Discount mulberry blue bag Outlet A look back at who Michigan lost in 2017

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mulberry handbag A look back at who Michigan lost in 2017

after the Red Wings won their second consecutive NHL Championship. (Photo: Julian H. Gonzalez, Detroit Free Press)

Mike Ilitch rose from a humble west side neighborhood to assemble a food, sports and entertainment empire that enabled him to return the Stanley Cup to Hockeytown, build a new arena and ballpark, restore the grandeur of downtown’s iconic Fox Theatre and introduce metro Detroit to the concept of He died Feb. 10 at age 87.

From his first Little Caesars outlet in a Garden City strip mall in 1959, Ilitch became a major metro Detroit personality and a key figure in the revival of downtown Detroit. In addition to founding the Little Caesars pizza chain, he owned the Red Wings, Tigers and the Fox Theatre, and operated city owned Joe Louis, Cobo, and Little Caesars arenas, among other smaller businesses, teams and restaurants.

Marvin Yagoda, owner of Marvin Marvelous Mechanical Museum. stands by his carousel on Monday, Jan.5, 2009. Yagoda passed away in 2017. (Photo: David Kilkenney, Special to the Free Press)

Marvin Jay Yagoda, a pharmacist by trade who was best known for creating Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, died Jan. 8. He was 78. Tucked in the back of a strip mall on Orchard Lake Road just south of 14 Mile, Yagoda’s museum is a cacophony of gizmos, games and gadgets that bills itself as “A mind blowing fully interactive museum open to the public 365 days a year with free admission!” The place is so unusual that rapper Eminem rented it to host his 30th birthday bash.

Ron Savage, Fox 2 News anchor and a Milford firefighter (Photo: Fox 2)

Ron Savage, an Emmy Award winning journalist and volunteer on call firefighter, died Feb. 25 after collapsing while training with the Milford Fire Department. He suffered a cardiac arrest at age 63. Savage co anchored Fox 2 News Weekends and produced Michigan’s Most Wanted segments, highlighting unsolved crimes. At the time of this death, Fox 2 officials said more than 1,000 fugitives had been arrested from tips from viewers.

Francine Hughes walked into the Ingham County Jail on March 9, 1977 and confessed that, fearing for her life, she had set fire to her home in Dansville, where her abusive ex husband Mickey Hughes was sleeping. (Photo: Lansing State Journal)

Francine Hughes walked into the Ingham County Jail on March 9, 1977 and confessed that, fearing for her life, she had set fire to her home in Dansville, where her abusive ex husband Mickey Hughes was sleeping. A jury eventually acquitted her in Hughes’ death. Her defense that her actions were the result of the beatings and verbal abuse she had endured for more than a decade brought the plight of battered women into the national spotlight, inspiring dozens of domestic violence laws. Her story also inspired the best selling book “The Burning Bed,” a TV movie of the same name, a folk song and a hit for country star Martina McBride (“Independence Day”). Known as Francine Wilson after remarrying, she died March 22 in Alabama. She was 69.

Robert D. Mahoney was Michigan first blind lawmaker and raised 10 children with his wife, Jennie,
Discount mulberry blue bag Outlet A look back at who Michigan lost in 2017
who is also blind. (Photo: Family photo)

Robert D. Mahoney, who was Michigan’s first blind lawmaker and who raised 10 children with his wife, Jennie, who is also blind, died March 30 at age 95. Mahoney, who attended Northern High School in Detroit and the Michigan School for the Blind, lost his eyesight at age 15 and worked as a door to door salesman before he was first elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 1954, representing northeast Detroit for 18 years. She was 78. Moy, a Detroit native, gave Wonder his second Top 10 hit with 1965’s “Uptight (Everything’s Alright),” helping convince Motown chief Berry Gordy Jr. to give her the role of producer making her the first woman to land that position at Hitsville.

On October 20, 2003 Kirk Jones of Canton leaped from the railing along the Niagara River in Ontario, Canada and became the first human to survive the 300 foot drop over Horseshoe Falls with nothing but the clothes on his back.

Michigan native Kirk Jones, the first person to have survived an unprotected plunge into Niagara Falls, is believed to have died in April after a second attempt at plunging into the same falls, according to the Associated Press. Jones’ body was recovered June 2 from the waters under the falls. He was 53.

Disc jockeys Bob Bauer of WLLZ and Lynn Briggs of WJLB visit at a reception in February 1987 at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield. (Photo: Daymon J. Hartley, Detroit Free Press)

Radio personality Bob Bauer, whose voice was familiar to decades of Detroit rock listeners, died July 21 at age 63. Bauer was best known for his tenure at Detroit stations WLLZ FM (“Wheels”), WABX FM, WCSX FM and others. During the last decade, he embraced online radio, including a pair of programs webcast from the UDetroit studio in Detroit’s Harmonie Park district.

Birmingham architect Gunnar Birkerts, photographed in 1991, carved a tiny, private office suite into a hillside off Telegraph Road in Southfield. Birkerts died in August at 92. (Photo: Detroit Free Press archives)

Gunnar Birkerts, a Latvian born architect who over half a century of practicing in Detroit designed some of southeast Michigan’s most notable buildings, died in August in Massachusetts. He was 92. His best known works included Domino’s Farms in Ann Arbor, the 1300 Lafayette residential tower near downtown Detroit, the orange hued Calvary Baptist Church near Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit, the University of Detroit Mercy’s Fisher Administration Building and the University of Michigan Law School’s underground library.

Sister Joseph Marie (Madeleine) Ruessmann was a member of the Religious Sisters of Mercy. She was both a civil lawyer and a Catholic canon lawyer, with a master degree in business. (Photo: Lux Funeral Homes)

Sister Joseph Marie (Madeleine) Ruessmann, 64, died Aug. 17 after being struck by a vehicle while riding her bicycle in Alma, where she lived as a member of the Religious Sisters of Mercy. Ruessmann was both a civil lawyer and a Catholic canon lawyer, with a master’s degree in business. She helped people in the community with financial, legal and immigration matters.

Thomas Edison Wark is considered the “father of the Detroit Free Press Action Line.” (Photo: Lois Wark)

As an editor at the Detroit Free Press, Thomas Edison Wark helped oversee the paper’s Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of the 1967 Detroit riots and created a hugely popular public service column that other newspapers copied. Wark, who also held senior editing posts at the Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Times, died Aug. 18 of pancreatic cancer. He was 82. In revealing his terminal diagnosis to friends, Wark wrote, “It’s been a good ride. No regrets. Grateful for so many good friends.”

Jeanie Daar Sinclair Smith was a regular at Hudson Thanksgiving Day parades, posing here with Santa Claus. (Photo: Family photo)

Known around Detroit as Christmas Carol, singer Jeanie Daar Sinclair Smith was a frequent guest for decades on many local TV and radio programs. Sinclair Smith, 93, died Aug. 29. Known professionally as Jeanie Daar, she was a regular on radio station WJR AM’s “Jack Harris Show,” and she delighted thousands of children over many years as Christmas Carol, taking over the role made famous by Maureen Bailey in Hudson’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles left, Bobby Rogers, Pete Moore, Smokey Robinson and Ronnie White. (Photo: International Talent Mgt)
It not just astronauts whose biological clocks fall out of sync; shift workers such as doctors, pilots and police officers may face the resulting fatigue and the impairment that comes with it.Harry was then put back on the nebuliser treatment.Also, Community Outreach Inc. has received a $75,000 infusion of donations that will allow it to re open its emergency family shelter Friday. COI, which has been trying to cope with a loss of $100,000 in government funding, closed the shelter July 1.And he was a factor in the overtime as he scored five of the Dragons’ seven points in the extra session,
Discount mulberry blue bag Outlet A look back at who Michigan lost in 2017
hitting a layup and three of his four shots at the charity stripe.