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OTTAWA Canada ambassador to the United States said Monday he believes NAFTA negotiators can reach an agreement in principle by the end of March. President Donald Trump to blow up the deal, which hangs over the final eight weeks in the current negotiating schedule.

MacNaughton refused to speculate on whether Trump is likely to pull out of NAFTA, but he said enough progress has been made on the and plumbing of the agreement that all three countries can iron out their differences on the more substantial issues in the next two months. counterpart, Kelly Craft. made tremendous progress on some of the less spectacular things. said little about the substance of the negotiations in her appearance with MacNaughton during a staged question and answer session at a conference on North American energy.

Craft dropped a broad hint that she doesn find her president rhetoric helpful. ambassador to Canada, he promised that this would be very interesting and very, very important, she said.

don really need him to continually say up NAFTA to keep it interesting. A little bit of boring would have been just fine with me. said the time has come to leave political rhetoric behind and find a workable agreement in principle that officials can hammer out later.

are still four or five sticking points, he said.

think we roll up our sleeves and work hard on them we can at least get to the point where we got an understanding, whether it be an agreement in principle or whatever it is, which we then allow technical people to work on. congressional midterms, which observers fear could prove disruptive. economy and business in general, MacNaughton said.

uncertainty causes people to sit on their wallets rather than make investments, he said. hate to see that stalled because of the uncertainty around NAFTA. demands for greater market access to Canada protected dairy industry also loom large. dialing down some of its negative rhetoric, including its imminent threats of withdrawal.

United States wants NAFTA modernization to strengthen the North American energy revolution and promote North American energy security and self sufficiency, said Craft.

separate energy chapter must add value not duplicate obligations found in other chapters. did not elaborate and left the event without speaking to reporters afterwards.
Discount paper mulberry Outlet NAFTA deal possible