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Science news articles about ‘controversial claims’ bird Archaeopteryx knocked off its perch in controversial new study . but just another feathered dinosaur, claim scientistsArchaeopteryx, the famous icon of .

Scientists claim to have found language of Indus civilisation . the scholarly community, with some claiming the symbols form a primitive .

Controversial fusion figure diesLONDON, Aug. 8 (UPI) Martin Fleischmann, the chemist who with Stanley Pons made the controversial claim in 1989 of achieving “cold fusion,” has died in Britain, his son says.

Amalgam fillings are safe, but skeptics still claim controversy, researcher says . for years, yet unfounded controversy still surrounds it, a . of curing neurological diseases. That controversy continues today. “It’s . says. He also disputes claims that ulterior motives have influenced .

NASA Scientist Claims to See Alien Life In Meteorites, Controversy Ensues . year old meteorite? As this claim emerged over the weekend, . by publishing provocative papers about controversial topics, sent out a mass . time Hoover has made this claim, and similar arguments have been .

Global warming caused by CFCs, not carbon dioxide, researcher claims in controversial study . carbon dioxide, a researcher claims in a controversial new study. CFCs are .

Claims of Arctic methane disaster stir up controversyA scientific controversy erupted this week over claims that methane trapped beneath the .

Controversial scientist claims pesticide toxicity controversial French biologist, whose 2012 paper on the alleged dangers of pesticides was withdrawn, has published new claims that the chemicals were many times more toxic than advertised.

Researchers suggest controversial approach to forecasting El Nino . researchers has ignited a controversy over their claim to be able to . Academy of Sciences, the team claims their method, which relies solely . government correspondence shows Christy Clark’s office was directly linked to the controversial firing of health ministry researchers in 2012.

India rice revolution: Chinese scientist questions claim of massive harvests . scientist scoffs at claims that fewer seeds . has questioned India’s claims of a world record . farmer Sumant Kumar’s claim that he had produced . dispute centres on a controversial method of growing rice .

fusion rebirth? New evidence for existence of controversial energy source . new life into this controversial field, will be . and Fleishmann, however, claimed achieving nuclear fusion at comparatively . and implications of this controversial subject, including its brief .

Seeing is not believingStudying paranormal claims is as much about . sceptics, find paranormal and related claims fascinating. Such topics are . the public have in such controversial claims, important questions can be raised .
mulberry colour Learn more about controversial claims