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Many survivors of the attack remained bitter and never forgave their enemies. The same can be said of other American service members who survived World War II. Anyone who is critical of such an attitude can never have undergone an ordeal that’s comparable to what they endured.The researchers even calculated the exact energy expenditure needed to protect against work to home emotional spillover. Burning an additional 587 calories, the equivalent of a 90 minute brisk walk or an hour long swim for a 195 pound male, can reduce the harmful effects of workplace undermining, they wrote.I thinking here of the grandma and grandpa that Kevin Necessary and I met during our reporting for Childhood Saved, the online graphic novel we produced to tell the story of six children removed from their mother home because of abuse and neglect.The event was part of an outreach program by Crane River Theater Company, a professional theater group based in Kearney, to promote its upcoming production of “The Little Mermaid” and to educate kids about aspects of theater, said Candice Dickinson, the show’s director.
Discount mulberry clutch sale Outlet A crazy new take on men

Cave men were really useful. They fought off lions, wolves and other cave men and kept as many women as possible in caves so they could have and grow children.

“Hey Charlie! I’m here to steal your women!”

For most of eternity, men and testosterone have been necessary. They killed all those scary animals. They invented cool things. Like beer! Hey! And guns and cars and airplanes and jet skis and jazz and Elvis and Star Wars and the NFL and politics and the iPhone!

I’m not sure men invented politics though. Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Queen Victoria they weren’t too shabby at politics.

Steve Jobs invented the iPhone. He was famous for inventing what people wanted before they even knew they wanted it.

Men invented wars. They fought in them, too. They manned the ships and flew the planes and fired the guns and charged the enemy. And they did all that for both sides and at the same time!

All those wars culled out the weaker people, so only the fittest survived. Presumably Nature liked that because it produced another of man’s inventions: population control.

From Roosevelt forward, the only president without his own war was Jimmy Carter. Kennedy and Johnson shared a war with Nixon, who declared victory and got out. The previous King of Testosterone got us into the Balkans War. He had his own war and his own intern. The new King of Testosterone hasn’t started his war yet, but he’s clearly checking out the options.

We’re currently in the longest war in our history, started by a preppy in a cowboy hat who thought his father had gone too easy on the enemy during his war, Iraq.

War used to be much more popular than it is now. suburb to watch the Battle of Bull Run. Now our kids plays sports in the suburbs and we watch war on TV.

Recently, I’ve been reading that testosterone levels in men are dropping. The “Massachusetts Male Aging Study” gathered data over 17 years on 1,500 testosterone carriers. Their testosterone levels dropped between 1.2 percent and 1.3 percent each year. That’s 20 percent to 22 percent in total. The Finnish Study”showed a man born in 1970 has 20 percent less testosterone than his father had at the same age.

(Fun fact: I was born before 1970. Just saying.)

Experts aren’t sure of the reason. They suspect endocrine “disruptors” food supply and chemicals. Also pesticides, lack of sleep, factory farming and cellphones. (I guess Jobs also gave people what they don’t want before they knew they didn’t want it).

But here’s a thought: maybe it’s nature deciding men have served their purpose, like dinosaurs. Or wars.

The fashion for men now is to wear full beards or at least a two day growth of whiskers. Where does that come from, a subconscious reaction to their dwindling supply of testosterone?

Women have virtually no testosterone. They have a ton of estrogen. That’s why they are nurturing and nice.

It turns out women had a lot more to do with advances in computers and medicine than we were taught as kids. And in a lot of other fields.

Women leaders aren’t as inclined toward war as men. Golda Meir led Israel during the Suez War, but it ended within a year. Margaret Thatcher’s Falklands War only lasted a few months.

Besides, we have all these other ways to fight each other now: cyber warfare, fake news, economic warfare words.

A BBC article noted that women use 20,000 words per day compared to 7,000 for men, giving new meaning to the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It also suggests a new and different approach to conflict: talking instead of shooting.

Novel, huh?

I wonder if Nature is changing the balance of power between men and women. Look at the “Me Too” movement all those men with cave man tendencies being demolished by estrogen wielding women.

Here’s another thought. Are men needed as much as we used to be? Or is it time to leave the cave and all that stuff behind?
In South Carolina, there were a total of 470 flu associated hospitalizations. The number of reported deaths since the beginning of the flu season, which began in October, is 46.Included in the list are Vault, which is designed to hide other apps, Kik Messenger, photo sharing service Snapchat, and the Tinder dating app.”You could see him take the time to greet and speak to the motorcade escort police In spite of him just finding out he had been fired as the Director,” Thornton wrote in one email. “He demonstrated his appreciation and respect for the FBI’s law enforcement partners.”
ebay mulberry handbag A crazy new take on men