized) to areas farther away from where your cancer was first located.The initiative will see schools sign up to packages of ongoing support from the hub, which, the team hopes, will see Norfolk’s high rate of permanent exclusions brought down.That’s not all. The rigors of pro football relax for nobody, and the daily intensity of meetings, playbooks and practices can consume anyone. While Janis loves the sport and his day job, having another outlet is invaluable to escape his pressure packed priority.
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Excerpt: “I thought the Yankees would have hung you long before this, for harboring Rebs they found at your house. I suppose they never heard about your going to Colonel Martin’s to kill the Union soldier that was left by his company in their stable. Although you shot at me twice before I left you, I did not want to hear of your being hurt, and am glad you are still living.”

A group of escaped slaves in Virginia in 1862. Anderson of Big Spring, Tennessee, wrote to his former slave,Jourdan Anderson, and requested that he come back to work on his farm. Jourdan who, since being emancipated, had moved to Ohio, found paid work, and was now supporting his family responded spectacularly by way of the letter seen below (a letter which, according to newspapers at the time, he dictated).

Rather than quote the numerous highlights in this letter, I’ll simply leave you to enjoy it. Anderson, Big Spring, Tennessee

Sir: I got your letter, and was glad to find that you had not forgotten Jourdon, and that you wanted me to come back and live with you again, promising to do better for me than anybody else can. I have often felt uneasy about you. I thought the Yankees would have hung you long before this, for harboring Rebs they found at your house. I suppose they never heard about your going to Colonel Martin’s to kill the Union soldier that was left by his company in their stable. Although you shot at me twice before I left you, I did not want to hear of your being hurt, and am glad you are still living. It would do me good to go back to the dear old home again, and see Miss Mary and Miss Martha and Allen, Esther, Green, and Lee. Give my love to them all, and tell them I hope we will meet in the better world, if not in this. I would have gone back to see you all when I was working in the Nashville Hospital, but one of the neighbors told me that Henry intended to shoot me if he ever got a chance.

I want to know particularly what the good chance is you propose to give me. I am doing tolerably well here. I get twenty five dollars a month, with victuals and clothing;
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have a comfortable home for Mandy, the folks call her Mrs. Anderson, and the children Milly, Jane, and Grundy go to school and are learning well. The teacher says Grundy has a head for a preacher. They go to Sunday school, and Mandy and me attend church regularly. We are kindly treated. Sometimes we overhear others saying, “Them colored people were slaves” down in Tennessee. The children feel hurt when they hear such remarks; but I tell them it was no disgrace in Tennessee to belong to Colonel Anderson. Many darkeys would have been proud, as I used to be, to call you master. Now if you will write and say what wages you will give me, I will be better able to decide whether it would be to my advantage to move back again.

As to my freedom, which you say I can have, there is nothing to be gained on that score, as I got my free papers in 1864 from the Provost Marshal General of the Department of Nashville. Mandy says she would be afraid to go back without some proof that you were disposed to treat us justly and kindly; and we have concluded to test your sincerity by asking you to send us our wages for the time we served you. This will make us forget and forgive old scores, and rely on your justice and friendship in the future. I served you faithfully for thirty two years, and Mandy twenty years. At twenty five dollars a month for me, and two dollars a week for Mandy, our earnings would amount to eleven thousand six hundred and eighty dollars. Add to this the interest for the time our wages have been kept back, and deduct what you paid for our clothing, and three doctor’s visits to me, and pulling a tooth for Mandy, and the balance will show what we are in justice entitled to. Please send the money by Adams’s Express, in care of V. Winters, Esq., Dayton, Ohio. If you fail to pay us for faithful labors in the past, we can have little faith in your promises in the future. We trust the good Maker has opened your eyes to the wrongs which you and your fathers have done to me and my fathers, in making us toil for you for generations without recompense. Here I draw my wages every Saturday night; but in Tennessee there was never any pay day for the negroes any more than for the horses and cows. Surely there will be a day of reckoning for those who defraud the laborer of his hire.

In answering this letter, please state if there would be any safety for my Milly and Jane, who are now grown up, and both good looking girls. You know how it was with poor Matilda and Catherine. I would rather stay here and starve and die, if it come to that than have my girls brought to shame by the violence and wickedness of their young masters. You will also please state if there has been any schools opened for the colored children in your neighborhood. The great desire of my life now is to give my children an education, and have them form virtuous habits.
That’s why Hickman told Welsch on Tuesday that he wasn’t disappointed with Welsch’s decision to resign the position he’d held for almost two years and end the fight for the job Welsch was terminated from Oct. 28. He understands Welsch, an Iraq war veteran, like few can.All of these jobs, though, gave her experience that molded her laterreporting career.Here you can visit loggerhead, green and Kemp’s ridley sea turtles being nursed back to health for eventual return to their wandering ocean ways. They “checked in” at the Turtle Hospital after encounters with boat propellers, fishing nets, oil spills, plastic shopping bags, and other manmade hazards.ONE TO WATCH TAMARA TAYLOR (ENGLAND): Like her forward colleague Rocky Clark, Tamara Taylor has been there, done that and bought the T shirt. The England second row is in her 13th year with the squad and determined to add a second Women’s World Cup title to the RFU trophy cabinet.
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Taylor Baur wrote that Harris was “another one from school gone too early.”ASPCA Pet Loss Hotline or 877 474 3310Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Pet Loss Support Hotline or 607 253 3932More links at Dr. Ken Pope’s websiteGrizzly attack seriously injures hunter in Dubois areaman on every crew has come out to the edge of pit lane, blurted CBS broadcaster Mike Joy, unable to hide his amazement at the scene.To get to this point, Anthony and other resort workers had spent nearly a week checking ice, cutting holes with a chainsaw and measuring the thickness every 100 yards or so, before deciding it was safe.
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“And I ran to the kennel she was in and that totally looks like her. So I took a picture of her and sent it to my mom and she said ‘Yeah that looks like her.’ ”

Small dogs usually don’t remain long at the Humane Society. As long as she was there, she was a prime candidate for adoption.

“She said I’ll get there as soon as I can. And I said, ‘Mom,
mulberry antony bag Cyber Monday A missing family pet found after a year
you don’t understand. You need to get down here right now this could be Kali.'”

“As soon as she walked the my mom started crying, my sister was crying. My mom was bawling and I don’t see my mom cry. It’s rare that you see parents crying so I started crying. I said ‘I can’t do this.'”

Some distinctive markings on her belly confirmed the identification. Kali, newly microchipped, went home.

She appears healthy and none the worse for her absence. It”s likely we’ll never know how she spent the last year or with whom. At this point it doesn’t matter. The family is once again complete.
In spite of the many difficult emotions that you struggling with, your children need to know that the world is still a safe place where their needs will be met. It okay to let your child know that it a difficult and painful time for you too, but remember that strong emotions are frightening to a child. And NEVER do anything to damage their relationship with their other parent.And the Quadram Institute on the Norwich Research Park is already making waves as buzz around the “research pipeline” puts the city on the map .”The physicians are all very open and willing to answer any questions,” she added.They also found that this effect depended on the amount of UV B radiation present at the sites. Melanin, the pigment which makes ants darker, also protects against harmful UV B rays. It effectively acts as a sunblock. This caused ants in the central Australian desert to be dark in order to counter the extremely high UV B radiation. Ordinarily,
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the ants here should have been pale to reflect the harsh desert sun.

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Profounda says seven hospitals have taken it up on stocking the drug at no cost, charging them only when the drug is used. The drug costs $48,000 for a full round of treatment. MacLaughlin said the company will provide the drug free for those without insurance.Limit alcohol: Although we still don’t know exactly how or why, drinking alcohol raises blood pressure. If you’re a regular drinker, quitting can lower your top blood pressure number by several points.Kuiken herself was worried about losing her sight, having to go on dialysis or having a heart attack or stroke. Type 1 diabetes can lead to all those complications, as well as amputations and dementia.Despite that, Lane’s rights still need to be rigorously protected at every step and lawyers should be working to mount his defense now, said Daniel Margolis, an attorney who has frequently represented minors charged with murder and other serious crimes.After writing me that one letter of contrition and admission, he has since resorted to blaming me, projecting onto me, manipulating everyone else, and using church as a ploy. Having to see him when he brings Miss M ( my granddaughter) to my home, or picks her up, is so hard on me that I usually cry, or get angry like today when he picked her up for church. Mr. Sounds hypocritical to me, Mr . R.Counselors help Selmer cope with grief after crash
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Java for Web with Servlets,
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JSP and EJB is the one book you need to master Java web programming. It covers all the technologies needed to program web applications in Java using Servlets 2.3, JSP 1.2, EJB 2.0 and client side programming with JavaScript. These technologies are explained in the context of real world projects, such as an e commerce application, a document management program, file upload and programmable file download, and an XML based online book project.

Java for the Web with Servlets, JSP, and EJB is an excellent resource for intermediate to advanced level Java developers looking to greatly enhance their web application skills. He provides countless tips and tricks that will save the reader both time and money. The software alone makes this book an excellent buy. I highly recommend this book to the ambitious Java developer! Deborah Hittel Shoaf
The video is a little shaky, but you can see neighbors standing around. Mobile County Sheriffs investigators are looking into whether the patrol car had its lights on when the officer pulled over. Witnesses say this is the car belonging to officer Murphy and as you can see, the lights are turned off. Officials say they are still investigating.I think my being able to cope with hope goes back to the way I was raised. In those pioneer times, when my grandparents had their family, times were difficult and many families lost young children with whooping cough or diphtheria or other childhood diseases. It must have been unbearable. Every day was a struggle for them. Yet they pressed on.A few years ago, Muhlbauer and Czyz started noticing that when they used EMDR with their patients many of whom are homeless, and some who haven’t been able to hold jobs clients “got not just better, they got lots better, and they stayed better,
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” Muhlbauer said.

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In another call, a man described seeing smoke inside the cars and “a lot of people hurt.” An Amtrak employee asks dispatchers to send “plenty of help” for the injured.A day that changed the world? Depends on the age and attitude.Who has the best kits this year in the Premier League? I think it Man United, the grey kit is just awesome but maybe I biased. So mailbox over to you.
credit card wallets for men A rare white flying fox

WE NEED TO talk about a special boy called Tal’ngay Dha’run the cutest little sky puppy flying fox in the world right now.

Rescuedlate last year in the small town of Canungra on the Gold Coast, Tal’ngay was suffering from severe sunburn when staff from the Australian Bat Clinic noticed him on the ground.

Leucism is a pigment disorder that’s similar to albinism in that it causes a loss of pigmentation, resulting in beautifully pale individuals like Omo, the leucistic giraffe , and this wonderful Texas rat snake.

But unlike albinism, which blocks the body from producing any melanin the pigment that gives our hair, skin, and eyes their colour leucism is just a partial loss of pigment.

That means leucistic animals retain some of their regular colour, like this ridiculously handsome peacock, and the white lion below, which still has pigment in his eyes and lips:

When it comes to our little bat friend, his leucism has given him mostly white fur and translucent wings, except for the lovely big black splotches that give him a cow print effect:

(Image Credit: Dean Morgan Photography/Australian Bat Clinic Wildlife Trauma Centre)

And check out his adorable mismatched ears:

Tal’ngay is a grey headed flying fox (Pteropus poliocephalus), the largest species of bat in Australia, which usually sports dark grey fur, pitch black wings, and a bright red neck collar.

Because Tal’ngay isn’t protected by the dark colours of his peers, he’d either be picked off by predators or sunburnt to death in the wild, so the Australian Bat Clinic decided to keep him as a permanent resident.

Once they were confident that he would survive his sunburns, the staff crowd sourced his name,
Discount mulberry mini alexa bag Outlet A rare white flying fox
and chose Tal’ngay Dha’run in recognition of the indigenous Yugambeh Tribe of the local area:

“There are two words ‘Tal’ngai’, which means ‘white’, and ‘Dha’run’, which means ‘Wing’. It is pronounced Talingi Darrun with the emphasis on the T, and the ING and the I in the first name, and the D in the second name.”
This match felt like the culmination of a months worth of growing apathy around Stamford Bridge.1. Drink up”Probably drinking lots of fluids is the most important thing,” Dr Hazell explains, “because although then you’ll probably be getting up to pee all the time you’re probably going to do that anyway it should be a bit less sore because the urine is more dilute, then it’s a bit less uncomfortable.” Drink water, and avoid sugary or acidic juices and soft drinks.”Feels great, feels great,” said Sherba.Just a few weeks later on April 18, Fox wrote. “Dear folks, well today is Sunday and we have the day off. I didn’t get to go to church because of the mumps quarantine. Yesterday we went to the rifle range. I was right next to our platoon sergeant. He made expert rifleman. He is really tough. If we ever go across I want to be with him. It will be at least a year before we get across and by that time I think the war will be over. From Camp Hood we will more than likely go to another camp. I think we will get nearer home then. The Tank Destroyers are the ones that stopped the Germans in North Africa. After this war the tanks will be obsolete, because we have so many ways of stopping them. Boy there’s enough Tank Destroyers in our camp alone to wipe out all the German and Jap tanks. Don’t worry though; I don’t think I will ever see any action. If we do it will just be mopping up. Rich tried to put his parent’s minds at ease in a letter dated April 21, 1943. “Dear Folks, I received your letter yesterday but haven’t had a chance to answer. We were out on night problems last night and we go out again tonight. I can say this, I was very glad to hear that Bobby was a prisoner. If he were not captured I would be worried about him fighting the japs. Fox family. Don’t believe all that stuff you hear about the Japs mistreating prisoners. The officers here tell us that they do not mistreat you because we will do the same to their prisoners. He and I will both be home in a little while. The sergeant said he would be glad to receive a notice like that. Love, Rich.”Newark schools helps kids tackle stressAnd if you think you have the flu, do not come to the emergency room; call your primary care doctor first. The ERs are packed with sick people,
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and the threat for getting sick is high.

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“After thinking about itand taking time to cope with facing this fear of mine, I decided to finally put a name to it,” she said. “I am Jade Capua, and I am a survivor.”My buddy Dave yelled to me from the doorway of our barracks as he stared intently into the parking lot. up? I said. is that weirdo doing? he responded as he pointed to the cars. There was one of our guys holding a tarp on his back bowing up and down over the opened trunk of his car. It is hard to describe. The shore patrol (Navy cops) arrived a minute later. Our comrade was inhaling fumes from a bunch of open containers to get high.Snowflakes fell in some parts of Western North Carolina Wednesday morning, prompting school closures in some county and additional road hazards for commuters.At least eight states allow, or don’t specifically prohibit, concealed weapons in K 12 schools, according to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.”If you take the cancer diagnosis out of it, if you think just about this age group, it really is about figuring out who you are. It’s figuring out who you want to become, it’s a time when you’re moving away from your parents.
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When lighting struck it came quite literally as a bolt from the blue. It was a morning of blue sky and one singular cloud. The fire was lit in the front room and I sat by the window on the phone to a friend. We spoke of Gretel’s book, a woman’s story of being struck by lighting. A Match to the Heart she called it. There was no thunder. No warning. Just the explosion as a bolt of lightning struck the house. The phone flew. The electrics went. The air ionized instantly. Over the course of the year, so many strikes, each one an ignition, each one a match to the heart. For better for worse each one sudden, unexpected. It seems this year, I was the woman whom lightning followed. To a surgery that went from difficult to just wrong. To the loss of two cats, long travelling companions of heart and soul. To suddenly finding a light of pure gold where and when least expected. To the night that light arrived yet again at my door not meaning to leave. And then with that light co creating a language seldom spoken. To the offer of a field I can with eyes closed still traverse. To travels through karma and visions of futures waiting to unfold. To a bridge that can not be burnt, only crossed. To a loved one’s fear, the one who fled without leaving. To flight not forewarned making misfortunes befall but leading however to crumbling walls. To a heart that restarts each time like a bolt from the blue. The clearing of old, the welcoming of new. With each strike another match to the heart.

Tonight I light candles in the window to the front. The window by which lighting arrived. I do not light candles to ward off other strikes, nor to cast upon the night prayers, wishes or dreams. Tonight I light candles and begin to say goodbye to the year of 2013. But the woman who wrote those words, and all words before it, eventually found her way forward despite hardship, despite anger,
websites for purses A Life in Wales
despite grief. Since then much has transpired and this life continues on in Wales. How? We come together. And then? We heal one another. And in the healing we find our way home. How? Through love. Love is home and love is at home always waiting for us and willing to receive us with acceptance, with open arms, and with the deepest of recognition. Home takes us in without question without judging who how where why or when. How to find where we belong? How do we recognise home? To find that belonging is a blessing in itself. And once we find it we will know, deep within the very essence of our being, that this is indeed where we belong. It can be that we find our true belonging beyond the family we were born to. Or we may find our true belonging with a person we never imagined in our wildest of dreams even when we were brave enough to allow ourselves the freedom to dream wild dreams. If so, they can be overcome with courage and determination as we discover that in belonging there is both comfort and great freedom offered. And then, there we are finding ourselves finally with the family or the person, the one or ones who are ready to embrace us, accept us, to lift us and support us for who we are and for all we are. With them we find our belonging no matter how odd or unconventional that belonging may seem to the world beyond. With them we build the foundations of our future. Home takes us in. Home nurtures us closely and allows us to fly free at the same time. In finding our way home we find our way to that which will always sustain us love. Always love. Always sustaining. That is what it is about. Love. That is what it always comes to. Love. From beginning to end. Love. I mean, for sure it was me but not the me who is here and now. The woman who wrote these entries is gone. I don’t know when she will be back.

At last posting I was picking up after an intensive meditation course. There were some moments of both questions and brilliance afterwards. But I had also begun to withdraw from a pharmaceutical medication which I now refer to as “the drug from hell”. I was told that if I did not come off it I could die. I was told that coming off it could also be life threatening. Either way I had to come off it. For the next 8 months I damned the useless German doctor in Regensburg who put me on it after the septicaemia in 2001. I damned myself as well as to be so stupid as to blindly trust a doctor.

For the next 8 months I suffered through a nightmare of withdrawal that I can not explain to you unless you have lived in hell. And now, more than 6 months later, I am still living it. I am not who I once was. I am not sure that I like the woman who has emerged. I have yet to make friends with her and I’m not sure I really want to be friends with her yet. She is difficult and sometimes very angry.

I had to learn new words though, like myoclonus. I had to learn that the brain will try to heal. I learnt that if I didn line the edges of my bed with pillows, that for a time, at some point during the night I could end up on the floor. Will this change, eventually yes I believe it will.

I have learnt that if you tell people why you are struggling they tend to avoid you. I have learnt that I can find my self sobbing profoundly without advance notice and not know why. I have learnt that my spine is not being ripped out through my skin, it only feels that way. I have learnt that I can swing between here and hell within the space of a minute.

Will this change? Yes, I believe it will, eventually. It seems so alien and foreign right now. I do know that I need to spend time learning how to live from here on out. As for the rest? I don’t know.

Like staring into a mid December sun I am as feeble as the light it emits. So long gone from here and that was never my intention. Now, whole chunks of my life remain heartbreakingly treacherous so much so that I can not completely recount them for you.

left the blog at a time of an elderly parent’s slide into life threatening critical illness. At the best of times I can barely navigate my own health there was then hers and the nurses the intensive care the doctors the surgeons the surgeries the infections the blood clots the scans the procedures the nursing home the bills and there in the maelstrom was me the only child an ocean away trying to orchestrate some sense into madness while remaining too ill to travel.

After this was all to pass it would have perhaps been wise to declare the remainder of the year a holiday but I have never been that kind to myself. I instead enrolled on a four month long meditation intensive. Sound peaceful? It wasn’t always. When the cocoon begins to unravel you begin to see what is there, or not there. At some point you stand naked in atonement and pray for a redemptive state to be found within of whether or not you feel you have previously touched the face of God. Everything begins again.
After removing all lights, ornaments, tinsel and string, follow the same steps as you would for branches from your yard:Mary Jackson worked for more than seven years at the Aging and Disability Resource Center with the state Aging and Long Term Services Department, helping people with traumatic brain injuries and other severe disabilities find the services they needed.Turner wants to help create a different reality. She says the engagement and the purpose of High Five Fridays will help strengthen bonds and create trust between our younger generation and those who protect.
websites for purses A Life in Wales

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Lewis made a road trip to Englewood to visit his brother, Col. James M. Lewis, who owned property in New Point Comfort, the area behind Merchant’s Crossing Shopping Center. Lewis, was probably an entry in a journal or letter.Generally, I agree with Sen. Bill Galvano’s assessment and enthusiasm: “Florida’s future is directly tied to its ability to encourage innovation, and ridesharing services represent a groundbreaking transportation option for Florida’s residents and visitors. This legislation will boost economic opportunity for the thousands of ridesharing drivers in Florida, while prioritizing public safety.” Galvano wasa co sponsor of the bill.Of course, every industry has its own nuances of exactly when “prime time” is for searching. I strongly suggest looking through your data to learn when your own best converting searchers arrive to your site. You want to place search ads based on the time of day and week when you’re most likely to get the best traffic. This in turn will produce higher positions for your ads.
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“We were so excited and had so much fun painting the nursery and setting it up,” Dee Dee said. “We didn’t know what we were really going to have to face when he was born. We brought the car seat to the hospital.”

Once the baby was born, things immediately seemed off.

“I heard a faint cry,” remembered Dee Dee.

But she didn’t get to see or hold little Zion for five hours.

“You push, all the pain and then here comes the joy. You get to hold your child, kiss him, doll over him I didn’t get any of that,” she said.

Nurses rushed Zion to the neonatal intensive care unit.

“He had a breathing tube down his throat,” his mother recalled.

Quickly joy turned to fear.

“They didn’t think he was going to live through the night,” she said.

Dee Dee couldn’t process reality.

“It was just heart wrenching and heart breaking all of these things coming at you all at once!” she said.

Baby Zion Moore in the NICU in 2014. Photo courtesy Dee Dee Moore.

Doctors diagnosed Zion with skeletal dysplasia, which restricts bone growth and lung development. He made it through the night and the NICU became home for the next five months.

“We made the most of our good times,” Dee Dee said.

Zion was a fighter. He even had his own Facebook page, Zion’s Saving Grace, to keep family and friends updated and to document his journey.

But his tiny body was deteriorating.

On May 17, 2014, Dee Dee knew they wouldn’t be going home.

“He didn’t look at me and I knew he wasn’t there anymore. It was the worst time of my life,” she said. “The scariest time of my life. You’re not supposed to bury your child.”

She was lost for a long time.

“I remember saying I don’t know what the other side of this is,” she said.

Her faith was fragile and fading.

“I was so angry at God because I was like ‘what did we do wrong?’ We trusted you. We had faith.”

But she found comfort in the song “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United. She first sang it at Zion’s funeral.

“The words of the song are, ‘I will call upon your name. Keep my eyes above the waves when oceans rise,’ but it also talks about the mystery and the unknown and how we have to trust God when don’t feel or see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Dee Dee explained.
They are working to manage it. The board was given about $4 million to handle an expected increase in claims from Mexicans after the government lifted visa restrictions on that country in December. Those numbers are rising in November 2016 there were 24 claims for asylum from Mexicans and in February there were 85.If the power goes out close off rooms not in use to conserve heat;Furthermore, studies indicate that stress reduction is a central element of recovery in patients with cancer, following major surgeries and dealing with depression.
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LOWELL Local Jehovah’s Witness congregations will gather at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell this month for an annual three day regional convention.”They have wonderful options,” he said. “We weren’t quite sure what they would do up front but you know they have players in Pedro (also banned after a red card against Norwich), Hazard, Willian that if they are not playing a classic number nine can do wonderful jobs and be as effective.Now it could be the Red Sox turn.(Written totally tongue in cheek and according to the general perceptions that our political classes are held in!)Q. 1: For every 1 crore you loot, how much will you keep with you, how much will you give to the bureaucracy and how much will you send to head office?
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Zier Ramirez, 7, was getting impatient for Baby Cakes Cupcake Diner to open on Pine Avenue. When he was finally able to visit the newly opened shop, he looked into the refrigerator case and immediately selected a cupcake decorated with a mustache.

“He’s been waiting for them to open up,” his grandmother, Tricia DeGroff said as she purchased two cupcakes from the newest bakery in Niagara Falls.

Baby Cakes is the fulfillment of a dream for two young mothers who have been working long hours to restore and open the doors to their new business, located in the former Celenza’s Florist shop at 1412 Pine Ave.

“We redid everything,” said Christina Groce, 29, standing in the midst of her new bakery. Her partner in the project is Tracy Storey, a pastry chef who studied at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute.

The place has a 1950s soda shoppe feel, and Groce and Storey dress accordingly, although they’ve included some 2015 updates such as pink and purple cotton candy colored hair, tattoos and piercings.

Groce, the mother of three, said the shop has been selling out every day during the soft opening.

“We use all butter cream and fresh ingredients,” Groce said of her product. 24, when free cupcakes will be served,
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along with a free concert by Tony Pedulla who, in keeping with the retro theme of Baby Cakes, will be singing standards by such ’50s era heroes as Frank Sinatra.

The cupcakes cost $2.95 each, and flavors will change everyday, Groce said. “Red velvet is huge for us,” she noted. “So is chocolate peanut butter with Swiss merange.”

The bakery will also make banana split cakes, “which are literally like a banana split in a cake.”

Things have been going even better than the women expected. “We opened for the Italian Festival and Sunday night when it was over and I locked the shop, I cried tears of relief and joy,” Groce said. Added Storey, “I am so overwhelmingly happy.”

The pair were welcomed to the neighborhood by the Rev. Stewart Lindsey, asst. pastor at St. Joseph’s Church across the street. “I haven’t tried them yet because I’m on a diet,” he said, laughing. But, he acknowledged mentioning the business to his parishioners during a recent sermon. “I told them, ‘We’ve got a new business across the street so after church, you should get some cupcakes.'”
Contact Us,It’s already dark outside when Deven MacNair laces up her shoes for work. Like anyone’s job, MacNair’s occupation can fall into routine. For her, it’s a lot of direction: “Right arm on left shoulder.” “Left elbow on right hand.” “Right knee on left thigh.””This was not something that was going to be gone in the short term. It was something we’d have to battle for a long, long time. And Kait knows she’ll probably battle it her whole life,” said Kelly. “And that’s when we really dug in. And Kait, she wanted to get better.”At about that time, Anglo American advertised that it was put ting all its coal reserves in Kwazulu Natal up for sale through a tendering process.But Wileman said she’s doesn’t feel reassured, and she’s hoping to persuade the CIUSSS to subsidize the cost of placing her mother in a privately run nursing home during Henri Bradet’s renovations.Fran Bellamy’s 10 best dining experiences of 2017The Feelings of Loss and Bereavement
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Tiens donc, un tir group libertarien ce matin.”I want people around me when my time comes,” Strobel said, “and what better way to honor somebody but to give them a proper burial and respect that they deseve.”Veterans One Stop reaches out to veterans with therapy and counselingStudent Affairs is an umbrella term to describe several offices that work closely with students and groups in the areas of residence life, student activities, counseling, community service, health, food service, and spiritual life.
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you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel. Quoting U2 Bono, Interac CEO Mark O’Connell summarizes his leadership philosophy. One of Canada most recognized brands, he promotes the importance of humility and teamwork throughout the organization.From an early age, O came to appreciate the power of these virtues while playing AAA hockey for the top team in his home town. Although he was the top point getter and was heavily scouted, he was more of a playmaker than a scorer. He recounts that one of his proudest moments was when his team named him Captain even though he did not lobby for it. This was his first epiphany about leadership: others first is a great way to succeed. believes this philosophy applies equally well in the corporate world. may think they need to play the political game to get noticed. It doesn happen like that. Quietly owning your craft is most important. Your results speak for themselves. In companies, you get buoyed up from below, not through self promotion. his career, he has followed this principle. Very early in his career while he was head of marketing for the Canadian office of NCR, an executive position opened at the corporate headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. Despite O being in his early 20s and the youngest executive in company history, the CEO of Canada lobbied for his candidacy and they said they would take a risk.It was not the most welcoming of environments. As he recalls, were a lot of experienced people who didn get that job. At the time, I had no idea I was going to walk into a buzz saw of negativity. He quickly realized that putting his ego aside was critical if he was to be successful. decided I was not going to come in and act like I have all the answers. They knew the business better than anyone and knew what we needed to do to fix things. This really helped me successfully transition as their leader. continues to practise a team first philosophy. Today he leads a team at Interac very different from the company that first launched Canada debit brand 30 years ago. O has led Interac to adapt, transform and evolve over time to become a leader in contactless technology and digital debit solutions, including mobile payments now on Apple Pay and Android Pay. done this by hiring people who can adapt, change and grow with the organization. of his favourite leadership activities is to facilitate ad hoc brainstorming sessions with his team, at which they think and speak freely, without any constraints. critical I help create an entrepreneurial culture here that takes chances on new ideas and helps them grow. Innovation has to be the guts of our business it the only way to compete in this changing payments industry and deliver on what our customers need and want. He also brings in guest speakers to stimulate discussion because the executive team and the company benefit from being exposed to new ideas. enjoys holding all staff meetings, important because they celebrate wins, build momentum and lay out a vision and direction. He takes advantage of that opportunity to hold a Q with the entire company to answer their most pressing questions. is a key motivational tool I use to drive alignment and engagement throughout Interac. be successful as an executive, O believes is more important than IQ. Although I can teach a balance sheet,
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aspects of emotional intelligence are much tougher to learn and apply. His own EQ has grown through the coaching and training he has received over the years, which have been vital to his success and on which he frequently relies.In particular, he feels that empathy is one of the most challenging skills for CEOs to attain: be a truly successful CEO with a passionate following fully engaged with your corporate strategy and vision, they need to feel that you understand where they are coming from and what is important to them. Otherwise, it very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your goals. about the biggest surprises about being a CEO, he mentions how profoundly he feels the enormous responsibility of role. decision can fundamentally impact (an employee quality of life, as well as the quality of life for their families. As CEO, you have to be able to find the truthAnother challenge is the misperception that CEOs have access to a dashboard of data, which gives them all the answers. big part of the job is sifting through the data and trying to get to the truth. You are often presented with different versions of the truth by virtue of the powerful position you hold. Some people may be afraid to tell it like it is, while others may be looking to present something in a self serving way. As CEO, you have to be able to find the truth. This makes every decision you make more complex. quest for truth leads O to provide an important piece of advice for aspiring executives. need to be brave. The CEO who just holds onto the status quo is setting themselves up for failure. In today fast moving world, you must have the fortitude to make those bets and adjust when necessary. Stagnation is not an option. he has few regrets, O notes that if he were given another chance, he would spend more time on entrepreneurial ventures. was at a 70/30 mix in favour of corporate experience, but if I had to do it over again, I would do a 50/50 split or even 60/40 in favour of entrepreneurial. I passed up a couple of opportunities where I settled for the safety and security of a larger organization. he strongly urges, let money be your career guide. If you keep doing the right things and advancing your skill set, the money will take care of itself. Dowden (PhD) is president and founder of Craig Dowden Associates, a firm focused on supporting clients in achieving leadership and organizational excellence by leveraging the science of peak performance. Dowden delivers evidence based executive coaching and leadership development training to his clients.
To Benedict, er, Lloyd Percival, even lousy Soviet hockey players can become good hockey players. And naturally gifted players can be made better by forcing them to practise every skill skating, puck control, scoring, offensive tactics and defensive tactics in the proper way.Asked on Wednesday about Coach Mike McCarthy offseason decision to surrender play calling chores, Thompson said: had some lengthy converations and I trust Mike with this team. I trust Mike to go through the thought processes. That trust has been earned over time. I trusted him on this.At issue in the job action are benefits, language over layoffs, sick leave, minimum hours worked and termination of employees on leave,
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according to the union.A second commenter pointed out the facts surrounding her case: “All about her looks and not about the child in the car or the fact she a gang member carrying a gun with other gang members.”