mulberry wallet womens company now producing tiny homes

mulberry cross over bag company now producing tiny homes

The first Island made tiny home is up for sale.

of subsidized housing, imagine having a subdivision of these, where people making minimum wage could actually afford to own a house, said Mark Mahar, who co owns M4G Alternative Housing in Marshfield with Sherri Spatuk.

Mahar and Spatuk were good friends in high school, but then Spatuk moved out West and they lost track of each other. 13 years later.

Now they run their family and the company as a couple.

The M4G prototype home is 450 square feet, and as is, comes in around $65,000. It made to be moved onto a piling system, like any modular home.

can live without the nick knacks and all that, said Spatuk.

But she knew, for herself, having a full bathroom, kitchen and laundry (it a fancy all in one) makes a tiny home feel more manageable.

The unit is move in ready, but Mahar and Spatuk are keen to customize each home they build.

kind of wanted people to come in and say is what I would do with it, said Spatuk.

The roof is steel, the front is wood siding and three sides are glossy black metal, the rugged kind used for warehouses.

The walls are insulated to R 20 and the ceiling is R 30.

Two electric heaters warm the space for now. But there a 220 outlet for a heat pump (it arrived during the interview) and a woodstove or propane are two other options the couple has heard people suggest.
mulberry wallet womens company now producing tiny homes