kildare factory outlet ‘Gender neutral’ anthem strikes sour note

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The feminist Liberal government has decided, on behalf of all Canadians, to change the lyric of O Canada. Liberals in the Senate passed a bill this week, and just like that, without a national debate or any feedback from Canadians, the government will begin imposing the new lyrics to our anthem.

According to our politically correct overlords, the national anthem was sexist. Yes, sexist.

At government ceremonies, meetings and events, English Canadians will no longer hear all thy sons command, and instead will be subject to the horribly clunky and awkward all of us command.

This revision to our 104 year old anthem will supposedly make it neutral.

This is just the latest attack on our Canadian identity and national symbols in the name of political correctness and Liberal activism. Nothing is safe from the social justice warriors who are intent on whitewashing our history and ridding society of anything that could be interpreted by anyone as being offensive.

When it comes to Canada national anthem, though, the changes are based on a misreading of history and a misunderstanding of the English language. That because O Canada has always been gender neutral, despite what the hyper sensitive politically correct crowd may say.

According to Dr. Chris Champion, a Canadian historian and expert witness who addressed the Heritage Committee in 2016, our national anthem has always been inclusive of women.

In the context it was written,
kildare factory outlet 'Gender neutral' anthem strikes sour note
the term referred to all children, not just boys.

Only in today distorted political climate, where statues of Sir John A. Macdonald are deemed racist relics of white supremacy, no institution is safe. There is a growing movement of anti Western far left activists who are intent on dismantling every aspect of our civilization.

Alongside these activists, we have a Liberal government in Ottawa equally keen on tinkering with our national identity to suit their own impulses. What used to unite all Canadians and provide a joint sense of pride and patriotism is now being scorned, dismissed and outlawed.

Today they fighting against our first prime minister and our national anthem, tomorrow it could be our Bill of Rights, our education system or the very concept of being Canadian.

Despite these disturbing trends, however, we can take solace in the common sense of everyday Canadians.

Most Canadians aren convinced that our society is inherently racist, sexist and bigoted. When it comes to our national anthem, and the latest Orwellian attack on our language, Canadians overwhelmingly disagree with the need to make these changes.

A 2012 public opinion survey found that more than three quarters of Canadians believed our national anthem, as it was written, is a great source of national pride. A 2013 survey found that only 25% Canadians support making changes to the lyrics.

Our national anthem belongs to us, not to the ahistorical busybodies obsessed with political correctness and erasing our history. That is why many Canadians will continue to sing their national anthem with the lyrics they were raised singing.
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kildare factory outlet 'Gender neutral' anthem strikes sour note
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