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What is “standard protocol” for stirring or not stirring iced drinks? Almost every time I order a flavored iced latte or iced Caramel Macchiato, the drink looks like all milk with toppings/espresso floating on top. Then, I have to take it over to the counter to stir it up before I can go on my way. I would love to have a stirred drink, so I could just grab and go! Are baristas supposed to stir? If so, how can I politely ask for this standard to be followed? If not, is it obnoxious for me to request this favor/customization when I order? What would the preferred wording of that order be?

Thanks to the many hard working, cheerful baristas out there!

Hey Lisa, I work in a busy store, most stores with the labor systems we currently employ are busy. I would say that the preferred method would be to stir the cup as you grab it, I am not trying to be a jerk, I know what you are talking about and I take my cup when ordered and shake it a little myself, its very easy. We deal with thousands of customizations already and adding onto that is just one more thing that challenges us in our roles, especially when it is so easy for the customer to stir it. And yes, I tremendously busy. But I there to support them, and I do that without complaint every day, every time.

The customer is not there to help you/make your job easier. They absolutely should be pleasant, reasonably patient, please and thank you, get off the phone, look you in the eye and say hello, etc., but they are not there to help you make the drink. That YOUR job.

Macchiatos, fine, obviously not meant to be stirred, and now that Lisa question has been answered, her expectations have been set.

But an iced latte? YES!
mulberry tillie bag A customer has a question for baristas
If standard is to stir, then stir, and don expect the customer to do it for you!

Thanks to all the informative, hard working, dedicated baristas out there. You make people day a bit brighter!

we do not stir any drinks. we swirl heavy sauce drinks and i don know the term used for iced green tea lattes but we kinda “twirl” them when the lid is put on.

order your drinks however you want them! if its not done right just nicely say so and if the barista is a good barista they will have no problem fixing it! and if the person does well then its just their fault and need to get over themselves. busy store or not we have repeatable routine to help us keep the drinks flowing so customizations are NO problem!

the problem is people just don realize or care what they are doing. drinks are not suppose to be stirred, and if made correctly you won have syrup at the bottom of your drink. whenever a barista asks me a drink question we will look up the answer together, usually that can happen on the spot so i give the answer and then before the shift ends i show them where the answer is so they can look up things and learn for themselves. its not that hard, its called recipe cards! (of course this doesn go for caramel macchiatos as macchiato can mean “marked” so we mark the milk with espresso and it sits on top)

At my store we not supposed to stir drinks and no longer have the stirring spoons because a customer complained about how it wasn ecofriendly to have the small sink of running water we kept them in. So without the sink, to stir with the metal spoon requires they be sanitized after each drink (A minimum 2 minute process. Plus drying). If someone request a stirred drink now we have to get a wodden stir stick and just throw it away after. Usually we just give our drinks the “Starbucks Swirl” and swirl the shots and syrup together real good before pouring milk.

Id like to chime in, I have been with Starbucks for some time now. When I first started we swirled, had stainless steel stir stick in a water flowing inlet. I work at one of the biggest tourist towns in America. If I didn have a stir stick that I cleaned every two hrs because of running water, id go crazy.

The items behind the bar, tools, are there to make you job, as a barista easier. I think if we had the same tools customers use it would be incredably hard to personalize every drink. Talk to your managers, learning coach, the Starbucks swirl is a be a big one.

On a personal note I do not agree with the hot shots in the iced cups. Just like water bottles melt with heat so do cups. I was actually was told, when training for managerment, our cups are bio degradable! (Not true if I put a Starbucks cup in my garden it will not become dirt) I always order my iced drink milk second before shots then stirred.

There are other points very valid and I did read all the comments but the point is, yes if you have time in an afternoon when a Starbucks isn so busy ask how it is prepared then ask for samples its that easy it will probably not even take 15 mins but learn how its prepared then choice what you would like. I even given those little tabs for personal cups to customers, so they don have to remember what they get if they are new to ordering. I say to them keep this in your wallet/purse then all you have to do is hand it to the barista and say, this is what is like. It really easy if you have a local store and a favorite morning team they will learn your drink quick and after a while they will match your drink to your face. Good luck and bring on the holiday trio!


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mulberry tillie bag A customer has a question for baristas