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“When I first saw him, I thought, man, that dog is skinny,” Beck said. He then asked the carrier for his thoughts on Jackx. “He said, ‘Well I transport dogs for a living and I can tell you this guy is a sweetheart,'” Beck said.None said life in a tent is calm or simple. A city contracted company routinely clears out camps, with a list of planned sweeps posted weekly online. Campers can never settle in; they must be ready to move on short notice. Some return to their camp sites to find their belongings rounded up during a sweep and moved miles away to a storage facility.term psychological effectstexted a friend of his named Kionna Price, saying that he owed her a birthday present, Clark said. asked Price if she could come by and pick it up. And she said no. So, sometime between 11 and midnight, Thompson walked from his home and met up with Price. She turned to go back in the house and he turned to walk back down Vance Street. to Everette, Price saw a vehicle driving back and forth down the street. Price said she heard someone say, poppin? said that as Price was walking into her house, she heard Thompson respond, that? No one got out of the car. Then she heard gunshots.She added the training model provides “everyday skills for coping.”Karen Hays, Cope’s niece, is 12 years younger than her famous Aunt. She said she loved hearing tales from the road.
Discount mulberry look alike bags Outlet a resolve to rebuild after Thomas Fire

Ventura homeowner Adele Bonge steps on a piece of her rooftop as neighbors David Carlson and Amy Crittenden dig through rubble for lost possessions on Thursday morning.(Photo: CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR)Buy PhotoLaura and Ron Van Rossum were just about out the door of their Ventura home Monday night, a few minutes after an alert about a Santa Paula fire jolted them awake.

Less than a mile away, Nick Bonge was also tracking the fire. He texted friends in Santa Paula, asking if they were OK and offering his place up to anyone forced to evacuate.

Within hours, the wind whipped fire that sprinted from its origins around Thomas Aquinas Collegehad destroyed both of their Ventura hillside homes.

A street in ruinsHillcrest Drive is a narrow, winding road where custom builthomes overlook views of the picturesque downtown, the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. The Van Rossums moved to the city in 1989, and in their 1940s era hillside home they settled into a community they grew to love. They also loved the houseand had remodeled it various times the most recent, just finished projectinvolvedthe third floor.

On Thursday, the couple returned to the charred remains of theirhome for the first time and instantly set about, with the help of neighbors and Fresno firefighters, trying to open a gun safethat contained important documents.

“I’m not crying over the house. I’m crying when someone does something nice,” Laura Van Rossumsaid. “I’m so absolutely humbled by so much love. I didn’t know we were loved that much.”

Laura Van Rossum lost her Ventura home. But what’s been more overwhelming to her has been the support she’s getting everywhere. Now, it is those businesses who are supporting her. At The Wharf on Front Street, where she went to buy new clothes, she was overwhelmed by the kindness of the store employees.

Without a doubt, she said, the couple will rebuild after the Thomas Fire. In fact, they’ve already been in contact with the Ojai architect who worked on theirrecent remodel.

“I love this community,” she said.

In the rubble, determinationBuy PhotoVentura homeowner Adele Bonge, center, is assisted by neighbors David Carlson and Amy Crittenden as dig through rubble for lost possessions on Thursday morning. (Photo: CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR)

In the 600 block of Briarwood Terrace, neighbors Amy Crittenden and David Carlson helped Nick and Adele Bonge dig through the rubble of their house. The fireproof box they sought contained documents related to the Bonges’ house, their marriage and other important things.

Nick thought they were digging where the bathroom had been, but Adele recognized a box from her closet and thought they might be getting close. The side of the shower leaned precariously. In their backyard, the glow coming from Hall Canyon signaled the fire was near. Then they got closer. Aside from a charredwall facing the street, the house was a pile of unrecognizable ash and twisted metal.

Buy PhotoNick Bonge, right, of Ventura, and wife Adele Bonge, talk with neighbors David Carlson and Amy Crittenden before they dig through rubble for lost possessions on Thursday morning. (Photo: CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR)

Nick planned to meet with his insurance adjuster laterThursday and, with his help of his daughter, had leads ona house to rent. “We have a lot of memories here. We raised our kids here. Our son’s soccer trophies melted,” he said. “But we’re optimistic. We’re going to rebuild and make it better.”

Bonge said he wouldn’t even consider leaving the hillside, a place that because of its people and eclectic homes is so special it’s difficult for those unfamiliar with it to fullyunderstand.

Ventura’s lossAt the Thursday night news briefing,fire officials said439structures had been destroyed, and 85 had been damaged. Most of those were in Ventura.

On Hillcrest Drive, home after home was in ruins, with a fireplace, twisted plumbing fixtures, a grill andblackenedtreesamong the remains. The neighborhood wasn’t even the worst, Fresno fire officials checking on the street said Thursday.

Among the homes still standing isone owned by the family of Nichole Hocamp. She said she felt overwhelming feelings of guilt but also deep appreciation.
But Hellerstein said he’s not persuaded by arguments about the Nixon administration. “You can’t win with that argument,” he said.The location of the city in some of North Dakota’s most productive oil territory has so far meant that it’s been able to follow its repayment plan even as oil has hovered around $50 per barrel. But if the price falls even lower, Veeder seems unsure what bends that course will take.SCSO sergeant and 18 year SCVSAR detail Danny Wikstrom emphasized the financial aspect.
Discount mulberry hobo handbag Outlet a resolve to rebuild after Thomas Fire

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“Nothing in this amendment would prevent Dominion and SCANA from going forward with their petition,” says Speaker Lucas.The Healing Place Director Melissa Bailey said the seminar provides support for those in attendance.”It was just a wonderful, wonderful day just to have him home. We have so much to be grateful for,” added grandmother Florence Sutton.
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Sitting in Allenby Square in Jerusalem by a monument to the 60th (London) Division which captured the Holy City from the Ottoman Turks in December 1917, my wife, an immigrant to America from Israel, took exception to my latest remark. I was relating what a Palestinian refugee woman from Bethlehem had said to me the day before about the current view by one influential segment of Jews here that this land was given to them by God. “That was thousands of years ago,” the woman from Bethlehem had said, ” I want to live in peace, now!”

“People need to get over ancient history,” I said to my wife as we sat on the bench at the spot where the Arab mayor of Jerusalem raised a white flag and surrendered Jerusalem to the British after seven centuries of Muslim rule, beginning Act One in a drama that still has the world on the edge of its seat exactly a hundred years later.

“Nonsense,” my wife said, “people do not ‘get over’ their history, two thousand years or all the way back to the beginning of present civilization. That’s our karma, it follows us,” and she paused, “unless we finally understand what we are doing.”

For the past month here, “understanding what we are doing” has never been far from my mind as I listened to people from across a spectrum of political and religious viewpoints. The following are a few of the viewpoints I heard.

My aged father in law’s caregiver, a pleasant young woman living in an orthodox Jewish community in Hebron, told me that she believes in a “miracle” which will just make all the Palestinians “vanish” from the land which God gave to his people, the Jews.

Furthermore, virtual apartheid conditions in the West Bank have kept outsiders away and nearly bankrupted him, he says.

A 92 year old veteran of the Palmach, the elite fighters whose courage helped bring about the state of Israel in 1948, said he’s disgusted with the policies of the current ultra right government, his wife adding that things started to go downhill in 1956 (when Israel invaded Egypt during the Suez Crisis).

A young Palestinian woman whom I interviewed in Ramallah who’s studying criminology and sociology in London deplored “the use of any religious ideology to justify actions,” and proposed a one state solution with three steps: no borders, cease oppression, return refugees home. She called for mutual forgiveness.

The daughter of parents who left England with youthful enthusiasm at the time of statehood said in their old age that if they had known what Israel would turn into, they wouldn’t have given their lives for this idea.

Modern Israel is the kind of country we all want to live in, beautiful, prosperous, with socialized caring of citizens from cradle to grave; except for one thing: the state rests on the military oppression of another group of people, Palestinian Arabs. to Israel, and whose daughter is married to a Palestinian, shared a telling, real life story. Three religious Jews were going on and on about their grievances and ill feeling towards Arabs (I heard such talk from both sides during my visit), when an Arab man landed in front of their house in a broken down car.

What was the first thing they did? Walk over and ask him if they could help.

The refugee woman from Bethlehem is afraid for her son, and so is my sister in law for hers. “This hurts women and children most. Men are the problem,” she says making a stabbing motion in the air with her hand, “that’s men,” meaning men on both sides, I gather.

A former Israeli air force navigator showed me on a high resolution map of Gaza the location of a just discovered tunnel used by the Hamas government of Gaza to bring in weapons from Iran. Every day, hundreds of trucks travel between Gaza and the West Bank, he said.
Transplanted Winnipegger Chelsea Carey, skipping one of the better teams in the country, out of Calgary, was in dire need of a third for the following season.Other women agreed that loss of a breast can provoke feelings of loss, anger, pain or anxiety.When asked why he would risk retaliation to testify the teen said because it’s the “right thing to do for the right person.” Seabrooks, he said, was like an uncle to him.(Photo by Joe Territo for Pretty Instant)You have considered what you expect out of yourself, others, and life in general. Most of us sooner or later come to the conclusion that things have to change in order for us to stay better. Relationships and work situations have to be looked at closely. Change has to happen for your recovery to work.
Discount mulberry bag collection Outlet A report from Israel

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Tiens donc, un tir group libertarien ce matin.”I want people around me when my time comes,” Strobel said, “and what better way to honor somebody but to give them a proper burial and respect that they deseve.”Veterans One Stop reaches out to veterans with therapy and counselingStudent Affairs is an umbrella term to describe several offices that work closely with students and groups in the areas of residence life, student activities, counseling, community service, health, food service, and spiritual life.
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you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel. Quoting U2 Bono, Interac CEO Mark O’Connell summarizes his leadership philosophy. One of Canada most recognized brands, he promotes the importance of humility and teamwork throughout the organization.From an early age, O came to appreciate the power of these virtues while playing AAA hockey for the top team in his home town. Although he was the top point getter and was heavily scouted, he was more of a playmaker than a scorer. He recounts that one of his proudest moments was when his team named him Captain even though he did not lobby for it. This was his first epiphany about leadership: others first is a great way to succeed. believes this philosophy applies equally well in the corporate world. may think they need to play the political game to get noticed. It doesn happen like that. Quietly owning your craft is most important. Your results speak for themselves. In companies, you get buoyed up from below, not through self promotion. his career, he has followed this principle. Very early in his career while he was head of marketing for the Canadian office of NCR, an executive position opened at the corporate headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. Despite O being in his early 20s and the youngest executive in company history, the CEO of Canada lobbied for his candidacy and they said they would take a risk.It was not the most welcoming of environments. As he recalls, were a lot of experienced people who didn get that job. At the time, I had no idea I was going to walk into a buzz saw of negativity. He quickly realized that putting his ego aside was critical if he was to be successful. decided I was not going to come in and act like I have all the answers. They knew the business better than anyone and knew what we needed to do to fix things. This really helped me successfully transition as their leader. continues to practise a team first philosophy. Today he leads a team at Interac very different from the company that first launched Canada debit brand 30 years ago. O has led Interac to adapt, transform and evolve over time to become a leader in contactless technology and digital debit solutions, including mobile payments now on Apple Pay and Android Pay. done this by hiring people who can adapt, change and grow with the organization. of his favourite leadership activities is to facilitate ad hoc brainstorming sessions with his team, at which they think and speak freely, without any constraints. critical I help create an entrepreneurial culture here that takes chances on new ideas and helps them grow. Innovation has to be the guts of our business it the only way to compete in this changing payments industry and deliver on what our customers need and want. He also brings in guest speakers to stimulate discussion because the executive team and the company benefit from being exposed to new ideas. enjoys holding all staff meetings, important because they celebrate wins, build momentum and lay out a vision and direction. He takes advantage of that opportunity to hold a Q with the entire company to answer their most pressing questions. is a key motivational tool I use to drive alignment and engagement throughout Interac. be successful as an executive, O believes is more important than IQ. Although I can teach a balance sheet,
mulberry bag lily A really young new executive walks into a hostile office
aspects of emotional intelligence are much tougher to learn and apply. His own EQ has grown through the coaching and training he has received over the years, which have been vital to his success and on which he frequently relies.In particular, he feels that empathy is one of the most challenging skills for CEOs to attain: be a truly successful CEO with a passionate following fully engaged with your corporate strategy and vision, they need to feel that you understand where they are coming from and what is important to them. Otherwise, it very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your goals. about the biggest surprises about being a CEO, he mentions how profoundly he feels the enormous responsibility of role. decision can fundamentally impact (an employee quality of life, as well as the quality of life for their families. As CEO, you have to be able to find the truthAnother challenge is the misperception that CEOs have access to a dashboard of data, which gives them all the answers. big part of the job is sifting through the data and trying to get to the truth. You are often presented with different versions of the truth by virtue of the powerful position you hold. Some people may be afraid to tell it like it is, while others may be looking to present something in a self serving way. As CEO, you have to be able to find the truth. This makes every decision you make more complex. quest for truth leads O to provide an important piece of advice for aspiring executives. need to be brave. The CEO who just holds onto the status quo is setting themselves up for failure. In today fast moving world, you must have the fortitude to make those bets and adjust when necessary. Stagnation is not an option. he has few regrets, O notes that if he were given another chance, he would spend more time on entrepreneurial ventures. was at a 70/30 mix in favour of corporate experience, but if I had to do it over again, I would do a 50/50 split or even 60/40 in favour of entrepreneurial. I passed up a couple of opportunities where I settled for the safety and security of a larger organization. he strongly urges, let money be your career guide. If you keep doing the right things and advancing your skill set, the money will take care of itself. Dowden (PhD) is president and founder of Craig Dowden Associates, a firm focused on supporting clients in achieving leadership and organizational excellence by leveraging the science of peak performance. Dowden delivers evidence based executive coaching and leadership development training to his clients.
To Benedict, er, Lloyd Percival, even lousy Soviet hockey players can become good hockey players. And naturally gifted players can be made better by forcing them to practise every skill skating, puck control, scoring, offensive tactics and defensive tactics in the proper way.Asked on Wednesday about Coach Mike McCarthy offseason decision to surrender play calling chores, Thompson said: had some lengthy converations and I trust Mike with this team. I trust Mike to go through the thought processes. That trust has been earned over time. I trusted him on this.At issue in the job action are benefits, language over layoffs, sick leave, minimum hours worked and termination of employees on leave,
mulberry bag lily A really young new executive walks into a hostile office
according to the union.A second commenter pointed out the facts surrounding her case: “All about her looks and not about the child in the car or the fact she a gang member carrying a gun with other gang members.”

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In another call, a man described seeing smoke inside the cars and “a lot of people hurt.” An Amtrak employee asks dispatchers to send “plenty of help” for the injured.A day that changed the world? Depends on the age and attitude.Who has the best kits this year in the Premier League? I think it Man United, the grey kit is just awesome but maybe I biased. So mailbox over to you.
credit card wallets for men A rare white flying fox

WE NEED TO talk about a special boy called Tal’ngay Dha’run the cutest little sky puppy flying fox in the world right now.

Rescuedlate last year in the small town of Canungra on the Gold Coast, Tal’ngay was suffering from severe sunburn when staff from the Australian Bat Clinic noticed him on the ground.

Leucism is a pigment disorder that’s similar to albinism in that it causes a loss of pigmentation, resulting in beautifully pale individuals like Omo, the leucistic giraffe , and this wonderful Texas rat snake.

But unlike albinism, which blocks the body from producing any melanin the pigment that gives our hair, skin, and eyes their colour leucism is just a partial loss of pigment.

That means leucistic animals retain some of their regular colour, like this ridiculously handsome peacock, and the white lion below, which still has pigment in his eyes and lips:

When it comes to our little bat friend, his leucism has given him mostly white fur and translucent wings, except for the lovely big black splotches that give him a cow print effect:

(Image Credit: Dean Morgan Photography/Australian Bat Clinic Wildlife Trauma Centre)

And check out his adorable mismatched ears:

Tal’ngay is a grey headed flying fox (Pteropus poliocephalus), the largest species of bat in Australia, which usually sports dark grey fur, pitch black wings, and a bright red neck collar.

Because Tal’ngay isn’t protected by the dark colours of his peers, he’d either be picked off by predators or sunburnt to death in the wild, so the Australian Bat Clinic decided to keep him as a permanent resident.

Once they were confident that he would survive his sunburns, the staff crowd sourced his name,
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and chose Tal’ngay Dha’run in recognition of the indigenous Yugambeh Tribe of the local area:

“There are two words ‘Tal’ngai’, which means ‘white’, and ‘Dha’run’, which means ‘Wing’. It is pronounced Talingi Darrun with the emphasis on the T, and the ING and the I in the first name, and the D in the second name.”
This match felt like the culmination of a months worth of growing apathy around Stamford Bridge.1. Drink up”Probably drinking lots of fluids is the most important thing,” Dr Hazell explains, “because although then you’ll probably be getting up to pee all the time you’re probably going to do that anyway it should be a bit less sore because the urine is more dilute, then it’s a bit less uncomfortable.” Drink water, and avoid sugary or acidic juices and soft drinks.”Feels great, feels great,” said Sherba.Just a few weeks later on April 18, Fox wrote. “Dear folks, well today is Sunday and we have the day off. I didn’t get to go to church because of the mumps quarantine. Yesterday we went to the rifle range. I was right next to our platoon sergeant. He made expert rifleman. He is really tough. If we ever go across I want to be with him. It will be at least a year before we get across and by that time I think the war will be over. From Camp Hood we will more than likely go to another camp. I think we will get nearer home then. The Tank Destroyers are the ones that stopped the Germans in North Africa. After this war the tanks will be obsolete, because we have so many ways of stopping them. Boy there’s enough Tank Destroyers in our camp alone to wipe out all the German and Jap tanks. Don’t worry though; I don’t think I will ever see any action. If we do it will just be mopping up. Rich tried to put his parent’s minds at ease in a letter dated April 21, 1943. “Dear Folks, I received your letter yesterday but haven’t had a chance to answer. We were out on night problems last night and we go out again tonight. I can say this, I was very glad to hear that Bobby was a prisoner. If he were not captured I would be worried about him fighting the japs. Fox family. Don’t believe all that stuff you hear about the Japs mistreating prisoners. The officers here tell us that they do not mistreat you because we will do the same to their prisoners. He and I will both be home in a little while. The sergeant said he would be glad to receive a notice like that. Love, Rich.”Newark schools helps kids tackle stressAnd if you think you have the flu, do not come to the emergency room; call your primary care doctor first. The ERs are packed with sick people,
Discount mulberry mini alexa bag Outlet A rare white flying fox
and the threat for getting sick is high.

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Department of Human Services employees Sheena Garrard, left at podium, and Ronnie Key, right at podium, speak at an event about the shortage and importance of foster homes in Ouachita County. No foster homes exist within the county, while around 28 children in Ouachita County need foster homes. Due to the shortage, the children are transported to surrounding areas, and as far away as Fort Smith.It is extremely difficult for a child to talk about sexual abuse. If a child you know ever reports abuse to you, you have a moral and legal duty to report it to law enforcement. We can afford to repeat the mistakes of New Mexico past.She writes the songs and now the novel”Qatar is a partner of the UK in the fight against terrorism but they urgently need to do more to address support for extremist groups, building on the steps they have already taken,” Johnson said.Iran nuclear deal is historic catastropheMurray agreed: “The next HHS Secretary must focus on strengthening health care for everyone, rather than carrying out President Trump’s extreme, politically driven, harmful agenda.”Truro Cathedral bids farewell to Canon Perran Gay
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TAMPA The mystery started when the white house turned black.

Starting a year ago, the eight room house on a prominent stretch of Nebraska Avenue sat among brighter bungalows, a lone raven. Black siding, black chimney bricks, black awnings and a new, black roof.

The owner was not a witch, but a 41 year old estate planning attorney named Rose Wilson. She pulled up to give a rare tour of the 75 year old building this week in a black Mercedes with black, tinted windows. She wore an all black suit and black heels that matched her straight black hair.

It’s her favorite color.

“I really need to get a black cat,” she said. Her current cat, Pig, is all white and presents a fur “nightmare” for a person like her.

The Ladies Heights Happy Hour networking group meets across the street at Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe. Over drinks, they discussed the house.

“It definitely stands out,” said Ellie Baggett, who organizes the group. “Lots of people around here ask, ‘What the hell is that?’?”

What neighbors can’t tell from the outside is that most of the inside is black too some walls are “pacific sea teal,” a dark green that might as well be black and that Wilson has filled this black void with an array of oddities that are either amusing or chilling.

Wilson led the tour through the kitchen, past a table full of headless or hollow eyed dolls and a chrome dental phantom with its jaw affixed in a permanent scream. She entered the dining room, with a several hundred year old oak dining table and elaborate chairs upholstered in green velvet, across from a bell jar filled with tiny doll furniture.

A favorite piece, a 100 year old wooden wheelchair in the corner, reminds her of one that chases a woman in the 1980 horror movie The Changeling.

Wilson, a lawyer and shareholder in the firm Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney, has spent the last year filling nearly every inch of the place with old medical devices, taxidermy animals, bones, crucifixes and vintage furniture and artwork that feels equally dark.

She doesn’t live in the house, which is zoned for commercial use, but lives in Seminole Heights. She calls the home Margoza’s Galleon. A skeletal pirate sculpture and other details, such as sea shells preserved in resin at the edge of some decaying stairs, add to the vibe of a sunken pirate ship.

Wilson has a mild smile and demeanor, and answers questions with the kind of considered precision you’d expect from someone who navigates complex tax code for high net worth clients. She downplays her own fascination with her creepy items, but obviously enjoys the reactions of others.

“I’m trying to remain a bit of a mystery, though,” she said.

The other lawyers at the firm know her as an excellent attorney, meticulous, pleasant, and reserved. So it took them by surprise when they visited the home for a party Wilson hosted.

“It shed a whole new light on her as a person, and gave me an appreciation for how multifaceted people can be,” said Heather Brock, a partner at the firm. “The way she’ll take a fossilized beetle and pair it with something else and make something beautiful. She’s got a great eye for design.”

Wilson procures some items via the Internet, such as a framed tonsil guillotine, a 19th century surgical device for curing chronic sore throats, in the reading room. Many items she constructs,
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like a box containing a blood splattered, nail impaled voodoo doll on an upstairs coffee table.

The squirrel’s tail suspended in a jar of liquid was found, sans squirrel, in the back yard. A wooden staff with a stoic face that sits near a 200 year old family Bible presided over by a headless angel came from a Tampa botanica.

Upstairs, antique bird cages sit empty inside a window. Sometimes, the berries on the huge mulberry tree outside ferment and drunken birds fly into the windows and die.

“It’s really sad,” Wilson said.

She’s spent several thousand dollars on the collection, she estimates, but “not a crazy amount.” Apparently, you can get rooster feet to hang above an altar pretty cheap on eBay.

Margoza’s Galleon is also the name Wilson does business under when she occasionally sells some of her macabre creations at local weekend markets.

She had long been a fan of horror films such as Alien and Poltergeist, stuff her dad let her watch while growing up in Orlando. By elementary school, she’d taken to wearing black and hanging out with the “nerds.” She wore black lipstick as a teen. She liked the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

But in high school she set much of that aside. She was focused on academics, and went on to get a master’s in accounting, which led her to tax law. After law school at the University of Florida, her job became all consuming, even on weekends, leaving her little time for hobbies until recently.

The girl with goth leanings found herself a single woman with money, time and a need for a creative outlet.

“Then it was really a Field of Dreams thing. It just got into my head. You must build it.”

Around the same time, she bought the house as an investment. She found oddities online and spent weekends traveling the state to thrift stores and antique shops, painting, crafting and doing renovations.

The house is not open to the public. Wilson has occasionally allowed small, local groups to use Margoza’s Galleon for meetings.
He was about three weeks shy of his second birthday when the unexpected took a tragic turn.The young boy was buckled in the back seat of his babysitter’s car Monday afternoon when she lost control along wet Camp Ernst Road just north of Bluestem Drive and collided head on with another car.He lingered until late Wednesday night.”It’s heartbreaking, because I was just holding the kid a few days ago,” said Cody Hickman, a close friend of the family. “He was hanging out with everybody and, you know, it’s crazy how fast things can change in the split of a second.”Hickman has set up a GoFundMe page to defray mounting medical and funeral expenses for the family. According to Hickman, more than $4,200 had been raised in the past couple of days.Here is a link to the GoFundMe page that has been established.The boy’s mother, Chelsi Williams, posted how she’ll miss her son’s dancing, making funny faces in the mirror and the way he’d grab her face.His father, Matthew Knapp, lost his own father not long ago. Now, he’s dealing with the loss of his son.Boone County investigators have made no final determination, but believe Ashley Miller of Florence was going too fast for rainy road conditions, lost control, then overcorrected into the path of an oncoming car.Her 1 year old, Madlynn, was also buckled in the back with Chase. She was in serious condition and, according to family, has stabilized.”She’s really torn up,” according to Hickman, who knows her and spoke with her. “I mean, she’s of course blaming herself. She’s a complete wreck, to be honest with you.”Miller, who is from Florence, was steering a 2007 Honda Civic northbound Route 237 when she lost control.Investigators determined she crossed the center line into southbound traffic, hitting a 2003 Saab driven by 19 year old Karlie Ferguson of Burlington.The department’s media release stated, “No charges have been filed at this time. Both drivers were wearing their seat belts and both children were seated in car seats in the rear of the vehicle. The rainy conditions, wet roadway, and driving too fast for conditions are preliminary suspected factors in the collision.”After driving Thursday along the narrow, winding road where it happened, we were told about the close knit relationship within the car, truck and track community that most of those involved in the tragedy are a part of.old in South Windsor freezes to death in December”It’s a little picture of time in your life where you realize you’re doing something good,” Harnden said.Debbie emphasized the small town store is able to pay big attention to details.As for the sales tax rebate proposed to be given to the developer not the buyer over six years,
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questions were posed about that proposal as well.If you’re not used to managing your own budget having to do so is one of the most challenging aspects of university life. Unless you’re lucky to be generously funded by your relatives then money is likely to be tight so make sure from the very beginning that you set yourself a budget and stick to it.

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“Clay is a hardworking first selectman who is experienced and will bring a positiveness into the job,” he said. “(Being first selectman) has been a great testing ground for Clay to understand the needs of residents. It’s the place every federal candidate ought to start to understand how decisions in Hartford and Washington affect their constituents.””You follow your policies and procedures. . . . You take all the steps,” St. Pierre said. “You hope that you’ve given the person every opportunity prior to termination to try and turn it around.”Q: Should an owner stay during euthanasia?Neon tetras or Paracheirodon innesi are members of the family Characidae. Characidae are commonly referred to as Characins. Neons are natives to southeastern Columbia, eastern Peru, and western Brazil, including the tributaries of Solimoes. They can be found in black water or clear water streams
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There are four blood groups in the ABO system A, B, AB, and O, and classification is based on the presence or absence of antigenic substances that appear on the surface of blood cells. Both parents contribute to a child’s blood type and the alleles that contribute to this are O, A, and B.

Knowing the blood phenotypes of a couple, a person is able to predict the blood type of their child using the Punnet square. For example, if a blood type BO woman has a child with a man who is blood type O or at least carries an O allele (AO, BO, or OO genotypes) then they could have a blood type O child.

However, there are rare instances when a couple produces a type O child even if they don’t possess any O allele. If this situation occurs, the child possibly carries the Bombay blood type, a blood type first discovered among three unrelated individuals in Bombay (now Mumbai) India in 1952 by Dr. Bhende and his colleagues. The major characteristic of the red blood cells of the Bombay blood group is the absence of the H antigen.

Rare Blood Type

The H antigen is located on the surface of red blood cells and is the precursor of A and B antigens. The A allele is needed to produce a transferase enzyme to modify the H antigen into A antigen. Likewise, the B allele is needed to make the transferase enzyme that would transform the H antigen into B antigen. For type O individuals, the H antigen cannot be transformed further because no functional transferase enzyme is produced to modify the antigen. Note that antigen modification is through the addition of complex carbohydrates into the H antigen by the transferase enzyme.

Bombay, or h/h, Blood Group

A person of the Bombay blood group inherited the recessive form of the allele for the H antigen from each of his parents. He carries the homozygous recessive (hh) genotype instead of the homozygous dominant (HH) or heterozygous (Hh) genotypes of the ABO blood group. As a result, the H antigen is not expressed in the red blood cell surfaces; consequently, the A and B antigens are not formed.

The h allele is a result of the mutation of the H gene (FUT1) that would express the H antigen in the red blood cells of ABO blood group. Scientists found that people of the Bombay phenotype are homozygous (hh) for the T725G mutation (Leucine 242 is changed to Arginine) in the FUT1 coding region. Since they have antibodies against H, A, and B antigens, they can only receive blood donations from other people with Bombay blood type. Receiving blood transfusions from the ABO blood group can be fatal. The antibodies of the Bombay blood react to the red blood cells of the donor and causes cell death. In the past, some patients who were classified as type O by the ABO test died because doctors failed to test them for the Bombay blood type.

Because the Bombay blood type is very rare, it is very hard to find blood donors for patients who need it. The probability of finding a person with Bombay blood type is 1 for every 250,000 people. India has the highest number of people with the Bombay blood group where there is one Bombay blood type per 7,600 people. Geneticists believe that the high number of Bombay blood group people in India is the result of consanguineous marriage among members of a caste class. Higher caste class allows consanguineous marriage to maintain their position in the society and to protect their wealth.
Grenada was the exact opposite. There, the paratroopers found themselves in “98 degree temperatures with equal humidity.”Ron MacLean says Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night is the fruit on the tree when it comes to the game Canadians have grown to love.The Senate used a post midnight vote Wednesday morning to approve the measure on a party line 51 48 tally. Protesters interrupted with chants of, “Kill the bill, don’t kill us” and Vice President Mike Pence repeatedly called for order. Upon passage, Republicans cheered, with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin among them.
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Grief is usually used to describe the emotional state of a person after the death of a loved one. However, many people grieve after the end of a close personal relationship as well. It makes sense; you are still suffering from the loss of someone you loved. The grief process will send you through a series of powerful emotions. Knowing what to expect can help you get through it a little easier. Everyone grieves differently, but there are five common stages that you are likely to go through before the process is complete.Well, Charles, has been through a few so he certainly knows.In addition, many people experience severe psychiatric problems while trying to cope with disasters and those very disasters can limit their options for care.
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ALAMO More than 600 people gathered to celebrate the legacy of an historic refuge and simultaneously protest what environmentalists say is the federal governments bid to irreparably damage it.

With the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge as their backdrop, opponents of a border wall and legislation that would pit Dreamers against other undocumented immigrants urged attendees to pressure lawmakers to reject any deal that would include funding for construction that they say would all but destroy the refuge. Environmentalists established the refuge about 75 years ago as a sanctuary to protect migratory bird species, plants and other endangered animals.

While guest speakers took turns singing music and reading poetry, several in attendance held signs and chanted messages of protests to convey their dissatisfaction with an administration committed to building a physical barrier at what is considered by environmentalists worldwide as the crown jewel of the national wildlife system.

Recently, the president proposed to protect nearly 2 million Dreamers from deportation in exchange for $25 billion in border wall construction funds.

Veronica Fernandez Diaz, 22, a Dreamer herself who came to the rally with a group of fellow students from Colorado College as part of a borders and borderlands class, said it was important for her to visit the region and support DACA recipients and immigration advocates.

I feel very emotionally invested in the process and its hard to take a class where youre emotionally invested just because its draining, she said. Im in it all the time, but its also very empowering to learn how people feel about border issues. We talk about issues pertaining to the border, to communities around the border, about how theyve experience life on the border, the issues they face right now, or things theyve seen.

The latest deal proposed by the president would essentially pit her future against that of her own family, Fernandez Diaz said. citizen but both of her parents are undocumented.

I refuse to criminalize my family for my own sake and so many (Dreamers) know that its not worth it if (they obtain) citizenship if (our) parents are going to be deported or criminalized, Fernandez Diaz said.

The second Trump gets any money for border walls, hell start tearing apart Santa Ana, Nicol said. We want to point out that this could happen very quickly if were not able to exert enough pressure on Sen. (John) Cornyn (and) members of Congress. But this is also part of a much larger militarization, anti border, anti immigrant project thats coming out of this administration.

Opponents of border wall construction have said it would have a negative economic impact across the region.

Less than 10 years ago, researchers with Texas AM University estimated that more than $460 million pours into the Rio Grande Valley from ecotourism, the majority of which comes from birders who travel to the world renowned refuge. Specific estimates suggest more than 165,000 people visit per year, according to the study.

Thats a huge blow to our ecotourism economy, Nicol said. The people that come down here to see birds, if you destroy places where they want to go see birds same thing with the (National) Butterfly Center (and) people that are coming down to see those resources .. theyre going to go somewhere else.

He also said the constant politicization of Dreamers lives speaks to a lack of humanity in those who oppose the youth brought here through no fault of their own.

It adds a tremendous sense of urgency to what were doing, Nicol said. It means that its really critical for people in border communities and throughout the country who care to reach out now and speak up very loudly. I think part of the problem in all these discussions is whats political, whats the political deal thats going to come out of all this, and what the discussion really should be is, what is the right thing to do, what is the moral thing to do.

Nicol said too many times lawmakers pit constituents against each other like pieces in a political game of chess.

I think the moral argument is pretty obvious, and the political argument is pretty offensive, he added. Rep. Filemon Vela, D Brownsville, who earlier in the week chastised fellow Democratic lawmakers for their negotiations with relation to Dreamers and border wall concessions, said he would continue to fight for the recipients of the Obama era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The congressman said the close relationship with Mexico and the overall cost of constructing barriers along the border are the basis for why hes opposed to the idea.

My fundamental objection to physical barriers along the border are really pretty simple the country of Mexico is an ally, not an enemy, and the idea that we would construct physical barriers between our two countries has ever made any sense to me, Vela said just outside the refuge Saturday morning. In the 2017 budget congress appropriated $400 million for replacement fencing in California and Arizona; what does that tell you if were 15, 20 years later spending $400 million to fix what we built 20 years ago, it just doesnt make sense from a cost standpoint.

Vela has been steadfast in his opposition to a DACA deal that includes concessions for border wall construction.

He refused to support a continuing resolution on the eve of a government shutdown last week and then again on Monday when a short term, three week stopgap deal was reached, ending a shutdown that lasted less than three days

Following the agreement to briefly end the shutdown, Vela issued a statement in which he said he was confounded by the negotiating tactics of his fellow Democrats.

Beyond the stupidity of offering unmatched concessions and negotiating against themselves, my colleagues have begun to refer to the border wall in the same way Trumps base speak about Dreamers and undocumented people, his statement read. Reps. Henry Cuellar, D Laredo, and Vicente Gonzalez, D McAllen, as part of the deportation caucus who voted yes for the short term deal Monday.

Allies and other immigrant advocacy groups who support Dreamers want a clean Dream Act, one not tied to border wall concessions in exchange for protection of the undocumented youth.

Abraham Diaz, a Valley native and Dreamer who spent time in Washington lobbying for a clean Dream Act during the week of the government shutdown vote, urged opponents of the wall to pressure their lawmakers into a deal for not only a large contingency of Dreamers in the state, but those around the country whose lives remain in limbo as the early March deadline approaches.

Diaz, who is also a member of La Union del Pueblo Entero, a local immigrant advocacy group, said the clock continues to wind down for him, and more than 700,000 other DACA recipients.

The lives of immigrant youth are on the line, Diaz said. It is shameful that President Trump and aid Stephen Miller are playing with our lives and pitting children against children and immigrants against immigrants. President Trump created this crisis when he ended the DACA program. Now, 122 immigrant youth lose protection from arrest, detention, and deportation every day. The way out of this Trump made crisis is the passage of a Dream Act now.
“We finally have an answer, but there’s no help,” Misty said. “Everyone is puzzled. We don’t know enough about it.”DNR will permitMinn. bookkeeper charged with embezzling $535,000Charge: Man wrote obscene graffiti about Minot police on buildingsMale passenger in officer related shooting near Moorhead says he of nation, claims arrest was a kidnappingentertainmentHeadlinesCecil the lion incredible cruelty for at least 10 hours, new book saysCongratulations everybody, fire is now a dictionary entry, and here whyBecca’s ‘Bachelor’ bounceback: Prior Lake resident will be the new BacheloretteBanned in state: Bottle rockets, studded snow tires and . That “something” turned out to be a “purpose” she felt especially drawn to: female business development. “I have a passion for helping women to see their potential and reach that potential.” Johnson, who uses the name Ashley Rae with her business, had a desire “to reach women at a deeper level to give them education and guidance to get them up and going” in business, she saidGrand Forks Woman Starts Foundation to Help Cancer SurvivorsThe rematch in Mobile turned out to be a dud.Press Release Hawke Bay Civil Defence Group
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A new 24/7 urgent care will open at the intersection of East Morehead Street and South Kings Drive, next to Carolinas Medical Center. (Cassie Cope and Deon Roberts The Charlotte Observer) Carolinas HealthCare System announced Friday plans to open its first 24/7 urgent care clinic in location will also help with the demand in the emergency department, where we see many patients who could have been treated in the urgent care, said Stephen Jones, vice president of Charlotte based Carolinas HealthCare.Patients can receive treatment at the new location often at a lower cost than the emergency department, said Alfred Kendrick, Carolina medical director of urgent care.Like at the other Carolinas facilities, patients can reserve appointments online at the urgent care and use Amazon Alexa technology to learn about wait times.House Committee Advances School CarryCollege football is supposed to represent the reason we first started playing the game because we love it. America is only big enough for one professional football league filled with egotistical dollar chasers.The world also has considered these issues as well. But fundamentally we are the ones who must decide whether we are a family that can heal itself or one that will never learn how to cope with the grief and follow a pathway of self destruction. We talk a lot about leadership, but, what we need our politicians, religious leaders and business community to do is take the moral high ground in their deliberations. It is time to face the underlying problems that surfaced out of 9/11 and that have afflicted us since that fateful day.The church doesn’t disclose or discuss its finances, but Mormon historian D. Michael Quinn estimated in a book published last year that it brought in $33 billion in contributions and an additional $15 billion from its for profit businesses in 2010.A woman was shot and killed in an officer involved shooting on Manchaca Road near Keilbar Lane in south Austin. Feb. In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Users who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. If you see an inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.Woman Knocked Out
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Senior AFLW coach Michelle Cowan says her players are ready for an intense pre season with Freo round one clash against the Western Bulldogs just over two months away.

Tuesday night’s training session ends a long off season for the side, with most players competing for their respective clubs in the WAWFL and coming together for the first time since their final game of the 2017 season on 17 March.

really looking forward to tonight and it straight to work for the girls, Cowan said.

have a 2km time trial straight away. We had a pretty thorough induction process and they really keen to get started. 295 days between the end of season 2017 and the commencement of pre season, Cowan says her coaching staff and sports science team have worked closely to ensure continued development during the off season.

really happy with how everyone has returned,
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Cowan said.

high performance team has worked really closely with the girls throughout their WAWFL season and then in their off season, to make sure that they prepared themselves really well for day one.

got such a short pre season, we 60 days from our pre season game, so it really important that they do turn up in good shape and are ready to go straight away. one win and a draw from seven games in the inaugural season, Cowan expects to see a lot of improvement from some tough lessons learned.

real positive for us is that when you do lose your games you really look at what your program is and you thoroughly look into what you doing, Cowan said.

was so much growth and learning in our off season phase. We really committed to the way that we want to play and we tweak that in a number of ways and get to work.

a lot of hard work to do and we got 60 days to make sure we get that right.

Fremantle can already expect improvement with the addition of a number of exciting recruits, including Kellie Gibson from Adelaide and Alex Williams from GWS, as well as the long awaited debut of star midfielder Kiara Bowers, who missed the inaugural season due to an ACL injury.

Both Bowers and Gibson were classified as marquee players in the inaugural AFLW season and will boost the line up headed by captain Kara Donnellan.

is Kiara first training session for the club, coming off an injury, Cowan said.

“She an elite midfielder and an elite kick. She go through and support in our forwardline or even run through the midfield as well.

worked really hard in her rehab and her recovery from that injury. The heart and the character she shown, she just an exceptional person who worked really hard.
Circuit Court Judge Lewis M. Nixon, supervising judge of the Mortgage Foreclosure section of the Cook County Circuit Court, will chair the Committee. Other members are:It’s difficult to put into words what an amazing vacation my husband and I had in the Smoky Mountains this year. But I think my pictures and the little stories with them will say it for me. It could be the topic of your entry for this year’s Write a DearReader Contest. The deadline is coming up quickly. You really should enter. This contest is all about writing for fun. Cash prizes, read last year’s winning entries, rules and such, you’ll find it all at:Kyler Stenberg opened the third period by sneaking a goal through the five hole, giving the Magi a 6 0 lead. Stenberg added another goal later in the period, this time on a power play.
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It is not the government right nor responsibility to spy on it citizens. They work for us and we pay billions in taxes for these wasteful programs. Terrorist attacks were not common before the NSA and they are not all that common now (at least in this country). The bulk of violence in this country, including a seemingly growing number of mass shootings, are being carried out by our own people. What is the NSA or TSA doing to prevent these shootings at schools, theaters, malls, and even our own military bases? Nothing. They couldn even prevent the Boston Marathon bombing and the older brother was a murderer prior to that incident. Crime should be fought on a local level and all the money being wasted by the feds should be given to local law enforcement for resources and better education programs in schools.It a struggle that a Corpus Christi Police Department officer knows all too well. Sr. Officer Denise Pace mother was suicidal all her life.’The best way to describe it is like a never ending roller coaster,’ said the soft spoken Central Kitsap High School sophomore. ‘You go up a huge ramp of shock from the diagnosis, then you go down the hill with anxiety and emotion, then you go around the loops with helplessness, anger and grief.’1. Roger gets a piece of paper giving his name, address and a direction to help him because he has tried LSD. Did this really happen back then? I mean, resourceful, yes. Incriminating, definitely.ArticlesCybersecurity software company opens new headquarters in TysonsNew projects raising the development ceiling in RestonPrivate firm buys Herndon Parkway property adjacent to new Metro stationCounty proposes 2.5 cent real estate tax increaseFairfax County police charge two teens for school shooting threatTwo Alexandria residents arrested for exporting firearms to ChechnyaBeeping eggs are the bomb for visually impaired childrenNew book highlights local Confederate Special Forces unitGoogoosh: Iran’s daughter speaks her mindNo wasted space! Rethink your underused living roomWhy we see ourselves in ‘This Is Us’
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Sealift barges unload cargo from the vessels Anna Desgagn and the Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping vessel Umiaviut at high tide under clear sunny skies in Iqaluit on Aug. 18. The two vessels are visible on the horizon of Koojessee Inlet, at right. A Woodward tanker vessel was also anchored in the inlet, unloading fuel on the busy shipping weekend. (PHOTO BY PETER VARGA)

The Iqaluit causeway, which was built by the United States Air Force to unload supplies, as it looked in the 1960s. (PHOTO COURTESY OF BRYAN PEARSON)

The USAF, in order to unload supplies for the wonderful airport we have acquired at the expense of the American taxpayer, created what has come to be known as The Causeway.

That was a great device in its day, 50 years ago, but times have changed. Iqaluit needs a dock.

Winston Churchill, during the Second World War, invented the Mulberry dock. This was used for the invasion of Europe. and towed by tugs across to the beaches of Normandy. These docks allowed the allies to unload millions of tons of equipment necessary to complete and win the war.

During the 1970s, a lead zine mine was opened on Little Cornwallis Island. In a brilliant move, a complete mining plant and dock were manufactured in southern Canada,
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towed all the way north, placed on site, then towed back at the end of a long and happy mining lifespan.

I propose that such a plan be implemented for a dock, not only for Iqaluit, but for all the communities that depend on the annual re supply by ship for their basic fuel and other cargo.

Iqaluit is a special case, because the tides here are among the highest in the world. Smaller communities don have the same problem. However, they all suffer from time to time from the slow, unpredictable shipping season, waiting for the tide, waiting for the beach to clear, and so on.

We need a simple concrete dock with all the necessary equipment in place, beached in the best location.

A simple road or ramp to access the dock can be built using all local material and equipment. Some communities over the years have had to terminate their operations and go without a sealift due to heavy ice.

In happened in Iqaluit once, when all the ice was blown back. Offloading the ships was impossible. The vessels had to return to Montreal. The so called sealift was flown in on cargo jets some months later.

The cost was staggering. Fuel, a vital need, was not delivered that year.

Iqaluit was singled out, some years ago during my term as mayor, to have a dock built at Inuit Head. That is the spot where the oil tankers discharge their products.

It happens to be a deep basin in the seabed. Huge tankers with deep draught can enter the area at high tide without too many problems.

It was in that are that the federal Department of Transport planned this sea port. Diamond drilling was performed through the sea ice in the winter. It ran into problems and for some obscure reason, the plan was scrapped.

The plan included a dock, a long jetty, a road to the point, and warehousing. All in all, it was a grand plan. But the powers that be in Ottawa gave up.

Someone suggested recently that the old causeway could be refurbished. That is not a solution. There is not enough water at high tide, and the rubble from the original construction would be very costly to remove.

The dock that I propose would enable larger ships to tie up at all tides. Regular schedules for voyages could be planned. The resupply season could be extended into a much later time. Passenger travel for tourists could be a possibility. A voyage to Frobisher Bay along the eastern sea coast would be an attractive adventure.

More importantly than all of the above, Nunavut fishing fleet could unload its catch here. The seafood could then be loaded within minutes on board returning flights to Montreal, thus providing a back haul for the airlines. This would help reduce their costs, which hopefully would be manifested in cheaper air travel.

It should be pointed out that Canadian vessels working in this region must sail to Greenland for fuel, including the Royal Canadian Navy. The Government of Canada has a lot of catching up to do with its presence in the North.
“Where did you pee?””I am not staying here,
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” he said. “You find me a place on Broadway.”Shirley retired from the Cleveland Agency in 1986. She previously worked for Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 25 and IBEW Local 145. Shirley was a 62 year member and deacon of South Park Presbyterian Church. She formerly belonged to the Circle of Faith and Stern Wheelers.

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“I’m pretty booked up with three new clients this past week. There is no room for random drop in clients,” Chu said recently. “Some are coming three times a week” for private sessions that run $130 for 75 minutes.How is your prayer life? (No judgment here this is something I’ve been working on, too.)Fernando, who suffers from a rare bone disease, was being treated for anxiety and depression at Vista del Mar. He eventually was transferred to a Kaiser Permanente psychiatric facility in Los Angeles, Hartman said. (Kaiser Health News, which produces California Healthline, is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.)
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This is what you must always remember about H. Wayne Huizenga, on the occasion of the Panthers having a ceremony tonight to honor their original owner: As much as building, as much as winning, he loved the big event.

“To success,” Huizenga toasted, a flute of champagne held high, in a Chicago Stadium suite that October night in 1993 when the Panthers played their first game.

That was part of Huizenga bringing the magic carpet ride of sports to much of South Florida. His Marlins had thrown their first pitch that April and he would take majority ownership of the Dolphins early the next year.

It was before Huizenga, now 80, became an example of everything a big sports owner can be, both good and controversial. Friday night is a thanks for that, even if Huizenga’s health is expected to keep him away.

His family will be represented. Current Panthers owner Vinnie Viola, long time Panthers executive Bill Torrey and former Panthers stars John Vanbiesbrouck, Bill Lindsay and Ed Jovanovski will be there.

Sometimes you don’t know the good old days were so good until they’re gone. So it was for the Panthers and for Huizenga looking back on that start.

He didn’t know much about hockey, once asking, “How much does a puck weigh?” He knew talent and knew how to build an organization, though. He hired the best people. He spent smart money.

The Panthers earned a tie that first night in Chicago and were a surprise out of the gate that first season, similar to Friday’s expansion opponent, Las Vegas, this year.

“Look at this,
mulberry bags uk Cyber Monday A Panthers night to say thanks to H
” he said one night, pointing to the purse of his wife, Marti. A few plastic rats were stuffed inside, ready to be thrown on the ice in the manner that still resonates around this franchise.

He did more. He won a World Series with the Marlins, though he never quite warmed to baseball, once calling a scored run “a transaction.” He got the BB Center built in Broward for the Panthers. He hired the best names for the Dolphins Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Bill Parcells but the big wins never followed.

His first love was business, of course. He built his teams with the same brains and bloodless brawn he used to take a staggering three businesses to the New York Stock Exchange Waste Management, Blockbuster Video and AutoNation.

George Steinbrenner once famously said owning the Yankees was like owning the Mona Lisa, and that once you owned the Mona Lisa you never sold it. Huizenga never felt that way. Most owners don’t.

Huizenga not only would sell the Mona Lisa, if it came to that. He’d figure how to sell at the most opportune time of all. And on his terms. And those terms were forever changing. The Marlins were losing money despite winning the World Series?

“I’ll lose $10 million next season, if you take $10 million off your contracts, too,” he told Marlins players who tried to talk him into keeping the team together.

His sale of the Marlins looks more understandable with time. No owner has managed to make baseball work in South Florida.

“The price just went up $70 million,” Huizenga told Steve Ross the morning after the Dolphins won their only game of the 2007 season.

He sold the Dolphins and the stadium to Ross for $1.2 billion. It was a record price. It’s nearly doubled in value in Ross’ time, too. So good businessmen rubbing against good businessmen that was Huizenga’s way.

Joe Robbie started the Dolphins. Ted Arison brought the Heat. Huizenga made South Florida a complete sports region by bringing baseball and hockey. He made us major league, even if he was the first to say sports weren’t his best work.

“My business decisions were all very good,” he said one day at the Dolphins headquarters. “My sports decisions?”

He held out his palm and waggled it back and forth.

There will be memories and applause and thanks Friday when a jersey with No. 37 (he was born in 1937) is retired. Perhaps thanks, most of all. Panthers coach Bob Boughner wasn’t around when Huizenga brought hockey and baseball to South Florida.

He’s a sports lifer, though, so understands what a man like Huizenga means to a franchise like the Panthers.

“It’s going to be a great night for this organization,” he said. “We’re looking forward to honoring Mr. Huizenga, but when the puck drops it doesn’t matter who’s on the other side of the ice.”
“Generally speaking eating disorders are a symptom of an excess of anxiety and I try to reduce that anxiety and get the client to look at how they would like their future to be. Once people start to get control over their life then the symptoms can go,” Mrs Wallbridge explained.”I had no idea who he was. If I did I would have kicked his arse,” he laughed.As time has passed,
mulberry bags uk Cyber Monday A Panthers night to say thanks to H
interest in burlesque remains and L has been teaching at the Des Moines Social Club since its facility first opened.