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He was arrested on a warrant of violating his probation. In court Friday, a probation officer testified that she suspected Sigh tampered with his bracelet by trying to remove one of the pins that secures the strap.

“This could simply put on a dresser or on a table. The person could be gone and none would be the wiser, so that’s very disturbing and concerning,” the probation officer said.

“The Commonwealth does argue that he has violated his conditions and would ask that you revoke his bail,” Norfolk Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Caffrey said.

Sigh’s attorney, Ethan Yankowitz, said Sigh hadn’t left his bracelet the night in question. When he was arrested in in a Beacon Hill apartment, the bracelet was inside, too, Yankowitz said.

As for the emails and texts, Yankowitz said if they were a violation they weren’t serious ones.

But Judge Daniel Dilorati disagreed, saying they were a violation and ordered Sigh held behind bars for up to 90 days for violating the bail conditions.

Sigh was also arraigned Friday on a new criminal charge of violating a restraining order. He was ordered held without bail on that charge until a dangerousness hearing next week. A not guilty plea was entered on his behalf.

Sigh’s history as a sexual offender was controversial for Governor Patrick.

In 1993, Sigh pleaded guilty to spousal rape charges while living in California. Sigh served jail time, and he later moved to Milton.

Sigh and that conviction were the focus of a 2014 lawsuit involving the former governor.

Saundra Edwards, a former chairperson of the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board, claimed that Patrick had unfairly fired her over the board’s review of whether Sigh needed to register as a sex offender.

A hearing officer determined in 2007 that Sigh would not need to register, but he said he was then pressured by Edwards and other SORB officials to reverse his decision.

In 2015, referring to Edwards’s lawsuit, Patrick told NewsCenter 5, “The fact is that she (Edwards) influenced inappropriately, or attempted to influence inappropriately, a hearing officer, and that is a matter of record. That hearing did involve my brother in law, that is true. We’ve never made a secret of that, but it’s still inappropriate, and that’s the reason why I asked for her resignation.”
Discount second hand mulberry bag Outlet Law Behind Bars Again