mulberry factory shop Cyber Monday My Thermigen Skin Tightening Experience

bags website My Thermigen Skin Tightening Experience

I am going to share my personal experience with Thermigen skin tightening procedure. I’ve been reading and researching the topic of skin firming methods since I’ve seen the commercial for Lifestyle Lift on TV. After a complimentary application from my cosmetic dermatologist, I was hooked. After further consultation with the said dermatologist, I opted to give the RadioFrequency procedure a try. Let me tell you: it was absolutely wonderful!The results: amazing! My doctor said it was a new device, released the spring of 2013, I think. The procedure itself can be invasive or non invasive depending on how much fat removal (if any) and tightening is needed. If there is fat to be removed, invasive procedure is applied by inserting the needle into the area to be treated, and then fat is literally broken up, melted by the heat and absorbed by the body. In non invasive application, the technician glides the diamond tipped probe over the treatment area. Glycerine is applied to the surface of the skin to make the probe easier to glide and to keep skin from drying out too much. After the procedure, which takes about 30 45 minutes, the glycerin was washed off my face, and I was given a wonderful facial and neck massage with a rich anti aging cream.

Thermigen is another invention added to the ever expanding and evolving cosmetic treatments to help us stay younger looking. Thermigen uses Radio Frequency to stimulate collagen production to tighten and smooth skin of the face, neck and body. It has a built in internal temperature monitor,
mulberry factory shop Cyber Monday My Thermigen Skin Tightening Experience
which enables the doctor to apply the precise amount of heat to collagen layer for more effective skin tightening. True effectiveness of the treatment is cumulative: it takes about 6 months of progressive improvement in tightening for collagen to replenish. So, after the procedure, you end up “youthing” (as opposed to aging). The results are very natural looking, as there are no incisions, no scars, and no down time whatsoever. The results are permanent, but that being said, we still keep aging, so a re touch will be necessary sometime down the road.

My personal experience has been absolutely fantastic. It gave my face and jawline more definition, without looking unnatural. The procedure cost $1500.00, (in Canada), which I think is reasonable considering that it will last for years.

One more tip: when opting for the procedure, make sure you discuss your expectations with your doctor. He/she will also tell you what is or isn’t a reasonable expectation. Most of all, have fun!!
mulberry factory shop Cyber Monday My Thermigen Skin Tightening Experience