mulberry bag styles a great shade tree

The most concerning trend emerging from the data, however, is the fact that most Americans don feel they are managing their stress well and that the health care system isn there to help them cope. A little over half of the participants said they received little or no support for stress management from their health care providers, and while 32% felt it was important to discuss their stressconcerns with providers, only 17% said they actually did.Driving up to the two day Cereals event at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire, this week, Stowmarket farmer Tom Jewers was struck by how lucky we are in East Anglia this year when it comes to crop performance.Raction : Dans cette population, normment de personnes sont en dsaccords mais rsignes. Certains, individu ou groupe, ne se rsignent pas et se rvoltent.
mulberry cookie bag a great shade tree

Summer is here and the heat has already come. Here’s a great selection for lots of shade: Tipuana tipu (pronounced “tip poo ah nuh TEE poo”). It is native to the tropical regions in Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina and is very well adapted to the Southern California climate. It has been botanically classified into the Leguminosae (pea family), which is abundant with annuals, perennials, shrubs, vines and many ornamental trees.

This semi evergreen tree is adorned with small apricot yellow flowers at this time of year, followed with pea like seed pods in abundance. The tipu tree is a rampart grower and can obtain heights of 25 feet in just a few years from a 15 gallon or 24 inch tree.

With such rapid growth, it is very important to adopt the arboricultural philosophy of juvenile pruning. Trees that grow so quickly need some training in the formative years to obtain good structural branching and a sturdy root system by proper tree staking.

It is also very important to remove the supportive tree stakes once the tree becomes established. Stakes left on too long cause the trunks of some trees to actually grow around these stakes or to be scarred from wind rubbing the trunks against the stakes, which opens wounds for infections.

It is also vital to note that you should use only rubber or plastic ties from the trunk to the tree stakes. Wire can cut into the tissue of the tree, causing long range and costly problems. The proper tree ties are available at most nurseries and farm stores in the area.

Ultimately the tipu tree will reach heights of 40 to 50 feet with a very large arching crown. The foliage of this tree is light green with compound fern like leaves and has very lacy weeping boughs with a very exotic overall appearance.

The tipu tree is not fussy about soils and can grow with regular watering. It will also tolerate some drought after three to five years of good garden care, depending on seasonal rainfall and proper stewardship. The tipu tree is also fairly cold hardy to about 25 degrees.

In the landscape, it’s a great tree for quickly creating a canopy of foliage to cool your home, shade a patio or protect other plants beneath the under story.

Because of its toughness, it is also becoming increasingly popular and used as a street lining shade tree in many communities. I like using low branching tipu trees, for as they mature and become structurally strong, they make great climbing trees for kids.

My suggestion when using tipu trees or other trees that have a vigorous root system is to install protective root barriers. These barriers can save you headaches, landscape problems and money.

The barriers do not cost that much to install at time of planting and it’s like buying a little of garden insurance for aggressive root systems.

When planting trees at any time of year, it is very important to install a thick three to four inch layer of good clean mulch around the basin of the newly planted trees. This helps to conserve moisture, cut down on weeds and keep the expanding root system cool. Always remember to keep the mulch away from the trunks of the trees.

Shade produced by trees is a good thing and it is important to plan before you plant, be it trees or your overall landscape theme. The temperature variables can be five to 10 degrees cooler under a properly selected shade tree or combinations with other plantings.

The heat islands of driveways, rooftops and hardscapes can increase the temperature dramatically around your home and shade trees can aid in the cooling of the outside garden and the interior of your living environment.

So, to create some shade for your garden, your neighborhood streets and your community village plant trees.

Roger Boddaert is an arborist and professional landscape designer. He can be reached at (760) 728 4297.

Great shade trees. In less than 6 years, ours have grown from a 15 gallon container to about 30 tall. On the downside, they become very messy, and would not recommend planting them anywhere around a swimming pool. We were told by the nursery that they only shed leaves/flowers/pods for two weeks in April. For the first few years that was true, but now they seem to shed flowers from spring to fall. Also, heed the warning about the roots if planted next to a lawn, the roots like to come up through the lawn.

We have two Tipuana Tipu trees in our La Mesa, California back yard. They about 45 50 years old,
mulberry bag styles a great shade tree
and they are enormous (at least 80 feet tall and wide). Every June, they blanket our backyard with what seems like millions of tiny orange yellow flowers. When the wind blows, it looks like it snowing cheese popcorn! We constantly have baby trees starting underneath these two big trees.

One of the most interesting things about these trees is that, when you trim a limb off of a Tipuana tree, they emit blood red sap. They are currently extensively established in LA. The secretions of these insects ultimately wind up coating underlying concrete sidewalks and roadways. Even parked cars get covered by this secretions. Overtime, the tipu, which was originally brought in for its shade benefits, is discovered to be the invasive pest that it is. In many parts of the world the tree is classified as an invasive pest.

We have a ten year old Tipuana on our grass strip between the street and sidewalk. It is 40 feet tall and at 7 years old the roots got under the sidewalk and broke the sprinkler pipe. Our whole street is experiencing broken sidewalks, ruined lawns and now the insect mentioned above. This insect is new in San Diego and is dropping a sticky green fluid all over the sidewalks and our cars. The trees are pretty when they bloom and give great shade, but otherwise a nusance. We are all looking into getting rid of them for something more freindly.

I have a stupid Tipu in the backyard corner of a house I bought in Southern California. It 30 feet tall, and a perpetual mess. It sheds in my yard, and two neighbors yards. I would sweep the patio an hour before guests would arrive, and you wouldn even know it with the amount of new leaves dropped. It weeps something on my patio table when it dropping little branches. It finally stopped 2 weeks ago (when it looked dead). Now it sprouting new growth. Great. I going to let it bloom just to see what it all about, then take it down. Its roots are very invasive. It has damaged my drainage and moved my sprinklers. I cut a 4″ root with a chisel to free up some pipes, and it bled bright purple red sap. EERIE. Creeped me out. Goin down this fall. Palm trees going up.

The Tipu is a fine tree. Those of you who are complaining about it either didn do any research before planting, or moved in after the tree. They ARE big aggressive trees. Just like an Oak, or a wide pine, they are aggressive and shed they grow fast.

They are not meant for “grass strip between the street and sidewalk” or “the corner of a yard (with neighbors)” or “over a pool”

These trees come from Brazil where everything has to be aggressive to survive.

It is simple when planting. Imagine what an Oak tree would do to the area in 50 years then decide. Because this plant will do it in 5 8 years! I hope I helped.

We have a 4 year old Tipu in our backyard which hangs over our pool area, and it is a bit messy when it drops leaves, but WE LOVE IT. Such a pretty tree and gives us so much shade during the hot part of the year. Also, we always get compliments on it. Our Tipu is temperamental when changing the water schedule specifically, increasing the water schedule which seems to cause shock and that when it usually loses its leaves. Our tree has its leaves 9 10 months out of the year. If we had the room, I would plant more of them. But it is a super fast grower and big. I cannot speak for the root system, but with how fast the canopy grows, it would make sense for it to have an aggressive root system. We live in a newer neighborhood and this tree is irreplaceable when it comes to helping shade our exposed yard and our pool area. Just know that if you have one near your pool, you have to be diligent about getting the leaves out or it will clog your lines. We scoop the majority of leaves it drops in our pool while we sip coffee in the morning and we don have any problems. Also, our tree does not when we prune it. We fertilize every six weeks with organic fertilizer (cottonseed, bone meal kelp) and practice long/deep watering. Love this tree in the desert!
That day the Congress also “Resolved and Ordered that the style or title of this house be changed from that of ‘The Provincial Congress of the Colony of New York’ to that of ‘The Convention of Representatives of the STATE of New York.'”The Wellness Woof originally brought in one therapy dog that could visit with students, but the program has grown to offer more dogs hosted in an open space where students can roam freely.Yet there are deeper societal problems at play as well, including long histories of poverty, joblessness, segregation and neglect in pockets of the South and West sides.Davis, 64, urges constituents to look at his votes more deeply. “If I had two hours to explain my positions, I think everybody would say, ‘I understand now,'” he said.
mulberry bag styles a great shade tree

Discount mulberry america Outlet A great example of creating a strategic barrier to entry

Latulippe credits the club with giving him the discipline and structure he needed to achieve success in life. After graduating from Methuen High School, he said, he tried several different occupations, including carpentry, sales and musical production.In just five days, the page has raised 645.The boxes contain “fun things for kids. Each item has a tip on how to cope.”
mulberry handbags outlet uk A great example of creating a strategic barrier to entry

industry associations). Why would occupations want to be licensed? Here is the economic view (from the article)

“Occupations prefer to be licensed because they can restrict competition and obtain higher wages.”

Licensing enables supporting higher prices (by making it harder for new firms to enter). A study cited in the article found that licensed workers earn, on average, 15% more than their unlicensed counterparts in other states. Clearly, it can make the industry quite attractive for incumbents

“If you go to any statehouse, you see a line of occupations out the door wanting to be licensed.”

The clincher is that these regulations often exempt existing providers (incumbents) from being subject to these requirements (emphasis below mine).

“In Michigan, for instance, it will soon be a felony to practice massage without a license. Newcomers to the field must take 500 hours of classes and pass an exam to get that license. But a grandfather clause exempts most current massage therapists, including those who may never have taken a class at an accredited school.”

Clearly, this action by Incumbents raises barriers to entry and makes the industry more attractive to them now that is a great example of an Endogenous (or Strategic) Barrier to Entry. Because the pigment deeper treatment more difficult, increased frequency, the higher the price. Individual due to pigment cells deep in the dermis need after 56 treatments, while the relatively shallow only once or more than we can achieve clear purpose, but a friend assured, its for the skin without any harm, no pain. In fact now, this minute there is nothing wrong with that. But yet the right to manage distributed to a wrong person . Gosh! She exclaimed, when I found her screaming particularly beautiful, your eyes do not want it! Really were her words in it. The past two decades I have been competing with children and eyes. This is something female teacher and later into the book to the library is always with me, what to buy art books entirely by not buying what I say, I took the opportunity to buy a better watch their favorite books. In addition, formamide is volatile, can release ammonia, to stimulate the body to produce tears, coughing, shortness of breath and other symptoms, when consumers buy mats smell the odor should be that excessive addition of formamide exudes the flavor quality department said that the human body does have formamide some irritation, but foam puzzle mats in the addition of the substance, the need for testing in order to draw firm conclusions, consumers should first choose the regular manufacturers of products , Secondly,
Discount mulberry america Outlet A great example of creating a strategic barrier to entry
we should try to choose a non toxic, odorless plastic floor mats, Alternatively, you can choose some cotton texture of carpet products instead of plastic mats, do not let the baby for a long time in contact with the plastic. While China has yet to develop foam puzzle mats on the identification of standards, leading some manufacturers from their own interests, to increase the use of formamide, supervision over the market more difficult. Approach seems a lot, but it is not so easy to understand, and even in the correct password is entered, the system sometimes repeatedly prompted for password error, several failed attempts is enough to destroy the user mood seems to use WiFi WiFi users seem exceptionally picky. You know, WiFi has been seen as a flexible, wide bandwidth, the use of high technology, seamless coverage is widespread. Hooker Dane Coles turned on some enterprising running. Harbour were simply undistinguished and a poor advertisement for those aiming to be part of the Blues squad next season.

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Born Oct. 13, 1926, in Johnstown, son of Nicholas and Anna (Strushensky) Melnick. Preceded in death by parents and sisters, Mary Flaugh and Catherine Paserba. Kremlin Home Culture Hand or machine appliqued article 1. Imo Neighbors, 2. T. Even a lounge that stayed open to 1pm would have been nice to continue to enjoy the company of our new friends. We were left with two options after 11pm Karaoke and the Disco, which by the way has the music waaaayyyy too loud. If it peace and quiet 24/7 you want, this resort will give that to you and you be very happy to have it.

Following are results from the Garfield County Fair. DEPT H AGRICULTURE Early Maturing Wheat 1. Allen Spencer, 2. She is a Registered Technologist n Radiology and is employed by Dr. Paul Andreini.
And at Pasquotank Correctional Institution where four employees were fatally injured during a failed escape attempt on Oct. 12 the staffing problems have been even worse. In October, more than 28 percent of officer positions were vacant up from 17 percent three years earlier.So Carle moved from her home in Sioux City, Iowa, to Nye Square, a senior living facility in Fremont, to be closer to Sell. She shipped all of her sewing material to a niece in Minnesota; she didn’t need it anymore, she said. She liked her new home. But, at least at first, she was lonely.lot of places got rain from this system, but it looks like Edmonton was one of the worst hit areas, Pearce said.
Discount mulberry america Outlet A great example of creating a strategic barrier to entry

mulberry shop A Fraud Lawsuit Under California Law

3. Learn to educate your support system. Although it is a difficult time to have to do it, telling your caregivers what you need and when you need it, can result in great dividends.AP Interview: UN Women chief: Sex abuse cases tip of iceberg Source: AP Davis turns ankle, but Pelicans roll to 10th straight win Source: AP Jury selection continues in Pulse nightclub trial Source: Cox Media Group S. Korea leader sees more obstacles ahead to disarm N. EST Source: AP Rockets extend winning streak to 17, beat Bucks 110 99 Source: APwere really trying to put on a lot of ball pressure and get them off their game a little bit, Opsal said. think we did that really well and we had great help defense, so if someone got beat, there was another defender right there to step in. Amber Darge had 16 points to lead Regis, while junior Morgan Rohrscheib hit three 3s and had 12 points in one of her best games of the season. Karlstad fought through the foul trouble and finished with 12 points including eight in the second half.
mulberry store locations A Fraud Lawsuit Under California Law

The various ways a victim can be defrauded are as limitless as the bounds of human ingenuity. But under California law, wrongful actions are generally characterized as civil “fraud” only under one of the following legal theories:

1. Intentional Misrepresentation. Probably the most common type of fraud is a false statement. But not every false statement is fraudulent. The elements of a claim for intentional misrepresentation are:

a. An intentionally or recklessly false statement of fact. Not every false statement is a false statement of “fact.” Statements of opinion generally are not actionable. Sales talk, or “puffing” (“This is the best location in the county!”), is generally not actionable. However, if the defendant claims to be an expert or there are other reasons to expect that the victim would rely upon the defendant’s opinion as a statement of “fact,” an opinion may be treated by the court as a statement of fact. Also, a statement need not be made directly to the victim. For instance, if the defendant made the false statement to a third person with the expectation that the statement would be repeated to the victim, the victim may have a valid claim for fraudulent misrepresentation.

b. Intention to defraud.

c. Reasonable reliance upon the false statement. The false statement need not be the only reason the victim changed his or her position, but it must be at least part of the reason. Also, the victim’s reliance on the false statement must be reasonable. If the victim knew or should have known the statement was false, the victim did not reasonably rely. Even an unsophisticated victim, however, “may not put faith in representations which are preposterous, or which are shown by facts within his observation to be so patently and obviously false that he must have closed his eyes to avoid discovery of the truth.” Seeger v. Odell (1941) 18 Cal. 2d 409.

d. Resulting in damages. There must be measurable damages that were caused by the fraud.

2. Negligent Misrepresentation. A claim for negligent misrepresentation is generally the same as a claim for intentional misrepresentation, except the victim must only prove the defendant did not have “a reasonable basis” to believe its statement of fact was true (as opposed to proving the defendant knew its statement was false). If the defendant’s false statement was both honestly made and based upon reasonable grounds, however, there is no claim. Punitive damages are not available for negligent misrepresentations.

3. Concealment. A claim for fraud may also arise if the defendant concealed or failed to disclose a material fact during a transaction, causing damage to the victim. The elements of a claim for fraudulent concealment are:

a. The defendant failed to disclose or concealed a material fact with an intent to defraud the victim.

b. The defendant had a duty to disclose. There is not always a duty to disclose facts during a transaction. If there is a duty, it generally arises in one of four different circumstances: (i) The defendant is in a “fiduciary relationship” (such as being a partner) with the victim; or (ii) The defendant took steps to hide important information from the victim (as opposed to simply failing to tell the victim); or (iii) The defendant disclosed some information to the victim,
mulberry shop A Fraud Lawsuit Under California Law
but the disclosed information is misleading unless more information is given; or (iv) The defendant is aware of key information and knows the victim is unlikely to discover that information. In addition, California laws may create a duty to disclose in certain transactions. For example, sellers of residential property in California generally are required to make written disclosures about the condition of the house.

c. The victim must have been unaware of the fact and would not have acted as he or she did if he or she knew of the fact.

d. The victim sustained damages as a result of the concealment.

4. False Promise. A claim of fraud may arise if a defendant entered into a contract and made promises that it never intended to perform. The elements of a false promise claim are:

a. The defendant made a promise.

b. The promise was important to the transaction.

c. At the time he or she made the promise, the defendant did not intend to perform it.

d. The defendant intended the victim to rely upon the promise.

e. The victim reasonably relied upon the promise.

f. The defendant did not perform the promise.

g. The victim was harmed as a result of defendant not carrying out his or her promise.

h. The victim’s reliance on the defendant’s promise was a substantial factor in causing the victim’s harm.

It is important to understand that a broken promise, alone, is not a sufficient basis for a fraud claim. More than a mere broken promise is required. The victim must also prove that the defendant did not intend to perform the promise at the time the promise was made. In practice, it is usually difficult to tell the difference between a broken promise and a promise made without an intention to perform. Courts generally look for circumstantial evidence to support a false promise claim (as opposed to a broken promise claim), such as the defendant broke its promise immediately after making it.

Characterization of a claim as fraud has many advantages to a victim; primarily, the victim may be able to recover punitive damages in addition to actual damages. Also, the measure of damages is generally more liberal under fraud and other “tort” theories, allowing victims a more complete recovery. But even if a wrongful action does not fall under the definition of “fraud,” it still may lead to a valid legal claim. For instance, a broken promise while not necessarily fraudulently may still constitute a valid breach of contract claim. While punitive damages and emotional distress damages are generally not available for breach of contract in California, the victim still should be able to recover his or her monetary damages.
A. Move back home. I definitely want to be back home in Fort Smith. There are a couple of options. I could do something in sales. I don’t know if I really want to travel but I want to have a family one day and really be able to support them and just be able to be back there. It’s been a dream come true. Every day I wake up, you’re living the dream. Playing the game for a living and making a lot of money doing it. The weather and stuff, you manage that just like you do any other job, especially outdoor jobs. I was looking out my window and there were construction workers on the roof, putting up stuff, and I was thinking I could be doing that. It’s got to be brutally cold but those guys have to do that because that’s what they do for a living. I think the community here has so much support and the best fans that you could possibly ask for, the best organization; everything is first class.One on One with Eddie LacyAmericans are less prepared to absorb the spike in gasoline prices than they were the last time prices rose this high, in 2008, because unemployment is higher and real estate values are lower, says David Portalatin, an analyst for the market research firm NPD Group.Because they consist of a large number of massively interconnected processing units, all operating in parallel on the same problem, neural networks can potentially operate at considerable speeds.Neurologist faces sex allegations in 3 statesDuring the years when we confronted a nuclear armed Soviet Union, we at least realized that we had to “think the unthinkable,” as intellectual giant Herman Kahn put it. Today it seems almost as if we don’t want to think about it at all.
mulberry shop A Fraud Lawsuit Under California Law

Discount mulberry fabrics uk Outlet A former colleague remembered

The storm is about 285 miles (460 kilometers) east of Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas.According to the city of Chicago’s website, “Hate crimes are acts of bigotry, and are committed because of the intended victim’s actual or perceived ancestry, color, creed, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability (including HIV status), or national origin. Hate crimes not only harm the victim, but also the group in which the targeted member belongs.”Established in 2001, OSISS is a peer support network that helps military personnel and their families cope with stress injuries, such as post traumatic stress disorder. The program connects those suffering from stress injuries with veterans who have recovered sufficiently to help others.
mulberry somerset shoulder A former colleague remembered

People that have been in the television business for more than a year can tell you about those that have helped them along the way and helped shape them in their professional style. had many of those mentors at my first job. Trently was one of them.

Jerry was the chief photojournalist when I broke into the business as a production assistant, and later a photojournalist, at WHP, the CBS affiliate in Harrisburg, PA. that he was actually the station news director. He had a wife and son, and I think he may have changed positions in order to have more time with his family, but I can be sure. the first time I met Jerry, I could tell this is a guy I should pay attention to. would be more aware of the scene around him then anybody I ever seen. shooting video for a news story was probably the most comforting thing for our reporters, because they had to know he would come back with much more than he needed, plus all the shots would be top notch.

I remember one fall afternoon as a production assistant, working on editing video for that night 5:00 newscast, and Jerry came down and asked me to join him and the news director in the office. told me there was an opening for a photojournalist and they wanted me to fill it. that time, it was the most gratifying moment of my young career.

After that, Jerry took me under his wing and was the perfect guy for a rookie to learn from. spent countless hours showing me the ropes of shooting the news and then adding things that would make it more than basic. like “zoom with your feet” and “you can get out of anything with a tight or wide shot” were pounded into my brain. are still phrases that I apply to my work today and that I tell our interns who are learning to shoot as well. Those that worked at WHP will remember the editing suite that was in the creative services department, where Jerry spent a good deal of time. would dissect my work in there, trying to help me become sharper.

The other thing I remember about Jerry is his absolute love for his profession. may not have been excited about every story he did, but he would treat them all the same. remember shadowing him one day and hoping that I would hang on to the love and passion for the job as long as he had. background in several areas of the newsroom really made him an excellent resource for reporters to bounce ides off of in the field, and I think he really enjoyed that.

In May of 2005, I knocked on the door of Jerry office to ask for a moment of his time, and told him that I was offered an on air opportunity in Virginia and that I was going to pursue. had a short conversation, in which he told me he wish I would stick around longer, but he understood wished me well.

Seven years ago this week in September of 2006, almost exactly two years after Jerry had called me in the news director office to give me that promotion, he passed away after a battle with brain cancer. left a hole at a station where he had been a constant for many years. Harrisburg, the ABC and CBS stations are directly across the street from each other. my understanding that on the day of Jerry funeral, the ABC affiliate shared all of its video with our station so that every person possible could attend the service. last interaction with Jerry was when I sent him an e mail shortly after I had learned of his diagnosis. promptly wrote me back thanking me for my thoughts and prayers.

I got the idea to do a blog post on this topic after I saw a former colleague and long time friend of Jerry shared a Facebook post this morning. won pretend to have known Jerry as well as many of my fellow employees at WHP did, but I did know him well enough for him to make a positive impact on my life and in my career. Seven years after his passing and nine years after working with him, I hope I continue to honor him through the work that I do. gave me many gifts in terms of knowledge in my profession that I continue to practice. I actually tweeze these individuals, one by one, in addition to sink these inside water and soap, emotion not only a mm involving regret.

AberdeenHead coach: Stacey Liles (third year)Outlook: A preview report from Coach Liles was not received by press time. The Eagles, led by junior center Brionna Jones, has a solid supporting cast, making the Eagles a real threat in the league and at the state level. Milton WrightHead coach: Marvin Evans (first year)Top returning players: Jessica Canami, Sr., (PG); Abby Smucker, Jr., (SG); Heather Mckee, Jr., (C)Key newcomers: Bridget Neff, Jr., (PF); Megan Aro, So., (SG)Outlook: “This year as a team we are looking to play an aggressive style defense, while still being able to maintain patience and discipline on the offense end,” first year coach Evans said. “The girls are working hard everyday in practice to get better and I am confident that they will see the results of their hard work throughout the season.”EdgewoodHead coach: Amber Croshaw (fourth year)Top returning players: Erica Johnson, Sr., (G); Alicia Grant, Sr., (G); Shanai Beadles, So., (G)Key newcomers: Jada Hatcher, So., (SF); Shania Stamper, So., (G); Tatiyana Stamper, Fr., (G); Breanna Hanna, Fr., (F/C); Shanai Beadles, So., (G)Outlook: Coach Croshaw says the Rams have a lot of changes this season. Few returners and a whole bunch of young talented underclassmen highlight the Edgewood roster. Adding to this is a strong group of junior talent,” coach Markland said. “The girls have prepared themselves physically for this season and realize the opportunities we have to do very well. Our team success will be defined by how hard we train and prepare in practice as well as staying focused on keeping the team first mentality.”C. Milton WrightHead coach: David Marzola (third year)2011 record: 16 3Top returners: Tori Smith, Jr., (Outside Hitter); Alyssa Horton, Sr., (Setter); Jenna Buettner, Sr., (Defensive specialist)Key newcomers: Haleigh Plummer, Jr., (Middle Hitter)Outlook: This year C. Milton Wright team is focused and looking forward to moving back into the Chesapeake Division after a great run last year. The Mustangs have six returning players including All County outside hitter Smith. These six players along with four players up from Junior Varsity and one newcomer will make for a good season. No further details were made available. In Thursday game, the Eagles constant pressure led to numerous early Hawks turnovers, propelling Aberdeen to a 24 5 first quarter lead. Alleyne pumped in a game high 23 points, while Bri Jones finished with 20. Sarah Morris and Chelsea Braungart led the winners with three goals each and Marisa Braungart, Kati Vu and Brittney Gonzalez had single goals. Thursday. Based on a preliminary investigation, they believe a harness she was wearing “got entangled in the rigging of the sailboat,” said state Department of Natural Resources Police spokesman Sgt. Art Windemuth. The accident, which took place near the , remains under investigation. “She always said she didn like it at all, but she did she would talk about being on the water and seeing the sun on the water,” said Grace Carey, who, like Constants, just completed her freshman year at Broadneck High School, outside Annapolis. Constants tweeted hours before the accident that she didn want to go sailing. But Carey said she often spoke happily of sailing with her family. “She was always like, love it, it always so beautiful. An uncle, Al Constants, said that family members, extended family as well as her parents, Dorothy and Stephen, and older sister, , were devastated and could not speak Friday. Club members race against each other, although the sailing school is open to the public. “It a freak accident,” he said. They grew close.VolleyballVarsityCrest 3, South Point 0 (25 15, 25 16, 25 16) The Lady Chargers downed their Big South Conference foes to raise their league mark to 4 2, 9 6 overall. Kathleen Nicholsen 6 2, 6 2; Candace Gold (B) def. Emily Tomblin 6 0, 6 1; Laura Lineberger (B) def. Brittany Ortiz 6 1, 6 1; Audrey Gorman (Ch) def. Haley Queen 6 1, 6 1; Hailey Cline (Ch) def. Aubrey Edwards 6 1, 6 3; Brittany McCabe (B) def. Nicholsen/Tomblin 8 1; Ortiz/Gorman (Ch) def. Lineberger/Queen 8 1; Edwards/Allison Carter (B) def. The two squads will play their official Big South Conference match on Oct. Maddie Lutz 6 1, 6 2; Jordyn Powell (cr) def. Katie Holland 6 2, 6 1; Chloe Parris (Cr) def. Hannah Christenbury 3 6, 6 3, 7 6 (7 3); Morgan Parris (Cr) def. Kayla Penner 6 4, i6 1; Taylor Coles (Cr) def. Alyssa Greene 6 4, 6 4; Tori Harrington (Cr) def. Holland/Christenbury 8 4; No. 3 Crest won by forfeit.WOMEN SOCCER blanked by No. 10 Texas AMCOLLEGE STATION, Texas The Auburn soccer team met the same fate as the last six teams to play No. 10 Texas AM, getting shut out by a 2 0 count. The near record crowd was witness to the Tigers sixth straight victory over Alabama, Auburn second longest winning streak in the series that dates back to 1974. Auburn will travel to Fayetteville, Ark., to face on Friday and then go to Lexington, Ky., to play on Sunday. Tuesday; WE)From the Michael Sragow Gets Reel blog:The dailies and newsweeklies and entertainment shows have already set off their starters pistols, but let get serious: in Baltimore, as in most American cities, this year October 1 marks the beginning of the fall movie season. That when sizzling smart “The Social Network” (with and ) premieres in theaters nationwide. Hall, listed at 6 foot 2 and 193 pounds, has learned to use his unique size to his advantage in a sport that is traditionally dominated by smaller runners.”The long strides always help,” Hall said. “But I learned that I can look up and see what I supposed to be aiming for, see the competition ahead of me. Luckily, Beaver River coach Jay Steiner came up with a plan.”Coach helped me out with that,” Hall said. “I couldn buy spikes anywhere, because they only go up to (size) 15, because obviously, guys with size 18s aren going to be running cross country usually. So what coach did is he took normal running shoes and he screwed spikes on the bottom.”Steiner took his first crack at the homemade spikes last season, and said that he took a different approach this year to lessen the weight.”Last year we took a set of cleats and actually molded them to the bottom of his shoes,” Steiner said. “It such a chemistry bound sport and you have to get along with your teammates and work hard with them to win. I think I really appreciated that.”Steiner said that, regardless of his size, Hall would have found success due to his mental strength. He referred to Hall as a “gamer.””He has the mental drive, he has the determination, he has the fire, he has the game when it comes to finishing races,” Steiner said. “He pushes himself to the max. I never seen a guy that runs so hard in the last mile, last half mile, or last 200 meters. I think that the difference between him and a lot of cross country runners.”The Beavers won the Section 3 Class D title and placed third in the state meet last season. Hall said the team goal this year is to win a state championship.”We trying to work as hard as we can right now because everybody thinks we the top team,” Hall said. “But what I learned is, nothing is given in this. Mallory Boyd, Megan Bollinger and Anastasia Neuman also had goals for Team B. Alexis Susa led Team A with three goals and Olivia Zorn had two. Single goals were scored by Chloe Dietrich, Sam Foster and Corinna Zorn. Bollinger also had two assists and Wassin and Eller each had one. Delaney Miller and Chloe Dietrich led the Bumblebees with three goals apiece. Alex Hedley and Samantha Foster added single goals. Twice in the second half, Rip Sesh led the unbeatens by a goal, but Gray battled back and on Kim Eraso goal with 1:12 to play, remained unbeaten. Kelly Kemper, Lacey Underhill and Brittney Gonzalez also had goals. Sarah Chesla finished with two goals and three assists, while Cortney Chen and Kaylee Litke also scored. Mallory Boyd and Sarah Yashinskie closed out the scoring with a pair of goals each. Team B goalie Abby McClure had a huge night in goal with 16 saves. Holly Edwards led Team A with four goals, while five players Rileigh Cypher, Shelby Shumate, Dulaney Miller, Chloe Dietrich and Grace Walker scored single goals. Kelley Duncan and Elizabeth DiNunno also had goals and Aloise Diedrich had two assists. What a Supervideo you ask? It when commissions a video to later play on a channel that doesn play music videos anymore. She weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces. He weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces. His sister is Josephine. His grandparents are Joe and Lisa Brady, of Silver Spring; and Wilmoth and Louella Simon, of Silver Spring. In a rematch of the 2011 Gulf South Conference Championship, both North Alabama and Valdosta State put on a show for Blazer fans at the VSU Soccer Complex Friday night. Unfortunately for VSU, No. 22 North Alabama was able to secure the win with a goal in the 78th minute of the match to win, 4 3. Rebecca Miller started the scoring with an unassisted goal in the 13th minute. Emily Cooper sent a shot off the crossbar on a free kick. Chubb sent a cross over the face of the goal and Richards finished it on the left side to tie the match. After that, it looked to be Valdosta State day when Abbi Edwards put in a beautiful goal from just inside the box. Leanne Bishop put a ball to the left side of the box where Mulkey was wide open. She didn have a great angle but fired into the keeper anyway. Oct. 2. The Breakers lost both, falling, 12 6, to Northwood, and 15 3, to San Clemente. The Breakers top doubles team of senior co captains Chloe Mansour and Dominique Willette won five of six sets in the two matches. The Breakers have been playing without top singles player Brooke Michaels, who is out with an ankle injury. Michaels suffered her injury in a Sept. “After two races, I excited. We have a very good team.”The Laguna boys team also turned what Coach Scott Wittkop said was a “great showing,” at the Woodbridge Invitational. The Breakers other loss came Sept. 11 to Newport Harbor, the No. The Breakers are the No. 4 (Mayfield), No. 5 (Notre Dame), No. 9 (La Reina) and No. 10 (Scotts Valley) teams in the state rankings, but it was Laguna unranked in the state going into the meet who turned heads. The Breakers took the lead at the one mile mark and ran to victory against 25 other teams. “It was a great effort by our girls, from our first runner to our sixth runner,” Laguna Coach Steve Lalim said. “It was a great team effort, and a lot of fun. I really proud of the girls. Their hard work is paying off. I can wait to see what they do in November. I know one thing they be ready.”At the Orange Coast League Cluster meet on Sept. 26, Laguna girls also claimed first place. 2 this week in Southern Section Division 4, will compete Saturday at the Clovis Invitational. The meet will be held at Woodward Park in Fresno, site of the CIF State Cross Country Championships in November. She shot a 54, which was three strokes below her prior low score of the season. Quigley, Laguna No. 6 golfer, along with Hendrickson and Curtis, the Nos. Wednesday at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley.Girls VolleyballLaguna, ranked No. “We played with good energy and fought hard all the way down to the final point. It was a good battle for us.”Sevana Drovak had her best match of the year. She played some good defense, and her location was really good on her sets. I thought Alyse (Ford) was steady all match, and Alex Murphy played a real solid match in the back row.”Laguna moved to 3 0 in Orange Coast League play Tuesday by sweeping visiting Calvary Chapel, 25 21, 25 19, 25 22. Ford had 20 kills and Drovak 32 assists. The Hurricane girls finished second in a three way meet with Immaculata LaSalle and top squad . ___(c)2012 the Austin Daily Herald (Austin, Minn.)Visit the Austin Daily Herald (Austin, Minn.) at Distributed by MCT Information ServicesGreen Ridge finished in last place in a three team tournament on Tuesday at California Country Club. Paul Lutheran at Tri City Country Club in Emma. Chloe Needy and Vincent both carded 63s for the Lady Tigers and Ingram had a 65. The Lady Saints Nicole Mueller and Lily Burrow were the co medalists with 49s. Pembroke Hill was second with a 432 and Pleasant Hill was third with a 452. ___(c)2012 The Sedalia Democrat (Sedalia, Mo.)Visit The Sedalia Democrat (Sedalia, Mo.) at Distributed by MCT Information ServicesPREP VOLLEYBALLChatham 3, Appomattox 0Chloe Clarridge had nine digs and two aces, while Brooke Aaron finished with three aces, four digs and five kills in Chatham 25 21, 25 22, 25 12 Dogwood District victory over Appomattox on Tuesday night in Chatham. They have surrendered just one goal in their last four games.”I was pretty nervous going into it. I didn know if I should do it, but I wanted to step up for the team so I took it on. It has worked out well,” said Davis. “I like it a lot better than when I played in that first Orono game. I work with Miles a lot every day in practice and I gotten better. I feel a lot more comfortable now. It natural for me, I guess.””Alanna has made tremendous progress,” said Bucksport senior midfielder Chloe Carmichael. “She was probably a little nervous at first, but she was glad to take it and ready to help us out. She has put everything into it.”Carmichael said Davis strengths are her courage and fearlessness.”She not afraid to run into someone to take the ball when she needs to,” said Carmichael, who added that Davis has enabled the team to play with more confidence.”She has helped us out tremendously,” said Carmichael. “When our defense gets beat, all you can do is hope and when she comes out, you know she going to get the ball. She jumps, she dives, she everywhere. She perfect [for the position].””I just try my best and hope to make the saves,” said Davis, who is also a shooting guard on the basketball team. “I been happy [with the way I played] so far. There are a few goals I think I could have gone after and saved. But I used to playing forward and it very hard for me going back into the goal and knowing [how to play] the position. But since I been working with Miles, it a lot better.”She said the most difficult aspect of the transition has been “knowing when to come out after the ball when [the opponents] are coming toward you, learning the angles and [deciding] whether to come out or stay back when they shoot high on you.”Bisher and Tracy said the move has been a rousing success.”She been phenomenal,” said Bisher. “She is so naturally athletic. She has great instincts for the game and great hand eye coordination. The hand eye coordination comes from softball and it really helps when you have to make a reaction save. ___(c)2012 the Bangor Daily News (Bangor, Maine)Visit the Bangor Daily News (Bangor, Maine) at Distributed by MCT Information ServicesTodd Burgan of Powell completed an eight stroke win in the 25th annual Tennessee Mid Amateur Championship golf tournament with a 68 Thursday at Jackson Country Club, and Hixson Chris Schmidt tied for sixth at 217. Matt Cooper of Memphis and Danny Green of Jackson shared second place at 213. Riceville Bob Rice tied for 17th at 217. He and Schmidt had final round 73s. Freshman Emily Javadi from Chattanooga and Baylor School broke her Sewanee single round record again Wednesday in leading the to a second place finish at the Transylvania Fall Invitational golf tournament at the University Course in Lexington, Ky. She shot a 68 as Sewanee finished four shots behind winner Campbellsville, and previous record holder Jenna King had a career low 77. The top seeded team of Cash and Vines advanced to the final Thursday by beating Chris Raynard and Christopher Bennett 6 2, 6 3. Also Thursday, Cash came up short in the quarterfinals of singles play, winning the opening set but falling 4 6, 7 6 (5), 6 1 to second seeded Maxime Buyckx. The University of Tennessee at Chattan
“The spectacular scenery there is quite something,” Putnam said.Connections Note Read through the instructable and understand all the pipe fitting connections that will happen before buying materials. The store may not have exactly what you’re looking for, and you may have to improvise. I wound up getting some different parts because my local store didn’t have the exact parts I was looking for. This usually appears in the form of not having a threaded fitting, but having a smooth pipe connection, or vice versa. See the pictures for a visual on this.Motel clerk Tonya Hinds smelled the gas coming from a meter and the back of the motel and she quickly helped everyone get out just in timeThe grand jury charged Cruz with 17 counts of premeditated murder in the first degree, according to the office of Michael Satz, the state attorney for Broward County. Cruz was also charged with 17 counts of attempted murder in the first degree, with these counts listing people who were wounded at Stoneman Douglas but escaped the massacre that day.Cardoza family GoFundMe SamTrans Bus Route Changes Tommy Davidson Tickets List of Bay Area Women Marches New Krispy Kreme flavor PGE scams Week of 1/8/2018
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LOWELL Local Jehovah’s Witness congregations will gather at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell this month for an annual three day regional convention.”They have wonderful options,” he said. “We weren’t quite sure what they would do up front but you know they have players in Pedro (also banned after a red card against Norwich), Hazard, Willian that if they are not playing a classic number nine can do wonderful jobs and be as effective.Now it could be the Red Sox turn.(Written totally tongue in cheek and according to the general perceptions that our political classes are held in!)Q. 1: For every 1 crore you loot, how much will you keep with you, how much will you give to the bureaucracy and how much will you send to head office?
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Zier Ramirez, 7, was getting impatient for Baby Cakes Cupcake Diner to open on Pine Avenue. When he was finally able to visit the newly opened shop, he looked into the refrigerator case and immediately selected a cupcake decorated with a mustache.

“He’s been waiting for them to open up,” his grandmother, Tricia DeGroff said as she purchased two cupcakes from the newest bakery in Niagara Falls.

Baby Cakes is the fulfillment of a dream for two young mothers who have been working long hours to restore and open the doors to their new business, located in the former Celenza’s Florist shop at 1412 Pine Ave.

“We redid everything,” said Christina Groce, 29, standing in the midst of her new bakery. Her partner in the project is Tracy Storey, a pastry chef who studied at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute.

The place has a 1950s soda shoppe feel, and Groce and Storey dress accordingly, although they’ve included some 2015 updates such as pink and purple cotton candy colored hair, tattoos and piercings.

Groce, the mother of three, said the shop has been selling out every day during the soft opening.

“We use all butter cream and fresh ingredients,” Groce said of her product. 24, when free cupcakes will be served,
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along with a free concert by Tony Pedulla who, in keeping with the retro theme of Baby Cakes, will be singing standards by such ’50s era heroes as Frank Sinatra.

The cupcakes cost $2.95 each, and flavors will change everyday, Groce said. “Red velvet is huge for us,” she noted. “So is chocolate peanut butter with Swiss merange.”

The bakery will also make banana split cakes, “which are literally like a banana split in a cake.”

Things have been going even better than the women expected. “We opened for the Italian Festival and Sunday night when it was over and I locked the shop, I cried tears of relief and joy,” Groce said. Added Storey, “I am so overwhelmingly happy.”

The pair were welcomed to the neighborhood by the Rev. Stewart Lindsey, asst. pastor at St. Joseph’s Church across the street. “I haven’t tried them yet because I’m on a diet,” he said, laughing. But, he acknowledged mentioning the business to his parishioners during a recent sermon. “I told them, ‘We’ve got a new business across the street so after church, you should get some cupcakes.'”
Contact Us,It’s already dark outside when Deven MacNair laces up her shoes for work. Like anyone’s job, MacNair’s occupation can fall into routine. For her, it’s a lot of direction: “Right arm on left shoulder.” “Left elbow on right hand.” “Right knee on left thigh.””This was not something that was going to be gone in the short term. It was something we’d have to battle for a long, long time. And Kait knows she’ll probably battle it her whole life,” said Kelly. “And that’s when we really dug in. And Kait, she wanted to get better.”At about that time, Anglo American advertised that it was put ting all its coal reserves in Kwazulu Natal up for sale through a tendering process.But Wileman said she’s doesn’t feel reassured, and she’s hoping to persuade the CIUSSS to subsidize the cost of placing her mother in a privately run nursing home during Henri Bradet’s renovations.Fran Bellamy’s 10 best dining experiences of 2017The Feelings of Loss and Bereavement
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Profounda says seven hospitals have taken it up on stocking the drug at no cost, charging them only when the drug is used. The drug costs $48,000 for a full round of treatment. MacLaughlin said the company will provide the drug free for those without insurance.Limit alcohol: Although we still don’t know exactly how or why, drinking alcohol raises blood pressure. If you’re a regular drinker, quitting can lower your top blood pressure number by several points.Kuiken herself was worried about losing her sight, having to go on dialysis or having a heart attack or stroke. Type 1 diabetes can lead to all those complications, as well as amputations and dementia.Despite that, Lane’s rights still need to be rigorously protected at every step and lawyers should be working to mount his defense now, said Daniel Margolis, an attorney who has frequently represented minors charged with murder and other serious crimes.After writing me that one letter of contrition and admission, he has since resorted to blaming me, projecting onto me, manipulating everyone else, and using church as a ploy. Having to see him when he brings Miss M ( my granddaughter) to my home, or picks her up, is so hard on me that I usually cry, or get angry like today when he picked her up for church. Mr. Sounds hypocritical to me, Mr . R.Counselors help Selmer cope with grief after crash
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Java for Web with Servlets,
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JSP and EJB is the one book you need to master Java web programming. It covers all the technologies needed to program web applications in Java using Servlets 2.3, JSP 1.2, EJB 2.0 and client side programming with JavaScript. These technologies are explained in the context of real world projects, such as an e commerce application, a document management program, file upload and programmable file download, and an XML based online book project.

Java for the Web with Servlets, JSP, and EJB is an excellent resource for intermediate to advanced level Java developers looking to greatly enhance their web application skills. He provides countless tips and tricks that will save the reader both time and money. The software alone makes this book an excellent buy. I highly recommend this book to the ambitious Java developer! Deborah Hittel Shoaf
The video is a little shaky, but you can see neighbors standing around. Mobile County Sheriffs investigators are looking into whether the patrol car had its lights on when the officer pulled over. Witnesses say this is the car belonging to officer Murphy and as you can see, the lights are turned off. Officials say they are still investigating.I think my being able to cope with hope goes back to the way I was raised. In those pioneer times, when my grandparents had their family, times were difficult and many families lost young children with whooping cough or diphtheria or other childhood diseases. It must have been unbearable. Every day was a struggle for them. Yet they pressed on.A few years ago, Muhlbauer and Czyz started noticing that when they used EMDR with their patients many of whom are homeless, and some who haven’t been able to hold jobs clients “got not just better, they got lots better, and they stayed better,
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” Muhlbauer said.

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Virginia: Right behind the Irish, at no. 15. (DallasLaxDad) The Cavaliers can win the big games, but the key is, as always, their consistency. A senior laden team such as this should be a able to harness that experience. (draw18) 9. Northwestern and UVa each went 6 6 against top 20 teams. So I’ll give the Cats top billing from their win over Hoos waaaay back in February. (johnnyboy) Laxing and relaxing. (Lionwatcher) 13 Congratulations! You’re the Most Inconsistent Team of 2015. Good news: that means there’s still a chance for big NCAA showing. (LowD09) 15. (Lucky Laxer) Coin flip between UVa and the Empire. UVa gets 10, NU gets 11. (mytwokeepers) 8. Hoo will show up? (Palmtree) 16. Await tourney. (slides2) The ‘Hoos lost twice to Notre Dame. 7 seed? I just don’t see it. (socrlaxdad) 12. (Turtles Lax) Hoos up for playing anywhere on the road as long as it isn’t in South Bend! (UnderArmourOdor)One activity stood out to Leardi: creating a memory box.James says closing the school, which also houses a daycare, would be hard on single mothers in the neighbourhood. He thinks some may have to move and change jobs to get the same kind of support in another community.was a lot of fun there, she said. Well, maybe not all of it: she had no idea how early she be forced to rise and shine.Crook County officials will be holding a public meeting on Winter Weather Awareness and Preparedness on Monday, November 20th at 6:00 pm in the Crook County Courtroom located at 320 NE Court Street.
leather credit card holder with money clip A customer has a question for baristas

What is “standard protocol” for stirring or not stirring iced drinks? Almost every time I order a flavored iced latte or iced Caramel Macchiato, the drink looks like all milk with toppings/espresso floating on top. Then, I have to take it over to the counter to stir it up before I can go on my way. I would love to have a stirred drink, so I could just grab and go! Are baristas supposed to stir? If so, how can I politely ask for this standard to be followed? If not, is it obnoxious for me to request this favor/customization when I order? What would the preferred wording of that order be?

Thanks to the many hard working, cheerful baristas out there!

Hey Lisa, I work in a busy store, most stores with the labor systems we currently employ are busy. I would say that the preferred method would be to stir the cup as you grab it, I am not trying to be a jerk, I know what you are talking about and I take my cup when ordered and shake it a little myself, its very easy. We deal with thousands of customizations already and adding onto that is just one more thing that challenges us in our roles, especially when it is so easy for the customer to stir it. And yes, I tremendously busy. But I there to support them, and I do that without complaint every day, every time.

The customer is not there to help you/make your job easier. They absolutely should be pleasant, reasonably patient, please and thank you, get off the phone, look you in the eye and say hello, etc., but they are not there to help you make the drink. That YOUR job.

Macchiatos, fine, obviously not meant to be stirred, and now that Lisa question has been answered, her expectations have been set.

But an iced latte? YES!
mulberry tillie bag A customer has a question for baristas
If standard is to stir, then stir, and don expect the customer to do it for you!

Thanks to all the informative, hard working, dedicated baristas out there. You make people day a bit brighter!

we do not stir any drinks. we swirl heavy sauce drinks and i don know the term used for iced green tea lattes but we kinda “twirl” them when the lid is put on.

order your drinks however you want them! if its not done right just nicely say so and if the barista is a good barista they will have no problem fixing it! and if the person does well then its just their fault and need to get over themselves. busy store or not we have repeatable routine to help us keep the drinks flowing so customizations are NO problem!

the problem is people just don realize or care what they are doing. drinks are not suppose to be stirred, and if made correctly you won have syrup at the bottom of your drink. whenever a barista asks me a drink question we will look up the answer together, usually that can happen on the spot so i give the answer and then before the shift ends i show them where the answer is so they can look up things and learn for themselves. its not that hard, its called recipe cards! (of course this doesn go for caramel macchiatos as macchiato can mean “marked” so we mark the milk with espresso and it sits on top)

At my store we not supposed to stir drinks and no longer have the stirring spoons because a customer complained about how it wasn ecofriendly to have the small sink of running water we kept them in. So without the sink, to stir with the metal spoon requires they be sanitized after each drink (A minimum 2 minute process. Plus drying). If someone request a stirred drink now we have to get a wodden stir stick and just throw it away after. Usually we just give our drinks the “Starbucks Swirl” and swirl the shots and syrup together real good before pouring milk.

Id like to chime in, I have been with Starbucks for some time now. When I first started we swirled, had stainless steel stir stick in a water flowing inlet. I work at one of the biggest tourist towns in America. If I didn have a stir stick that I cleaned every two hrs because of running water, id go crazy.

The items behind the bar, tools, are there to make you job, as a barista easier. I think if we had the same tools customers use it would be incredably hard to personalize every drink. Talk to your managers, learning coach, the Starbucks swirl is a be a big one.

On a personal note I do not agree with the hot shots in the iced cups. Just like water bottles melt with heat so do cups. I was actually was told, when training for managerment, our cups are bio degradable! (Not true if I put a Starbucks cup in my garden it will not become dirt) I always order my iced drink milk second before shots then stirred.

There are other points very valid and I did read all the comments but the point is, yes if you have time in an afternoon when a Starbucks isn so busy ask how it is prepared then ask for samples its that easy it will probably not even take 15 mins but learn how its prepared then choice what you would like. I even given those little tabs for personal cups to customers, so they don have to remember what they get if they are new to ordering. I say to them keep this in your wallet/purse then all you have to do is hand it to the barista and say, this is what is like. It really easy if you have a local store and a favorite morning team they will learn your drink quick and after a while they will match your drink to your face. Good luck and bring on the holiday trio!


Starbucks’ top coffee expert to retire No, that’s not Howard Schultz. It’s Dub Hay, the master taster who is in charge of creating new blends. Anyone with info/stories about Hay? With top coffee expert retiring, Starbucks adjustsStarbucks does not have a drink called “Black Guy” Starbucks customer Paul Klenk thought he heard someone order a “Black Guy” a drink with two shots. “I was mortified,” he writes. “A simple double espresso had taken on a racially offensive and violent nickname.
put in a lot of work in and I been doing well, Maddie said. made more strides mentally than physically and that a good thing. I going to keep working it at. said the progress she has made has helped her cope with the jitters that come with doing the pole vault.The Arizona Republic receives the Ursula and Gilbert Farfel Prize for Investigative Reporting and $20,000 for “Scandal at the VA,” a series that uncovered mismanagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs and led to reforms that will improve service to ailing veterans.The study participants were presented with an online survey in which they were asked to imagine a hypothetical situation: one of their loved ones was in an intensive care unit with a 40% chance of dying from sepsis, a severe bacterial infection. Some of the participants were also shown pictures of their family members or loved ones on the screen to intensify the emotional impact of the experience.Practise good personal values. People with integrity inspire confidence in others because they are trustworthy, tell the truth and keep their promises. Some people with exceptional talent and potential have gone from hero to zero because of a lack of guiding values, principles and self discipline to keep them on the straight and narrow. Adopting a code of personal values will help you live a meaningful and successful life.
mulberry tillie bag A customer has a question for baristas

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Many survivors of the attack remained bitter and never forgave their enemies. The same can be said of other American service members who survived World War II. Anyone who is critical of such an attitude can never have undergone an ordeal that’s comparable to what they endured.The researchers even calculated the exact energy expenditure needed to protect against work to home emotional spillover. Burning an additional 587 calories, the equivalent of a 90 minute brisk walk or an hour long swim for a 195 pound male, can reduce the harmful effects of workplace undermining, they wrote.I thinking here of the grandma and grandpa that Kevin Necessary and I met during our reporting for Childhood Saved, the online graphic novel we produced to tell the story of six children removed from their mother home because of abuse and neglect.The event was part of an outreach program by Crane River Theater Company, a professional theater group based in Kearney, to promote its upcoming production of “The Little Mermaid” and to educate kids about aspects of theater, said Candice Dickinson, the show’s director.
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Cave men were really useful. They fought off lions, wolves and other cave men and kept as many women as possible in caves so they could have and grow children.

“Hey Charlie! I’m here to steal your women!”

For most of eternity, men and testosterone have been necessary. They killed all those scary animals. They invented cool things. Like beer! Hey! And guns and cars and airplanes and jet skis and jazz and Elvis and Star Wars and the NFL and politics and the iPhone!

I’m not sure men invented politics though. Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Queen Victoria they weren’t too shabby at politics.

Steve Jobs invented the iPhone. He was famous for inventing what people wanted before they even knew they wanted it.

Men invented wars. They fought in them, too. They manned the ships and flew the planes and fired the guns and charged the enemy. And they did all that for both sides and at the same time!

All those wars culled out the weaker people, so only the fittest survived. Presumably Nature liked that because it produced another of man’s inventions: population control.

From Roosevelt forward, the only president without his own war was Jimmy Carter. Kennedy and Johnson shared a war with Nixon, who declared victory and got out. The previous King of Testosterone got us into the Balkans War. He had his own war and his own intern. The new King of Testosterone hasn’t started his war yet, but he’s clearly checking out the options.

We’re currently in the longest war in our history, started by a preppy in a cowboy hat who thought his father had gone too easy on the enemy during his war, Iraq.

War used to be much more popular than it is now. suburb to watch the Battle of Bull Run. Now our kids plays sports in the suburbs and we watch war on TV.

Recently, I’ve been reading that testosterone levels in men are dropping. The “Massachusetts Male Aging Study” gathered data over 17 years on 1,500 testosterone carriers. Their testosterone levels dropped between 1.2 percent and 1.3 percent each year. That’s 20 percent to 22 percent in total. The Finnish Study”showed a man born in 1970 has 20 percent less testosterone than his father had at the same age.

(Fun fact: I was born before 1970. Just saying.)

Experts aren’t sure of the reason. They suspect endocrine “disruptors” food supply and chemicals. Also pesticides, lack of sleep, factory farming and cellphones. (I guess Jobs also gave people what they don’t want before they knew they didn’t want it).

But here’s a thought: maybe it’s nature deciding men have served their purpose, like dinosaurs. Or wars.

The fashion for men now is to wear full beards or at least a two day growth of whiskers. Where does that come from, a subconscious reaction to their dwindling supply of testosterone?

Women have virtually no testosterone. They have a ton of estrogen. That’s why they are nurturing and nice.

It turns out women had a lot more to do with advances in computers and medicine than we were taught as kids. And in a lot of other fields.

Women leaders aren’t as inclined toward war as men. Golda Meir led Israel during the Suez War, but it ended within a year. Margaret Thatcher’s Falklands War only lasted a few months.

Besides, we have all these other ways to fight each other now: cyber warfare, fake news, economic warfare words.

A BBC article noted that women use 20,000 words per day compared to 7,000 for men, giving new meaning to the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It also suggests a new and different approach to conflict: talking instead of shooting.

Novel, huh?

I wonder if Nature is changing the balance of power between men and women. Look at the “Me Too” movement all those men with cave man tendencies being demolished by estrogen wielding women.

Here’s another thought. Are men needed as much as we used to be? Or is it time to leave the cave and all that stuff behind?
In South Carolina, there were a total of 470 flu associated hospitalizations. The number of reported deaths since the beginning of the flu season, which began in October, is 46.Included in the list are Vault, which is designed to hide other apps, Kik Messenger, photo sharing service Snapchat, and the Tinder dating app.”You could see him take the time to greet and speak to the motorcade escort police In spite of him just finding out he had been fired as the Director,” Thornton wrote in one email. “He demonstrated his appreciation and respect for the FBI’s law enforcement partners.”
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Gilda’s Club, named for comedian Gilda Radner who died from cancer, is a national organization that provides ongoing emotional support for people with any type of cancer. There is one in Nashville.But the media’s usual practice to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil in the Obama administration buried this news, and allowed Obama to continue to pose as Israel’s friend, just as he continued to assure Americans that, if they liked their doctor, they could keep their doctor.LaRosa said the bill was crucial for promoting fairness and equality in homeowning and homesharing operations.The Penguins took a few good things away from Game 1. Rookie goalie Johan Hedberg was impressive in his NHL playoff debut, making 26 saves while doing a minimum of scrambling. If that turns out to be indicative of Hedberg’s typical postseason performance, the Penguins will be fine in goal.When people think of this topic, they usually think of the spoiled child who gets whatever they want, but that is not necessarily the case. Overindulgence is divided into three main categories:
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Scientists are describing what may be a “complete solution” to cleaning up oil spills a superabsorbent material that sops up 40 times its own weight in oil and then can be shipped to an oil refinery and processed to recover the oil. Their article on the material appears in ACS’ journal Energy Fuels.

T. C. Mike Chung and Xuepei Yuan point out that current methods for coping with oil spills like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster are low tech, decades old and have many disadvantages. Corncobs, straw and other absorbents, for instance, can hold only about 5 times their own weight and pick up water,
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as well as oil. Those materials then become industrial waste that must be disposed of in special landfills or burned.

Their solution is a polymer material that transforms an oil spill into a soft, solid oil containing gel. One pound of the material can recover about 5 gallons of crude oil. The gel is strong enough to be collected and transported. Then, it can be converted to a liquid and refined like regular crude oil. That oil would be worth when crude oil sells for a barrel.
The job has had its good times and Knox said that was easy to recall recently when another officer sent him a photo of their graduating class from police college, filled with the smiling faces of fresh young recruits in 1988.Blind Veterans UK is the national charity for blind and vision impaired ex Service men and women, providing vital practical and emotional support to help veterans discover life beyond sight loss.No! I won play debt with a currency that not backed by gold and silver! No! I won trust in God 8 janvier 2011Je pense que les tats Uniens devraient revoir rigoureusement l qui permet d des armes pour se dfendre pour en modifier srieusement le texte: contrle rigoureux des propritaires d feu, un ge minimum requis pour la possession et un permis obligatoire de port d Depuis quelques annes, les jeunes ont accs aux armes sans contrle adquat des parents: il y a un manque flagrant du sens des responsabilits des adultes face aux armes et quoi sert d des armes feu, part essayer de faire de l 8 janvier 2011Un autre cingl qui dlire en mettant fin la vie de gens qui n ont probablement rien voir avec ses problmes. Amrcain ou non, ce type a des problmes et une des solutions qui se prsentait lui tait , l utilisation d une arme feu autorise par les dirigeants Amricains elle mme soutenue par la NRA qui contribue la caisse lectorale des dmocrates coup de millions.Swift finished with 88 yards, Chubb had 77 and Michel added 45 before he left the game in the third quarter with what is believed to be a minor knee injury. In the last game against the Tigers, Chubb was held to 27 yards and Michel 21 their lowest outputs of the season.was his dream, that was what he wanted to do,
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” said Eades.

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In January 2013, the city announced it had been negotiating with Goldcorp PGM and declaring the centre to the city needs. a week, City Hall revealed that Goldcorp PGM was willing to pay $5 million for the STC building and the goldmine tour.The Great Recession forced cuts across state government, eliminating many employees’ jobs. state workers received no pay increases during four of the past 10 budget years.”Students will pour into the first Roanoke County high school built in 16 years when the new Cave Spring High opens its doors in September.” Six hundred students were expected.290 TO 299 GAMEBy Paul Woolverton
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Making a salad in the warm months is an exercise in greediness and narrowing down choices. Our bowls overfloweth. But this time of year, the pickings get slimmer. Time for those creative juices to flow: We might think about including a cooked ingredient or two in a salad, and maybe some cold weather fruit.

In this salad, beautiful, sweet, orange, butternut squash gets roasted with some slightly but appealingly bitter radicchio. Roasting sweetens up the lettuce a bit, and the squash too. When cooled, they are mixed with some assertive endive, tart apple and earthy chickpeas.

You can choose between red wine or balsamic vinegar for the dressing. Either will amp up the tartness, and the balsamic will add a little sweetness as well.

The ricotta salata is the amazing finishing touch. It is an Italian cheese that should be a lot more popular than it is. Ricotta salata is made from the whey of sheep’s milk. It has an ivory color, a lovely saltiness and a firm, crumbly texture. If you can’t find it, a cup of crumbled feta would do fine. You could also use goat cheese, but I might sprinkle that over the top of the salad so it stays distinct and doesn’t mush into the rest of the dish.

Chopped Winter Salad

Serves 6

Start to finish: 50 minutes

1 pound cubed (3/4 inch) butternut squash

Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

4 tablespoons olive oil, divided

1 large head radicchio, quartered and cored, and each quarter sliced in thirds crosswise

1/4 cup balsamic or red wine vinegar

2 large heads endive, sliced cross wise into 1/2 inch slices

1 (15.5 ounce) can chickpeas, drained and rinsed

1 green apple, cut into 1/2 inch dice

1 cup slivered ricotta salata

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Place the squash with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil on a rimmed baking sheet, season with salt and pepper,
mulberry card holder A chopped winter salad to make you rethink winter salads
and toss well. Spread out into a single layer, and roast for 15 minutes, until almost tender. Remove from the oven, add the radicchio, toss again, and spread out again into a single layer. Roast for another 8 to 10 minutes until the squash is tender, but still firm, and the radicchio is wilted. Remove and let cool to room temperature.

In a large bowl whisk together the vinegar, remaining 3 tablespoons olive oil, and salt and pepper. Add the cooled squash and radicchio, endive, chickpeas, apple, and ricotta salata, and toss to combine. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed.
If Taylor could put up with his hospital stays without showing fear, then she could certainly do something that scared her, she said.The new location is about nine times larger than the garage. As a result, the company has increased its production capacity. This year, about 20 tons of apples were used to make cider.She hopes people who attend and participate in the program Sept. 13 can learn from the words of speakers, grieving family members and suicide attempt survivors what the people who contemplate suicide went through or may have been feeling or thinking.have let N Kante and Danny Drinkwater go. He would have been the record sale in the history of the club and the record purchase for Manchester City. By my calculations, Leicester would have made 59.8m profit on the player they bought from Le Havre for 350,000.Faith was singing a song, “If I Die Young,” on the way, he said.
mulberry card holder A chopped winter salad to make you rethink winter salads