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I woke up one day and checked usual airsoft websites and boom! UTG MP5 WILL BE RELEASED SOON Price 150 dollars. I found out information about it and seemed very promising. I was thinking of pre ordering one but I was lucky not to because when it was finally released, the price dropped down to 100 dollars. I waited and debated weither I should buy it or not. The following day, Airsoft Atlanta had a one day sale of UTG MP5 s. Each was labeled at 80 bucks each. I quickly ordered two. It came in a styrofoam box that said Accushot clearly. The packaging in my sense was terrible but I purchased what I wanted. For one box, I received a UTG MP5, battery, sling, scope mount, rod, some tools and extra screws, charger and a stock. Pretty good packages deal in one, but later I learn that the sling and full stock are useless. The full stock has a taped in cement block into the compartment and UTG had no wires leading to the back of the gun. From now on here, I will show pictures of the guns, sadly I did not take pictures of the box, and the two useless items I stated. Neither did I take a picture of the scope mount.

I have to admit, the gun feels very solid. The ABS plastic is similar to my KWA Glock 23F plastic, possibly even better.

As you can see, this is the annoying switch that everyone has been complaining about in version 1. You can see scratch marks and the selector switch is actually in safety mode even though it looks like its in shot mode.

UTG had some cheap facial plastic glued on but it is still very durable and completes the mp5 as a realistic replica.

Terrible manufacturing of the pin, I already lost the metal stapler to hold it firmly,
Discount mulberry somerset Outlet my pitas page
removing the metal staple actually made it easier for me to remove the pin.

This is the barrel and it is metal not plastic, on the right is the hop up unit.

This is a closer picture of hop up unit. Move the arrow so that it is pointing left decreases the hop up as pointing the arrow toward yourself increases the hop up.

One of the UTG MP5 s visible marking

I will update this with a clip later on.

So far, the UTG has been great to me. The only thing faulty is the plan of cheapness. The magazines are next to useless except for fact they fire flawlessly in semi auto. The groupings are not that great but good enough for you to shoot a man sized figure easily from 20 yards away. I will update this information later. The groupings are probably 4 6 inches from 20 yards away. But, so far there has not been a single let down in the gearbox. The gun would jam once in a while but all u have to do is fire in full auto. I currently use Matrix bb s.

I ll update later with a clip and groupings.

I have a new buddy icon look! lol.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

It is Kevin Rodvolt with an excellent, oragnized, and colorful layout. This time I am having a raffle. =D so everyone sign up by telling me.

Winning Prize is any one dollar item at the Student store

Sorry I have not update for a while. I love that game Maple story. I will show you my cartoonish snowboard soon on a screencap =).

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

People who have joined for the smootie website contest(ends on the 19th) are:

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Contest. Enroll your web site and I will choose which one looks the best. Whoever wins will get a smoothie from the Student Store, Free! Just aim at and tell me your website and name. Tell others about the Contest too. 🙂

Steven said “Good cheese comes from Happy Cows.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

=D Ashley taught me how to make scambled eggs. It was da best. My mom got all freaked out when she came home. >;D but everything was fine and fun. Thanks Ashley for teaching me how to make scambled eggs. Dang those eggs delicious. >:D

Sunday, November 14,
Discount mulberry somerset Outlet my pitas page

Add this to your page. It is an image link. no more exciting word links. =) Just right click to find the image. And you know how to make it a link. If not. Ask me.