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Goal 1: WTF was lovren doing in near the corner flag which ultimatly led to milner loosing it.

Goal 2: Maybe karius could have stoped the shot, but look at the calamity of errors. Again, lovren should have sorted it out i think, possibly cut out the through ball. He isnt quality and never has been. But him and lucas lack management and leadership when together.

Far too easy to pin this on karius. Yet in reality, i think we just stopped playing. Have to say, winaldum, hendo and origi just looked to have stopped.

Im proper pied that we lost that but I think it will inevitably happen until we can sort the back 4 out. At 3 1 I would have preferred lucas in DM not CB, but guess we didnt have that luxury

Generally agreed. Karius had a poor game but the match was lost by the team who dropped the ball big time. Bournemouth shouldn have even been getting those chances in the first place. we were incredibly casual all over the pitch and it cost us what should have been an easy 3 points (when ti was 2 0 and again at 3 1). .

As I said in another thread, I think Karius will be our first choice for a while regardless of what he may do wrong. I think klopp will invest in Karius and I guess we should support the guy and hope for the best.

Whats Karius played now, 7 or 8 games?? Could anyone say they have seen in him to suggest he can be world class sure as hell haven Always looked shakey in what I have seen, please don come up with the needs to adjust nonsense. Shot stopping and catching is the same wherever you play, coming for corners/crosses might be a little different due to a more physical approach in the premier league, but the rest is standard keeping. He should have saved 2, plus nearly spooned after easy catch into the net but spun through his hands over the bar as well.

It was ultimately down to a collective responsibility combined with the later surge of energy from Bournemouth once they pegged back the scoreline to 3 2.

If you play football and are in the situation, even with only minutes left, you have extra motivation and confidence in getting a leveller, and the tables are turned.

We could blame the defence,
mulberry card wallet My take on the game
but then the defence could turn to our defensive midfielders.

I think we taken our eye off a bit in collective responsibility and that means somebody like Adam Lallana prepared to get his hands dirty and support the defenders.

Leicester won the league with this type of attitude and application. They only left Vardy at the top on his own, whilst everybody else pitched in.

With all this in mind, I do feel we are starved of a Lloris, De Gea, or a Petr Cech type of keeper.

Agree I certainly don blame him solely for the loss, he wasn awful. But he wasn good either.

He has had little to do in most games he has played, although seems to have calmed down a bit compared to those first few games. Crucially he isn gaining us any points I never thinking did he save that? think Klopp will stick by him and give him time. It is harsh on mignolet, who would probably be performaing equally well or possibly even better. But as others have argued in the past, he has had 3 seasons and at points been dropped for the likes of brad jones and Adam bogdan, so he probably isn the answer to our issues either not in the long term. I certainly wouldn turn to manninger either (I actually forgot we had him until just now!)

Karius needs to sort it out though, and quickly, because we really can have any passengers in our team this season (we made too strong a start and so much to play for). Our goalkeeper needs to be reliable to start with, and then hopefully someone who can actually be said is winning us points

Some very pertinent points. As Bingo has said in another thread Klopp had a very bad day at the office. Mane , Origi and Can did their job but were completely left to fend for themselves after Can goal. Four or five players had played in midweek and a match at night even against Leeds will leave it mark. Klopp did not send reinforcements as Bournemeouth were mounting a comeback. In the general pandemonium Karius just lost his composure. Maybe he underestimated Bournemouth and Howe or he believed that a manager of his status shouldn be hanging on to a two goal lead against our opponents. The positives are vastly in his favour up to now, but he must start to understand that so called small teams do not capitulate easily when the big boys come to town.

Definitely not all the GKs fault. For me it started at the second half. But we fell apart badly when Mane went off. Mane was the threat that kept Bournemouth from going all out and we were able to defend from the front becasue of Manes pace. Manes pace allowed us a quick outlet and to defend from the front. When he went off Bournemouth realised we weren as mobile pressing wise up front and came at us. Regardless we still should have had enough to have held on but we switch off and got bullied. Just goes to show talent is not enough, concentration is key!
mulberry card wallet My take on the game