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The practice of law used to require writing by hand on yellow legal pads, making innumerable trips to the court house and filing crucial information in person.

Thanks to recent advances in technology, that has all changed, and the relocation of the law firm Whitten, Nelson, McGuire, Terry and Roselius from Oklahoma City to Edmond illustrates that fact.

Law firms no longer have to be located in close proximity to the courthouse; in fact, they don even have to be in the same city, said Reggie Whitten, a senior partner in the

Federal law was revised in 2004 to allow for more electronic filing, enabling attorneys to file documents from their office instead of making a trip to the

Coupled with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000, electronic documents can pass among attorney, client and judicial system for review, signatures and actions. The changes affect how and where attorneys do business.

Whitten, Nelson, McGuire, Terry and Roselius recently took ownership of the entire third floor of the newly built Fisher Hall building in Edmond, relocating from leased space in Oklahoma City Leadership Square.

The 60,
ebay mulberry handbags Law firm comes home to Edmond
000 square foot building is just south of 33rd Street on Boulevard. Whitten, Nelson, McGuire, Terry and Roselius employs 25 attorneys and occupies more than 20,000 square feet of the facility. A total of 56 people are employed at the firm.

Whitten said he began practicing law within a block of the Oklahoma County Courthouse in 1980. people who go to the courthouse a lot, we (in the firm) thought we had to be close, he said. just woke up one day and realized we don have to go to the courthouse that often anymore. majority of court practice is on videotape these days, he said.

of our lawyers and staff members live in Edmond or north Oklahoma City, and obviously we all pretty happy with the area, Whitten said.

Since the law firm purchased the space has been customized the interior with wood paneled conference rooms, granite surfaces, wood floors and a blend of antique and modern finishes, furniture and art work.

Work is still ongoing, but Whitten said the firm plans to have an open house later in the summer.

The attorneys agree the best part of the new space is the view of the pond in nearby Bickham Rudkin park. They installed large windows and balconies to take advantage of the view.

Founded in 1999, Whitten, Nelson, McGuire, Terry and Roselius represents corporate and individual clients across the United States in all types of litigation, but they happy to have their home in Edmond.
ebay mulberry handbags Law firm comes home to Edmond