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This is to warn the public about a woman in a dark green station wagon with two large dogs. I was walking in the historic area last week when she parked her vehicle and let her unleashed dogs storm out. I was more than 150 yards away and they came charging right at me. I screamed for her to call her dogs back and, of course, they totally ignored her. Unfortunately, we have among us inconsiderate dog owners like this woman who think the rules and laws don’t apply to them. If your unleashed, out of control dog harms a child, an adult, or someone’s dog, the consequences to you could be dire. Your dog could be destroyed and the financial impact on you could be significant. Why do you take that risk? If you want your dogs to run wild and free, go buy a farm with the money you would most assuredly lose in a whopping lawsuit.

One possible use of revenue from increased meals and room taxes mentioned was improvements to the Quarterpath Recreation Center? Come on! How many tourists ever visit there, and how many would ever visit there! That is not an appropriate use of the money, period!If the ban on “perceived” offensive or derogatory trademarks has been lifted, as being deserving of First Amendment protection, as ruled by The Supreme Court back on June 19, then will the College of William and Mary once again be able to use its feathers trademark?

Pain pills

Pain killers provide much needed relief from chronic suffering. To say that the FDA should rescind approval for pain killing drugs because they’re additive is like saying producers of alcohol and cigarettes should stop making these products. People need to be responsible for their own actions in using possible addictive products.

Rules of the road

When approaching or entering an intersection, you should always use caution, slow and look and all directions for drivers running red lights, turning right on red and turning left on a flashing yellow light. To slow up and use caution, It seems touching the brake slightly to slow down and look is common sense.
Discount mulberry scotchgrain bag Outlet Last Word on using the correct facilities