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Finding the address using virtual geographical lines

Pinpointing your place is extremely easy on the world map if you exactly know the latitude and longitude geographical coordinates of your city, state or country. With the help of these virtual lines, one can take only few seconds to locate one desired place.

Here, the user can find below the list of geographical coordinate address of all countries with their respective capital, through which it will be extremely handy for the map users to pinpoint the desired location. But before pinpointing the location, let have some brief knowledge about earth virtual geographical lines.

As Earth is a gigantic sphere shaped planet and it was never easy to pinpoint the exact location before determining the geographical lines. For this the geological experts drew two sorts of imaginary lines horizontal and vertical using Ptolemaic system.

Latitude Lines: A total 90 horizontal arcs runs from east to west and is known as latitude lines. These angular lines are measured in degrees (1 degree = 60 nautical miles = 601.852 kilo metre). Degree is further divided by 60 minutes and one minute by 60 seconds. Thus one minute is equal to 1 nautical miles (1.852 km or 1852 metre) and second equals to 30.86 metre.

The whole earth is divided by 90 latitude lines ranging zero degree to 90 degree. Here,
Discount where is the mulberry outlet shop in york Outlet Latitude and Longitude of all Countries
on the earth map, zero degree latitude arc circles on the middle of earth from east to west and is known as equator while the north pole is measured as 90 degree north and south degree pole as 90 degree south. The entire place range between these latitude lines and measured from the distance to equator. For Instance, 45degree north means, the place is 45 degree far in the north direction from the equator. The equator divides the Earth in two hemispheres: North and South.

Longitudinal Lines: Like latitude lines, a total of 180 vertical angular lines also divide the Earth running from pole to pole perpendicular to latitude lines. These imaginary longitudinal lines disburse the Earth in eastern and western region. Green Witch city in United Kingdom is considered as the mid point of earth as geographical experts believes. The virtual ongoing longitude line is assessed as a line and the longitudinal measurement of any location denotes the distance from meridian. For example: 100 degree east means the place is 100 degree far in the eastern direction from the earth.

Here, the geographical addresses of the capitals of all countries are given below in the table. Using the given geographical address,
Discount where is the mulberry outlet shop in york Outlet Latitude and Longitude of all Countries
the navigator can calculate the exact geographical address of desired place while the finder can pinpoint the exact location very quickly by giving correct geographical address. Read more at Latitude and Longitude information page.