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on Sunday, Jul. 24, 2005

Almost not in the mood to write this all up, pure laziness nothing else, but you’ve gone so long without some smut that I’ll try to cram some of it in.

Went to the Schvitz last night and had a good time. Wasn’t sure if we were going to or not because we kept running into some mixed signals. One couple that seemed to like us shied away, and the other one kept staring at us but wouldn’t do anything else. So, after the usual plaitza from Mel and smoking activities we headed upstairs.

We met up with some people we’ve hung out with off and on there, a older blonde woman named Karen, and this bi guy named Mark. Karen was escorting a hot Austrian around that spoke better French than I named Robert. He was a hottie for an older guy, but I never did get to play with him much as he made himself scare shortly after things got going.

Don’t know how it all happened, but after rinsing my pussy clean from the tingling lube (I HATE tingling lube that makes my pussy sting!) I ended up getting fucked on the big table while sucking some dick. The dick I was working on turned out to be Mel’s, lol, and I made him cum so that paid him back a little better for punking out on the hella hot plaitza. Dan nearly made me cum a few times from the screw, though it sucked being so tight and sensitive, but he didn’t want to cum too early either so he kept pulling out and switching activities.

After we all settled for a break from that round of activities, my buddy the big black guy with the giant penis who can lick a pussy like magic happened along. He asked if I could suck him, and I agreed to swap orgasms with him. (He ALWAYS delivers a nice one on my end.) So, I got to work, nearly making my jaw sore, but for once I sucked him off too! (He usually doesn’t let me finish him, backing off when it gets too good.) Laughing, he gave back as good as he got and I was tired after that orgasm, so we sat around for awhile debating if we should head back downstairs and find some more action.

While waiting, the black guy’s hottie little girl happened along to ask a favor of us. She just started expecting so she didn’t want to screw, but she wanted to see me suck his dick some more and offered some pussy eating to sweeten the deal. I didn’t want Dan to get all bored while I was having fun, so I asked if he could watch. Well, she was more than accomodating about that, letting him lick her hot ass all over while I sucked his dick again until I got too tired. Then, after wondering if she’d work on her end of the deal, we swapped around and she licked me almost as good as he did! I sucked Dan while lying on my back, letting the hard pressure of her tongue get me riled. Then she had me turn over so Dan could do from behind, whispering how much she liked bang girls in the ass herself, if I’d be willing to visit in Detroit sometime. Hell, I was more than willing! She was quite the hot mama with a big bag of tricks. Of course, with my luck, I wasn’t able to find her when we were leaving to get her number, though I do have Karen’s to attend the Friendship Frills thing next weekend.

Anyway, I made Dan cum in the doggystyle position by pressing back on him while he ate her ass and we talked. I tried to play with her tits while doing it, but I was a little too uncoordinated to work that out. That and I didn’t want to scratch her nipple while getting carried away. I popped up soon after that to clean myself out, as did he, and we lost them for the rest of the night, which was rather sad because I liked her. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll see them again in there sometime.

In other news, I did get that promotion on Friday. They gave me the textbooks for my certification exam, and it looks pretty doable. One funny thing I have to cite from that is that there are two references in two different chapters I need to read about NOT getting pesticides on your genitals. Apparently, and this does make some sense, your genital area is the most absorbant region on your body. So, NEVER EVER go to the bathroom without completely washing your hands and whatever protective gear you need to wash or you might end up at the hospital with a really bad story to tell.

Strange thing to me is, how many people had to have this happen before they put two separate warnings about it in our textbook? I know men are notorious about not washing their hands, and I believe this really could happen, but with poisons you’d think that would be obvious. Guess not. Guess there are several people walking around with strangely burned genitalia because of working in pest control. Lets hope that’s not me anytime soon.
mulberry wallet sale Daphne's Dirty Laundry