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Science news articles about ‘broken chromosomes’ How cells handle broken chromosomes . by the cellular machinery, the broken chromosome is extensively scanned for homology .

How Cells Handle Broken Chromosomes . by the cellular machinery, the broken chromosome is extensively scanned for homology .

To understand chromosome reshuffling, look to the genome 3D structure . great influence over where broken chromosome ends rejoin, knowledge . they found that broken chromosomes often rearrange within themselves . “Our finding that broken chromosome segments are more likely .

Why chromosomes never tie their shoelaces . the protective tips of chromosomes: while broken chromosome ends generated by DNA . the tips of chromosomes were recognized as broken DNA, cells . at the tips of chromosomes stop this from happening .

chromosomes linked to cancer? . could potentially disrupt the chromosomes within them and produce . which DNA damage and broken chromosomes cause cancer is well . that, unexpectedly, whole chromosome aneuploidy might promote cancer .

Safeguarding genome integrity through extraordinary DNA repair . gene mutations but broken chromosomes and chromosomal abnormalities known to . “They can promote chromosome aberrations, with severe . recombination between different chromosomes, and promoting safe .

Worm genes KO . normally uses the undamaged twin chromosome as a template for . and C. By “repairing” the broken chromosome, the new method can delete . of the location where the chromosome is broken. But that still means .

Key protein aids in DNA repair . in the form of a broken chromosome, or double strand break, . called nucleotides,” he notes. Broken chromosomes can be compared to a . removes the “dirt” at broken chromosome ends, allowing for much more .

Unusual mechanism of DNA synthesis could explain genetic mutations . of DNA damage. When chromosomes experience double strand breaks . utilize their genetically similar chromosomes to patch the gaps via . of the broken molecules. To repair a broken chromosome that lost .

A needle in a haystack: How does a broken DNA molecule get repaired? . , the DNA double helix gets broken: both strands are accidentally cut . a filamentous structure on the broken DNA end. Second, this filament . DNA or the second DNA chromosome (remember that we have two .

Sending out an SOS: How telomeres incriminate cells that can divide . anything that resembles a broken chromosome. If repair is impossible . might mistake exposed chromosome ends for broken DNA. Initially, the . says, “Without it, chromosomes could become unstable and could .

Sex disorders linked to Y chromosome instability . , the apparatus for partitioning chromosomes becomes very confused,” Page . result, the chromosome has a tendency to get broken or lost . For one, unlike other chromosomal abnormalities, the incidence of .

Broken genomes behind breast cancers . genome in some cancers have broken and also the processes that . cancer cell in gluing the broken bits of genome back together . the joining of two different chromosomes. Dissecting out the complexity and .

Chromosome number changes in yeast . an unprecedented view of chromosome complement (chromosome number) changes in a . a chromosome and the subsequent fusion of the two broken . edges to two different chromosome ends. Although .

Clues to chromosome crossovers . , pregnancy miscarriage or chromosomal diseases such as Down . , in which chromosomes are first broken and then repaired . by coupling with a matching template chromosome .
large carry on bags Learn more about broken chromosomes