kildare factory outlet ‘Gender neutral’ anthem strikes sour note

As for women who are considered to have a high risk of developing the disease, MRIs are now being used more often to establish the location of cancer in the breast.In addition to slow vehicle speeds, modern roundabouts require drivers to slow and select gaps in the circulating traffic before entering the roundabout at low speed.It is a reflection of the intense pressure on the NHS this winter, with cases of norovirus and flu and the cold weather once again seeing demand for services skyrocket.Fraser Woodward, owned by paparazzi photographer Jason Fraser, is contesting claims of breach of privacy under the Data Protection Act.
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The feminist Liberal government has decided, on behalf of all Canadians, to change the lyric of O Canada. Liberals in the Senate passed a bill this week, and just like that, without a national debate or any feedback from Canadians, the government will begin imposing the new lyrics to our anthem.

According to our politically correct overlords, the national anthem was sexist. Yes, sexist.

At government ceremonies, meetings and events, English Canadians will no longer hear all thy sons command, and instead will be subject to the horribly clunky and awkward all of us command.

This revision to our 104 year old anthem will supposedly make it neutral.

This is just the latest attack on our Canadian identity and national symbols in the name of political correctness and Liberal activism. Nothing is safe from the social justice warriors who are intent on whitewashing our history and ridding society of anything that could be interpreted by anyone as being offensive.

When it comes to Canada national anthem, though, the changes are based on a misreading of history and a misunderstanding of the English language. That because O Canada has always been gender neutral, despite what the hyper sensitive politically correct crowd may say.

According to Dr. Chris Champion, a Canadian historian and expert witness who addressed the Heritage Committee in 2016, our national anthem has always been inclusive of women.

In the context it was written,
kildare factory outlet 'Gender neutral' anthem strikes sour note
the term referred to all children, not just boys.

Only in today distorted political climate, where statues of Sir John A. Macdonald are deemed racist relics of white supremacy, no institution is safe. There is a growing movement of anti Western far left activists who are intent on dismantling every aspect of our civilization.

Alongside these activists, we have a Liberal government in Ottawa equally keen on tinkering with our national identity to suit their own impulses. What used to unite all Canadians and provide a joint sense of pride and patriotism is now being scorned, dismissed and outlawed.

Today they fighting against our first prime minister and our national anthem, tomorrow it could be our Bill of Rights, our education system or the very concept of being Canadian.

Despite these disturbing trends, however, we can take solace in the common sense of everyday Canadians.

Most Canadians aren convinced that our society is inherently racist, sexist and bigoted. When it comes to our national anthem, and the latest Orwellian attack on our language, Canadians overwhelmingly disagree with the need to make these changes.

A 2012 public opinion survey found that more than three quarters of Canadians believed our national anthem, as it was written, is a great source of national pride. A 2013 survey found that only 25% Canadians support making changes to the lyrics.

Our national anthem belongs to us, not to the ahistorical busybodies obsessed with political correctness and erasing our history. That is why many Canadians will continue to sing their national anthem with the lyrics they were raised singing.
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kildare factory outlet 'Gender neutral' anthem strikes sour note
and the challenges it faces.Congrats to starting to knit again I recently started knitting socks and they are great projects to take along!

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A lot of what she said hit home with me. For one, she said as a little girl she was inspired by the sight of Sidney Poitier, a black man, receiving an Oscar for best actor in 1964. I had no such moments growing up as I wanted to be the World’s Fastest Human and a pro football player like Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Bob Hayes. Other than that, I never wanted to be anybody or like anybody else but myself.Here are some truths I have come to know about myself and other moms who must cope with anxiety:”The federal (safe) standard is 35,” said John Balmes,a professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco and expert on environmental health. Schools cancelled recess, teams cut sports practices and parents received notices that weekend football and soccer games might not be held.
mulberry bags usa ‘Fair City’ Star Tommy O Neill Heads Up Irish Feature ‘The O’Brien’s’

Written by Slaine Kelly and Emmett Hughes who also star in the feature the Irish production also features former ‘Fair City’ star Caroline Rothwell, who played Linda O’Hanlon on the soap.

Produced by Kelly and Hughes’ film company, Saoirse Films, the feature has been privately funded. Richard Waters (Lovely Dinner) is directing.

Now in the second week of a three week shoot in Headford, Co Galway,
mulberry across the body bag 'Fair City' Star Tommy O Neill Heads Up Irish Feature 'The O'Brien's'
‘The O’Brien’s’ tells the story of a scattered family who travel back to their hometown in the west of Ireland on hearing that their father has some serious news. Not only having to contend with being back home, each family member also has their own personal dilemma to deal with.

Richard Kearney is producing alongside Ciara Byrne and Alison Scarff. David Laird is the director of photography and is shooting the feature on a DSLR camera. Rowan Moore is the art director, while Scarff is also doubling as production manager.

Director Waters will also cut the feature with all post production set to be handled in house by Walters and his team.

Speaking to IFTN, producer Kearney said that the shoot was “shaping up nicely” and praised the local community in Co Galway. He added: “Even though there isn’t much of a budget, we’re making every penny count and the locals here in Headford have really got behind the production. We’re using a local shop and a big old country house and some of the locations we’re shooting in are just so scenic. It’s going to look great.”
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mulberry across the body bag 'Fair City' Star Tommy O Neill Heads Up Irish Feature 'The O'Brien's'

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Q. Playing in Green Bay?Crestview teacher and former boys basketball coach Herman Miller greeted graduates, like Leah Cox, after they were awarded their diplomas on Sunday. (Salem News photo by Katie White)Wilson advised residents to be cautious if needing to travel. While DOTD crews have salted and brined most roadways, pockets of ice may form overnight and be on roardways in the morning.
lily bags ‘Extreme’ rent control could be coming to California

A costly and potentially bruising campaign is taking shape over rent control in California, with deep pocketed Los Angeles activist Michael Weinstein bankrolling a proposed November ballot initiative to repeal a state law that sets tight limits on the type of housing covered under local rent control laws.”Nobody’s fighting for the tenant,” said Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, who partly funded the Proposition 61, the 2016 fight over prescription drug costs that became the most expensive initiative that year, with total spending at roughly $130 million.As California confronts a historic housing crisis, low and middle income renters are being pushed out, even in cities with some form of rent control.The disruption is fueling the push by Weinstein and other tenants rights’ activists to overturn a state law that prevents cities and counties from adopting strong rent control laws.Read more: California stands by its right to set emission standardsProponents say they have been met with enthusiasm this year while gathering signatures for a proposed November ballot initiative that would repeal the 1995 Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which says rent control cannot apply to large amounts of housing, including all housing built after 1995, single family homes, condos and duplexes. If the proposed initiative is successful, efforts by local communities to strengthen existing rent control ordinances and pass new laws could drastically alter the housing market across California.”People are excited,” said Anya Svanoe, a spokeswoman for the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment,also behind the campaign. “This is the easiest signature gathering we’ve ever done. It’s telling . People are hungry for rent control and . to see solutions to the housing crisis that can provide immediate relief to themselves and their neighbors.”Critics, including the California Apartment Association, believe repeal would lead to “extreme versions” of rent control throughout the state, bringing new housing construction to a standstill. His argument that rent control deters new construction because it limits profit and financing options is backed by other powerful real estate interests and construction trades groups in Sacramento, including the California Chamber of Commerce and the California Building Industry Association.Supporters, on the street for just two weeks, have collected 100,000 signatures. They need 365,880 valid signatures by June to qualify for the November ballot. If the current law is repealed, any city or county in California could require rent control on any type of housing it chooses.The campaign, with real estate interests on one side and tenants’ rights activists on the other, could become the most expensive initiative this November.”Money wise, this could be the grand poobah of them all because of what’s at stake,” said Steve Maviglio, a Sacramento based Democratic political consultant. “On one side you have a multimillionaire fighting for rent control, and the (California) Apartment Association on the other . both sides have deep pockets, so it could be a very expensive battle. The question is whether it will overshadow other issues on the ballot designed to help housing.”More housing needed in stateHousing is a top concern among the state’s electorate. More than half of California voters say the state’s housing affordability crisis is so bad that they’ve considered moving, and 60 percent of likely voters support rent control, according to astatewide poll last fall. Both sides of the rent control battle have also poured money into ballot box fights in recent years.There is widespread agreement, among Democrats and Republicans and between pro growth activists and those concerned about tenant displacement, that California must build more housing to address its affordability problems. The stateneeds about 200,000 housing units per yearto keep pace with rising demand, though it is building an average of roughly 80,000 units per year.Rents in California,
mulberry bags outlet genuine 'Extreme' rent control could be coming to California
the most expensive in the nation, have gone up more than 40 percent in major metropolitan areas since 2015, according to a January housing analysis by the Public Policy Institute of California. Median rents for all types of rental housing range from $1,595 in Sacramento, to $4,395 in San Francisco, to $2,933 in Los Angeles, according to the real estate listing service Zillow.Nearly half of Californians 47 percent say the state’s high housing costs are a financial strain on themselves and their families, according to the Public Policy Institute analysis. That figure is higher among renters, with 61 percent saying they are financially burdened.Read more: 4 California lawmakers accused of misconduct; none punishedBackers of the Costa Hawkins repeal say building the housing California needs will take decades, and tenants facing big rent increases need help now.”There’s no building our way out of this crisis,” said Damien Goodmon, director of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s “Housing is a Human Right” campaign. “We have no illusion . that this will be costly and ugly.”The state Chamber of Commerce labeled a bill that also sought to repeal Costa Hawkins a “job killer.”It died earlier this year in the Assembly, setting up the ballot box fight.”I expect it to qualify,” said Allan Zaremberg, the Chamber’s president and CEO. “We’re concerned about increases in the cost of housing and being able to keep people in California. The consequences of a strong economy and an inability to keep up with the demand for housing is a problem we need to solve, but we believe that rent control diminishes investment in housing opportunities.”It costs more money to build (in California),” Zaremberg said. “If you can’t recover those costs, you’re less likely to put your money into a development.”Jeff Pemstein, a board member for the state Building Industry Association, acknowledged that economically thriving cities like San Francisco, which has rent control, have experienced a building boom, but he argued developers in other markets, like Sacramento, cannot absorb the high costs of construction, labor and permitting on top of rent control.”People will pay astronomical prices to live in niche markets like San Francisco. They are super desirable so you can afford to put up with a lot of inconvenience, but the vast majority of California cannot afford to do that,” said Pemstein, also division president for Towne Development of Sacramento, which finances all types of development including rental housing and single family homes.He said he’s financing the proposed initiative because he has witnessed firsthand what he perceives as consequences of the state’s housing problems.”We’re seeing a growing homelessness crisis, our employees have to travel farther and farther to work and people are being displaced by the thousands,” Weinstein said. “Everything the Legislature is doing is geared toward creating luxury housing, not preserving the housing stock for people who are low and moderate income.”
Texas A linebacker Von Miller earned All America honors last season when he led the nation in sacks with 17 and ranked fifth nationally in tackles for loss.For Day, the decision to sell wasn’t an easy one.Hyundai and Kia have been hit with two lawsuits seeking class action status for aggrieved owners. The first, filed in Ohio, asks that consumers who bought Hyundai or Kia vehicles with the inflated mileage figures be allowed to back out of their purchase or lease agreements. A second suit, filed in Los Angeles, seeks $775 million in compensation for owners who say resale values have been diminished.He recalls that they sat down with calendars and a diary to plan for the year. “Of course there were some last minute changes, but we stuck to the schedule.” “Our friends were also of great help and would often take the children out on weekends, or pack picnic lunches for all of us,
mulberry bags outlet genuine 'Extreme' rent control could be coming to California
” he adds. Dealing with the patient

mulberry antony ‘Dangerous job’ clears ice jam in Penns Creek

She loved to work and be outdoors. She also loved animals and had many pets during her lifetime. She loved her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She loved to crochet, tat and knit and cats. Her first love, however, was music. She played the violin, cello, piano and organ.A video that falsely claims that a Department of Defense (DoD) communications drill will cause the national power grid to go out for several days in early November is causing panic on social media.Breast cancer is caused by uncontrolled growth of breast tissue cells. The disease is treatable with chemotherapy and radiation, which kills these rapidly growing cells, or with surgical removal of a tumor.June 2016 EurekahedgeDuy Nguyen, a social work professor who survived the deadly May 2015 Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia said he was frustrated by the lack of progress on PTC.
Discount mulberry handbags outlet sale Outlet ‘Dangerous job’ clears ice jam in Penns Creek

The jam cleared in the late morning and caused no further significant flooding downstream, according to Michelle Dietrich, Union County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Dave Gutelius of Gutelius Excavating drove a 50 ton bulldozer through the frozen water and with its blade, chopped and pushed away chunks of ice that clogged the creek following the recent thaw and re freeze.

“Never in my life did I ever crawl into something I didn’t understand what it would do or how it would react. It had to be done,” Gutelius said of the uncertainty of the virtual ice dam formed by thousands of hunks of ice.

Contractors worked an estimated combined eight hours Tuesday and Wednesday along and in the creek, with permission from the state Department of Environmental Protection. Two small islands with trees were removed.

West End Fire Co. ambulance and the rescue squad of the Mifflinburg Hose Co. responded on stand by in the event of an emergency during the ice breaking.

The creek jammed Friday, forcing water out of its banks and into adjacent fields and over roads. It cut off access to the bridge on Millmont Road between Creek Road and Canada Drive.

That eliminated public road access to an estimated 50 homes in Lewis and Hartley townships because two other bridges, Millmont Red Covered Bridge and the Glenn Iron Bridge, are closed for reconstruction.

Union County declared the situation an emergency. A private road opened but is only suitable for vehicles with four wheel drive. Plans were put in place to respond to any emergencies south of Penns Creek.

The ice formed peaks as high as 6 to 7 feet, Gutelius estimated. When portions were chopped and knocked loose,
mulberry antony 'Dangerous job' clears ice jam in Penns Creek
there was no telling which way the ice and water would rush.

Gutelius didn’t take lightly the risk involved.

“It was crazy,” he said. “All that time I spent there trying to get through it the last two days and in 10 minutes, I saw the thing go down and start to go by me. That was it. The story was over.”

Except, not quite.

“We could see from the bridge where the ice jam broke, it got hung up within eyesight. The contractors got the equipment back into the creek and moved it away,” said Union County Commissioner John Showers.

Dietrich said spotters posted up downstream to monitor Penns Creek. S turns near Libby Lane were closely watched. By late Wednesday afternoon, Dietrich said there were no reports of additional flooding. Though some homes saw neighboring fields fill with water, Dietrich said there were no reports of homes having taken on flood water.

“Hooray to Dave Gutelius! What a courageous man,” said Canada Drive resident Ellen Kahler.

Kahler and neighbor Ann Koonsman rode a side by side all terrain vehicle to the Millmont Road bridge to see the ice gone for themselves. They wanted to tell their respective husbands they’d have an easier drive home after work.

“There’s a lot of ice yet in Penns Creek. A lot. This is just a touch of what’s in it,” Gutelius said.
Linda Kaialoa grows lychee and rambutan in her Kapaa backyard, which has been under siege by the parakeets for the past couple of years. She had a shock one day, she said, when a tree full of ripe, red rambutan suddenly turned white. “Then I saw that the parrots had peeled the tops off the fruits and eaten the flesh, leaving the hollowed out shells still hanging on the stems.”Lee said she offers individual and family counseling with trauma trained specialists to help children cope with parents who may have been arrested in front of them or those who have witnessed domestic violence.Sianne closes her eyes as she falls back into her chair in a clearly false swoon before popping upright “What! I have to feed you first then accept what scraps are left over? Outrage of Outrages!” Come her mock anguished words. Feo is greeted with open hands as well as her own cackle “Me turn then against you? How would I do that. THat would be like me trying to turn Kheyuth against you by talking some nonesense into her head.” THough the thought has merit as she makes kissy faces at the firelizard “You are a darling aren’t you Feo, replacing what was taken. You deserve a reward.” and reward the firelizard is given in the form of the stolen meat “Here you go,
mulberry antony 'Dangerous job' clears ice jam in Penns Creek
you poor poor malnourished blue you.”

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ROBY Kyler Covington and Layne Beyers scored 13 points apiece to help Roby to a 48 45 win over archrival Rotan on Friday.Argentina is hot these days, and all sorts of folks are starting vineyards there. Their product is not particularly good and the price often bears little relationship to the contents.JEB BUSH POLK COUNTY TEAM:
travel wallet for women ‘Coming full circle’ with the Jonathan Birchfield Band

On a late December Friday night, my husband, a friend, and I headed to Twigs Restaurant in Blowing Rock to have dinner.

We had no idea we were in for an especially entertaining night. We knew Twigs provided live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays, but we didn’t think a thing about who the musicians might be until we saw a couple of familiar Catawba County faces: Greg Simmons and Jonathan Birchfield.

He called it coming full circle.

As a kid, Jonathan learned three chords from his dad, Ray Birchfield, of Conover, and then took off on his own, mastering the guitar and then hooking up with fellow young teens to form Catawba County’s own boy band, The Southern Knightz.

He was still just a kid when he discovered how much he liked performing in front of people. The first time was in the basement of the auditorium of Newton Conover Junior High School (now the location of Newton Conover City Schools’ central office and the Newton Conover Auditorium). He and his buddy Robert Kearns, who later became Cheryl Crow’s bass player, provided an impromptu concert for a small gathering in what Jonathan called “Coach (Jerry) Willard’s room.”

Then, with all the Knightz, including Greg Simmons on drums, 8th grader Jonathan performed in a talent show at Newton Conover High School. The audience was 400+ strong. Cale, popularized by Eric Clapton. Second was Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird.”

“At the end, the whole student body stood up,” Jonathan recollected, “which made me feel, ‘Man, this might be something I want to do.'”

In high school, Jonathan played with the Taylorsville based Harry Deal and the Galaxies. After graduation, he, Greg, another Knightz guy Shane Cooper (who later founded DeFeet International), and Stuart Garmon from Burke County comprised a band they named Graffiti. “We played colleges up and down the East Coast,” said Jonathan. “We were the original 80s cover band.”

At 19, Jonathan struck out on his own and headed to Nashville where he played with a number of groups and started concentrating on writing music “a Jackson Browne/James Taylor type song writing,” said Jonathan.

From Nashville, Jonathan “stayed on the road for years with a band called Public Domain,” he explained. “Key West, Hilton Head, Charleston.”

“(During that time) is when I got associated with Jimmy Buffet,” Jonathan continued. “Later on, he would use my band, Jonathan Birchfield Band, in shows in Key West and elsewhere.”

Jonathan did background vocals on three of Jimmy Buffet’s albums. “I got to know him as a person, not a celebrity,” said Jonathan. “He’s a great guy.”

Returning to Nashville for 13 years, Jonathan worked with a number of big names, including Brad Paisley and Josh Turner.

Jonathan continued writing. In 1997, he released his first album All Points in Between. “All acoustic,” Jonathan called it.

His second CD, Enjoy the Ride,” came out a decade later. Jonathan characterized it as “all electric and more rockin’.” A few years after that, he toured the Midwest and New England, “pulling a camper,” he said, “promoting Enjoy the Ride. I played solo shows and brought out the band occasionally.”

At one point in his career, Jonathan somewhat veered away from music and got into the audio production side of TV. Said Jonathan, “I got to travel the world, including Russia for the Sochi (2014) Olympics.”

His music wasn’t dead, though. “Through ESPN and the Golf Channel, I had some songs that were used on air. One in particular was ‘Shoot Out Saturday Night.’ It was inspired by Dale Jarrett and the Hickory Motor Speedway. It was used two seasons on ESPN’s Saturday night races.”

And he got to go to one of the coolest places on earth. “Through TV, I got to put my name in the hat to go to Everest to film for Discovery’s production about (mountain climber) Joby Ogwyn’s attempt to wingsuit (fly) off the summit of Everest.” Jonathan’s name was drawn and off he went.

The jump was to have taken place May 11, 2014. Tragically, an avalanche that killed 16 Sherpas “stopped everything,” said Jonathan, who described the situation as “heartbreaking circumstances to be in.”

Soon after, Jonathan moved to Charlotte where he was, as he stated, “working a lot in TV and playing music in my spare time.” Jonathan said he began to feel that “people forgot that I played music.”

Things were about to change for Jonathan, and not in exactly the way he expected. He, Greg Simmons, and Shane Cooper were playing at the Hickory Tavern one night in 2015 when Jonathan looked up, and as he explained it, “There she was.”

The “she” was Dr. Dana Chambers, Hickory family medicine specialist. A year and a half later, the musician and physician were married.

So now Jonathan’s back in Catawba County, fully committed to his music and to his community. He’s serving as a consultant for the Norman Coley Amphitheater, which will be built in Conover, and he sits on the board that oversees the Newton Conover Auditorium. “I want Hickory to be a music destination,” said Jonathan.

Currently, Jonathan’s writing music for a new album, and he’s in the planning stages of performing Aug. 18 at the Newton Conover Auditorium upstairs from the first place he played as a kid.
National Cord defended the case on grounds that Carrel could not prove that National Cord was the manufacturer of the bungee cord used at the time of the accident, and, alternatively, that the need for a warning was obviated either by the obvious characteristics and dangers of the bungee cord, or because Project Adventure and the Boy Scouts knew more about the specific use that would be made of the bungee cord, the dangers associated with that use, and the way to counteract those dangers, than was known or should have been known by National Cord.New England Collegiate Conference (5 teams)The next time Sommers heard about Bice was through a news report. The 34 year old man was dead after shooting himself following an exchange of gunfire with San Antonio police officers, one of who was killed and another who was injured.Therapists, Bermel said, try to replace the negative thought with a positive one.
Discount mulberry stockists Outlet 'Coming full circle' with the Jonathan Birchfield Band