Discount mulberry outlet Outlet Nashua shoe store hoofing it to new digs

Discount mulberry leather bag Outlet Nashua shoe store hoofing it to new digs

Everett Turnpike.

The expansive new space is undergoing a transformation from a high tech company to a customer service oriented family retail business, one with ties to Nashua dating to the 1930s.

Alec owner John Koutsos will move the store from its familiar Main Street spot sometime in the next few months. When that will happen isn exactly clear. He like to do it in July, he said, or perhaps in September after the back to school rush in August. Koutsos said it take place when the space is made ready.

Koutsos started an informal tour last Friday in the building front parking lot. He explained the layout as it relates to the turnpike and entrance onto the property.

“We can utilize the parking lot that on both sides. Now people can get very close to our door. It very easy for senior citizens,” he said.

A patio of poured concrete, fashioned to look like granite, will be in the front off to one side of the main entrance. A canopy will somewhat mimic what customers see now at the Main Street site.

“There a lot more cubic footage because it a high bay building,” he said. “But as far as square footage, we taking the three floors of square footage downtown and putting it on one floor.”

“We 15,000 square feet per floor downtown, times three. It actually a little less,” he said.

Workers on Friday were busy with various stages of construction on the space, including drywall and electrical work.

“In our basement at the store, the ceiling is very low, so the holding capacity isn very good. The vertical height for the shelving will make up for it.”

Koutsos emphasized that Alec will still be a full service business.

The current second floor outlet will be in an area clearly set aside from the rest of the store.

A central counter area, larger than the current setup, will be in the center of the space near the entrance. Children shoes will be located on racks nearby and clothing, also on the current store second floor, will be in a more visible location. On Main Street, he said, “unless you go upstairs you don see it.”

Alec is also making changes to the outside of the store to make for more inviting store events.

“We put these two garage doors in because in the summer, whenever we want to have a sidewalk sale on our own patio, up go the doors, out go the racks on wheels. People from the highway see it. We might have a picnic table out there, a bike rack,” Koutsos said.

Women shoes will span the showroom right hand wall. Athletic shoes will be on the back wall. On the left will be outdoor shoes and boots. Men shoes will be in a special display, part of which will incorporate a unique feature Koutsos is keeping under wraps until craftsmen finish their work.

A key component to the new facility is the stock area. Storage and handling that is now in crowded downtown space and shuttled between multiple floors will be on one level. Intake of stock will start at a loading dock that will make the work faster and more comfortable for staff, which currently has to haul boxes into cramped storage.

Koutsos gestured toward an L shaped space behind the showroom. “The stock room is over 20,000 square feet.”

LED lights, as well as windows, provide light. The building has new systems, including wiring and ductwork.

The area has added benefits for staff, too, including a kitchen and space for an appropriately sized table for them to eat meals together, a common occurrence for the family like group. Plus, Koutsos said, “there tons of good walking around here.”

Koutsos added that there is 4,000 square feet of space on the building second floor, accessed by a separate entrance, that is available for lease or possible expansion if future events warrant.

“Its really for the next generation, whether my kids come in to the business or the great people that work with me,” he said “They been with me a long, long time.”

When asked why he chose to move now, he said smart use of space was a major factor.

“We were getting very tight for space where we were, even though, square footage, it might come out the same, it the way it configured. It was a big constraint. We had no loading docks. It was kind of time now or never.”

Now that he committed to the new location, he is looking forward to the change.

“I glad I did it. I kind of wish I had done it a couple of years ago. You get a little older, it a little harder. I really love doing it. It coming out great.”

Despite the updates coming at the new location, Koutsos is committed to maintaining the atmosphere from the downtown location that served Nashua for so many years.

“This should have pretty much the same feel as our store downtown. The intent is to manage it the same way.”

However, that doesn mean the store family will stay the same size. Koutsos said he plans on hiring once the transition is complete.
Discount mulberry outlet Outlet Nashua shoe store hoofing it to new digs