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Zier Ramirez, 7, was getting impatient for Baby Cakes Cupcake Diner to open on Pine Avenue. When he was finally able to visit the newly opened shop, he looked into the refrigerator case and immediately selected a cupcake decorated with a mustache.

“He’s been waiting for them to open up,” his grandmother, Tricia DeGroff said as she purchased two cupcakes from the newest bakery in Niagara Falls.

Baby Cakes is the fulfillment of a dream for two young mothers who have been working long hours to restore and open the doors to their new business, located in the former Celenza’s Florist shop at 1412 Pine Ave.

“We redid everything,” said Christina Groce, 29, standing in the midst of her new bakery. Her partner in the project is Tracy Storey, a pastry chef who studied at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute.

The place has a 1950s soda shoppe feel, and Groce and Storey dress accordingly, although they’ve included some 2015 updates such as pink and purple cotton candy colored hair, tattoos and piercings.

Groce, the mother of three, said the shop has been selling out every day during the soft opening.

“We use all butter cream and fresh ingredients,” Groce said of her product. 24, when free cupcakes will be served,
Discount is mulberry outlet genuine Outlet A dream comes true on Pine Avenue
along with a free concert by Tony Pedulla who, in keeping with the retro theme of Baby Cakes, will be singing standards by such ’50s era heroes as Frank Sinatra.

The cupcakes cost $2.95 each, and flavors will change everyday, Groce said. “Red velvet is huge for us,” she noted. “So is chocolate peanut butter with Swiss merange.”

The bakery will also make banana split cakes, “which are literally like a banana split in a cake.”

Things have been going even better than the women expected. “We opened for the Italian Festival and Sunday night when it was over and I locked the shop, I cried tears of relief and joy,” Groce said. Added Storey, “I am so overwhelmingly happy.”

The pair were welcomed to the neighborhood by the Rev. Stewart Lindsey, asst. pastor at St. Joseph’s Church across the street. “I haven’t tried them yet because I’m on a diet,” he said, laughing. But, he acknowledged mentioning the business to his parishioners during a recent sermon. “I told them, ‘We’ve got a new business across the street so after church, you should get some cupcakes.'”
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Discount is mulberry outlet genuine Outlet A dream comes true on Pine Avenue