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Toronto police say they are treating the deaths of Barry Sherman, 75, and Honey Sherman, 70, as a double homicide.

believe we have sufficient evidence to describe this as a double homicide and that both were targeted, Det. Sgt. Susan Gomes said on Friday from police headquarters.

Gomes said both were found dead by a real estate agent on Dec. 15 in the lower level pool area of their North York mansion, hanging by belts from a poolside railing. Autopsies confirmed both died from ligature neck compression.

Their home was up for sale at the time and police say there were no signs of forced entry.

Police sources had initially told media that they were considering the possibility of a murder suicide a declaration that the Sherman family vehemently rejected and called irresponsible. The family hired their own private investigators who concluded last week that the Shermans were murdered.

The family released the following statement shortly after the police update Friday:

announcement by the Toronto Police Service that the tragic deaths of their parents are being investigated as a double homicide was anticipated by the Sherman family.

This conclusion was expressed by the family from the outset and is consistent with the findings of the independent autopsy and investigation.

The family continues to support the Toronto Police Service in their efforts to seek justice for their parents and pursue those responsible for these unspeakable crimes. Sherman founded Toronto based Apotex Inc. in 1974 with two employees and gradually turned it into the largest Canadian owned pharmaceutical company.

Along the way he amassed a vast fortune, recently estimated by Canadian Business magazine at $4.77 billion, making him the 15th richest person in the country.
mulbery handbags Deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman a double homicide

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cannot ignore when my family is threatened, read the Instagram post from Dejan Lovren. just can and won accept that. was desperately poor against Tottenham at Wembley ten days ago. Most said as much, including Football365. The Liverpool defender was picked for their league game against Huddersfield at the weekend by Jurgen Klopp, but suffered an injury in the warm up. Liverpool promptly kept a clean sheet in a comfortable win. He can expect a period of time out of the first team.

This is hardly an unusual series of events. Within the uber competitive environment of Premier League football, players lose and regain their places regularly. It is a world in which professionals must accept inconsistency as an inevitability.

gonna murder ur family u Croatian prick was the threat of which Lovren spoke, received as a private Instagram message, either from an irate supporter unhappy with his team defeat or A N Other idiot. Eight words that could change Lovren life; thisisan unusual series of events.

Lovren presumably felt unsure of his own safety, and in some way guilty that his family had been dragged into it as a result of his professional performance. What would that do to your morale as a person and as a footballer? His decision to publicise the abuse is a mature one, but the final word of his message rings true: is not the first player to be threatened and he won be the last; he is merely the latest. When Raheem Sterling chose to move to Manchester City from Liverpool, one choice response feedback informed him that his would be hunted down and locked up In March, Jamie Vardy spoke about messages wishing his children were dead and said he received death threats once a week. When Bill Shankly spoke about football as a matter of life and death, this isn what he meant.

Welcome to the culture of feedback, 2017. In the past, if something displeased you, you grumbled about it or them to your friends or yourself. Now you tell the person responsible for your displeasure exactly what you think of them, and why they must change. The democratisation of criticism is upon us, driven by an impatient, angry consumerist society.

Fans being emotionally invested to the point of irrationality is hardly a modern phenomenon, and this is the extreme fringe of fan culture. More than 99.99% of football supporters are mature enough to treat the two imposters of hope and despair exactly the same, and can separate disappointment from anger. Even those who do get riled manage to stop short of the indecent.

Social media may not have broken fandom, but it has certainly altered it. Breaking down the wall between the famous and their public was intended to remove the barriers between them so they could talk sweetly about their favourite subject at school and their hopes for their club future, but it was a laughably optimistic assessment. The problem with breaking down that wall is that it makes policing the two way conversation so difficult. Hate has festered far more than adoration.

This is also clearly not a sporting disease. Football might ignite stronger feelings than most cultural pursuits it is difficult to envisage anyone shouting at an opera singer but it is merely a reflection of society in general. Some supporters are thoughtless morons because some people are thoughtless morons.

Yet giving the same access to all allowed the fringe to flourish. In 2015 16 (calendar year statistics), Greater Manchester Police recorded 243 official death threats. That was up from 185 in 2014 15 and 81 in 2013 14. Police believe that the majority of those in their most recent figures were made online.

Death threats, such as the one Lovren has been forced to endure this week, are the most extreme case. There is a general rise in verbal abuse, again fuelled by social media. Search Twitter for fucking shit and see the unpleasant takes of many supporters, many of them Liverpool fans. Search Jones shit and see the same from Manchester United fans. Do the trick with every non superstar player at every elite club and the same occurs. Facebook and message boards are all filled with bile, mostly by those who have not bothered to remain anonymous.

Not only does social media give the irrational supporter an instant outlet for their rage, it crucially also provides access to many other supporters like them. That is the dark underbelly of social media; it generates a herd mentality, provides a platform of anonymity and then gives you an echo chamber just for good measure. Why shouldn I tell a footballer that he a cnt when lots of other people are doing the same if it makes me feel powerful?

The general response to this type of piece from a certain kind of reader, is to say that footballers, like all celebrities, put themselves out there and so must expect criticism. They get paid handsomely, and with that salary and fame comes an understanding that some will love you and some will hate you. All fair in love, war, showbusiness and sport.

Hopefully it doesn need repeating just how much nonsense that is. A footballer salary or natural talent doesn make them any more deserving of vitriol for the success or failure of their job than you or I. If you walked into the kitchen of a restaurant and told a chef that you thought he was a cnt for the way he cooked your starter, people would applaud when you were punched in the face or dragged out of the restaurant. The notion that wealth provides an emotional comfort blanket is a dangerous fallacy.

It also nonsense to just tell footballers not to bother with social media, although that must certainly be the temptation. Why should they have to stop doing any aspect of their lives, and particularly one that can be so positive, because some people cannot be trusted to act responsibly?

Fans of everything are entitled to express their pleasure and displeasure as a right of their support; this is not about silencing the thoughts of the reasonable. Expressing disappointment at company and club practice can force meaningful change and fight injustice.

Yet the minority really do threaten to spoil it for the majority. A footballer making a mistake is nothing new, but the personal backlash they face has become worryingly prevalent. To err is human; this sort of reaction is anything but.
how to clean mulberry bag death threats and social media extremism

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) It a frightening email that viewers in our area are receiving in their inbox. The sender claims they been hired by someone you know to kill you! The only way to save your life is by sending thousands of dollars.Teresa Penatzer got an email that would put fear in most anybody. She says, “When I first started to read it, I thought it was a joke from somebody who knew. I certainly don think I have any enemies that would do something like that.” The subject title was “Sad News.” Here an example of what she saw in her in box. “It is a pity this is how your life is going to end. My duty as I am mailing you now is to just to kill you and I have to do it as I have already been paid.”The threats got worse, the sender told her things like, “I would not hesitate to carry out this job and kill you, including those that are close to you.” And there were more threats like, “Warning: Do not think of contacting the police or even tell anyone because I will know.”Penatzer says, “What really got my attention was, I demand 10 thousand dollars to let go of you and I would not repeat myself twice.” With demands for thousands of dollars and riddled with grammatical errors, Penatzer gut feeling told her the emails were a scam. But she still found her self being extra careful and couldn help but think someone could be watching. She says, “Every time I would go out to feed an animal or something, you are like looking and wondering if someone is watching me or is there a laser on me or something.”She sent the email to the FBI and the Goochland County Sheriff office. “The officer who took the report said it did sound like a scam. He told me not to open any more of the emails and do not reply to any of them,” she says. Officers determined the email was a scam but increased patrols in Penatzer neighborhood just in case.Police say if you get a similar email don reply and report it to the FBI. If the email has any personal information, report it to your local police agency. Penatzer says, “It makes you angry. You just want to go out there and find out who is doing it and make them stop.”We contacted the FBI. It says these scams are pretty common and it has a cyber task force to investigate. The FBI says many of the emails originate overseas and in some cases, it could take up to a year or more to complete an investigation. The FBI also recommends that you report these scam emails to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Below are some helpful links.The AWARE Foundation says 17 year old Olivia Dale suffers from anxiety, depression and asthma and does not have her medication.FIRST ALERT: Sunday’s storm could bring rain snow through MondayFIRST ALERT: Next storm Sunday; snow chance western Va continuesUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 7:02 PM EST2018 03 10 00:02:49 GMTMarch came in like a lion over the Eastern United States with a powerful storm that wreaked havoc from the Mid Atlantic states up through New England.March came in like a lion over the Eastern United States with a powerful storm that wreaked havoc from the Mid Atlantic states up through New England.Spiders, St. Bonaventure tied at half in A 10 TournamentSpiders, St. Bonaventure tied at half in A 10 TournamentUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 6:58 PM EST2018 03 09 23:58:43 GMT
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ON THE MORNING of Tuesday, 5 April 1932, Phar Lap, the racehorse legend, mysteriously collapsed at a farm outside San Francisco 16 days after he won the Agua Caliente handicap in Tijuana, Mexico. He died in the arms of Tommy Woodcock, his dedicated strapper and mate.

As the news of the horse’s death filtered through the press the next morning, the nation mourned in disbelief. And even now, 85 years after his death, the memory of that day still lingers.

Phar Lap is an Australian hero not only due to his unparalleled speed on the racetrack, but also because he captured the public’s imagination during one of the most difficult economic periods in Australia.

“Phar Lap is unique not so much for what he achieved, but for the way the nation saw his achievements as uniquely Australian,” says Dr Mark O’Neill, a sports historian, who completed his PhD on Phar Lap at the University of Queensland.

The horse’s unprecedented success during a vulnerable time The Great Depression fostered Australian patriotism and strength, and his legacy continues to live on in the Australian cultural narrative.

Phar Lap stands with his strapper and mate, Tommy Woodcock, before his trip to the United States. (Image: Charles P S Boyer/National Library of New Zealand)

Phar Lap’s achievements

The 1930s champion thoroughbred, standing at 1.74m tall with a deep chestnut coat, often carried a significant weight handicap and came from humble origins. Born in New Zealand in 1926, Phar Lap was an underdog cheaply leased by an unknown trainer, Harry Telford, and he did not appear to have any racing talent.

Despite these disadvantages, Phar Lap surprised the nation and dominated the Australian racing industry. He won 37 races from 51 starts, usually winning by several lengths and racing at a spectacular half paced speed.

“He was a biological freak,” says Mark. “The horse had amazing endurance, and did some amazing things under stress.”

One of Phar Lap’s biggest accomplishments was his performance during the 1930 Melbourne Cup, carrying a 62kg handicap for his age group. He was the only horse in Australian history to have been favourite for the Melbourne Cup three years in a row.

During the 1930 Melbourne Spring Carnival, Phar Lap won four races in seven days and this was after he survived an assassination attempt, a gunshot fired from a nearby motor car.

“He survived an assassination attempt on Saturday morning, won an event that Saturday, went into hiding, won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday, won another event on Thursday, and won another event on Saturday,” says Mark, adding “That will never, ever happen again.”

Phar Lap’s last race

Unsurprisingly, Phar Lap won his last race in Mexico with flying colours.

The entire nation watched in awe as Phar Lap went from second to last to first on the track. “The horse was able to do something quite spectacular by giving up so much head start at the beginning, and then being able to run down the horses in the lead,” Mark says.

His remarkable performance in Agua Caliente made it even harder for Australians to accept his death just 16 days later.

“The illness of Phar Lap was kept secret”

After the race, Phar Lap was taken back up to San Francisco with strapper Tommy Woodcock where he would spend the last few days of his life.

“Phar Lap dead: collapse in California.” The stinging reality of Melbourne’s The Argus newspaper headline on 7 April struck the nation, and the racehorse’s death was the leading news story in Australia for several days.

“Phar Lap, the champion Australian racehorse, was stricken this morning by symptoms of colic, which developed so rapidly that veterinary surgeons were unable to counteract the illness,” The Argus reported. “The illness of Phar Lap was kept a secret by the stable.”

The uncertainty surrounding the death riled the country. Conspiracy theories that the horse was sabotaged soon spread among the press and the public, while rumours surfaced that Phar Lap was poisoned by American gangsters who were threatened by his winning streak.

In 2011, new evidence came to light confirming Phar Lap died as a result of arsenic ingestion. Unfortunately, how or why Phar Lap consumed the arsenic remains unknown.

We may never know who is to blame for Phar Lap’s death, but that immediate instinct to blame America is significant, says Mark, as it reflects an overall deflation of national pride.

“Phar Lap was considered a symbol of national achievement. And by winning in the United States and proving an Australian can conquer the biggest and the most powerful nation in the world, Australians took a lot of confidence out of that,” he says. “And for Phar Lap to die, meant that a lot of Australia’s confidence through that horse dissipated.”

Over eight decades later, Australians still feel angered and betrayed by the ambiguity surrounding their beloved racehorse’s downfall.

The death of Phar Lap was not just the death of a horse it was also, in many ways, a loss of cultural identity.

Phar Lap’s heart, weighing 6.35kg, is on display at the National Museum of Australia. The phrase “a heart as big as Phar Lap’s” signifies strength, power, and generosity. (Image: National Museum of Australia)
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won matter under the law that you won know who pulled the trigger, McRoberts said, marking the start of Joseph trial. are guilty under the law. Christophe is awaiting trial.If McRoberts and Assistant State Attorney Terri Skiles convince a jury that Joseph is guilty of first degree murder, they will try to make the 24 year old Lake Worth man the first person in nearly two decades to receive a death sentence in Palm Beach County state court.Though each man named the other as the killer, McRoberts told jurors both are equally guilty of the murder that she said came after they kidnapped, tortured and terrorized Cabral.In her opening statements, McRoberts said Cabral, 31, had recently moved to Pompano Beach from his native Brazil, where he left behind a wife and two kids to come to the United States and open a mixed martial arts gym.Though Joseph initially described for investigators a night of gambling and drinking with Cabral, who he claimed he known since they were children, investigators would later piece together a different version of events through surveillance video and the statement of a third person arrested weeks after the Dec. 1, 2013 murder.Koral Ben Shimon, 24, of Greenacres, was the woman behind the escort ad Cabral answered, which advertised her as Ayrab Barbie/Sexy Angeline Latina. Surveillance records show Ben Shimon and Cabral met at a Super 8 Motel in Coconut Creek.Ben Shimon, who will testify against Joseph as part of a plea agreement in which prosecutors agreed to drop murder charges against her in exchange for a 10 year prison sentence on robbery and kidnapping charges, told police she and the two men planned to rob Cabral. She said they took $400 from his pockets, then forced him to call his credit card company to try to raise his credit card limits so they could take more, according to arrest reports.At some point during the trial next week, Ben Shimon is expected to testify that Christophe told her to drive to his mother Lake Worth home in the Indian Pines community and Christophe and Joseph followed in Cabral car after they tied Cabral up and forced him from the hotel room at gunpoint. She is expected to testify that she was unaware that her two accomplices were going to kill Cabral.In his first words in the trial to jurors Friday, Joseph attorney, Scott Skier, said there simply wasn enough evidence to support prosecutors version of events.Referencing the movie McGuire and urging jurors to demand prosecutors me the evidence, Skier said the most important evidence in the case appears to show that Cabral hadn been kidnapped at all.If Cabral, an MMA fighter had been in a situation where someone tried to tie him down in a hotel room, certainly there would be more signs of a struggle, Skier said. And although a hotel security officer will testify that the sight of Cabral leaving with the two men and young woman appeared strange, Skier said, the worker will also say that Cabral didn appear to be taken against his will.Had he been kidnapped, Skier said, surely Cabral would have alerted someone after being in several public places with his would be killers before his death.could stopped, dropped and rolled, you know the old fire trick? He could started talking in tongues or doing something to let someone know I in trouble here, Skier said of the victim.Skier, who represents Joseph along with defense attorneys Robert Gershman and Shaun Rosenberg, said that there was no eyewitness to the shooting, no murder weapon and the prosecutors star witness was co defendant Ben Shimon, a woman Skier referred to several times in his opening statements as prostitute. Skier said Joseph was only there to procure drugs for Cabral at Cabral own request, and Skier denied Joseph had anything to do with the man death.him, it the ultimate wrong place, wrong time, Skier said.After opening statements Friday, testimony in the case began with several law enforcement officers who helped with the initial investigation after witnesses heard a gunshot near the then abandoned house at 5973 Ithaca Circle West in the Indian Pines development. Palm Beach Coounty Sheriff Department deputies captured Joseph immediately after they arrived in the area, but Christophe ran and was caught in a residence nearly a mile from the crime scene.A witness later told investigators that Christophe said he was on the run because he just shot someone. Later, both he and Joseph would tell police that the other had gone inside the abandoned building alone with Cabral and emerged without him a short time afterward.Circuit Judge John Kastrenakes sent jurors home Friday and asked them to return for more testimony in the case Monday. The trial is expected to last through the end of next week.Although prosecutors are seeking the death sentence against Joseph on the murder charge, he also faces charges of robbery, kidnapping and grand theft of a motor vehicle.
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Discount outlet mulberry uk Outlet Death of Human Rights Champion in Ukraine Draws Reaction from Helsinki Commission Leaders

Washington, DC United States Helsinki Commission leaders today issued the following statements regarding the death of Ambassador David R. Nicholas, OSCE Project Coordinator in Kiev, Ukraine on March 13, 2005.

“Ambassador David Nicholas’ death is a great loss and he will be missed,” said Helsinki Commission Chairman Senator Sam Brownback (R KS). “His contributions to human rights during his long, distinguished and varied career will be his lasting legacy. In the last two years, as head of the OSCE office in Kiev, Ambassador Nicholas contributed greatly to the development of democracy in Ukraine, especially during the recent, historic Presidential elections.”

“Like so many others, I am saddened to hear of Ambassador Nicholas’ death,” said Helsinki Commission Co Chairman Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R NJ). “Ambassador Nicholas was widely respected within the OSCE and beyond for his important and effective role whether in supporting projects in Ukraine such as anti human trafficking hotlines, assistance to the Ukrainian judicial system and legislature, or helping the transition of former military personnel to civilian life.”

“Ambassador David Nicholas’ death is sad,” said Helsinki Commission Ranking Member Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin (D MD). “The OSCE Project Coordinator’s Office, under Ambassador Nicholas’ leadership, performed a vital task in the lead up to and during last year’s presidential elections in Ukraine through its support of a wide range of activities aimed at promoting transparent and fair electoral processes.”

The United States Helsinki Commission, an independent federal agency, by law monitors and encourages progress in implementing provisions of the Helsinki Accords. The Commission, created in 1976, is composed of nine Senators, nine Representatives and one official each from the Departments of State, Defense and Commerce.
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Freeman, John Grover IV, 69, Marine Corps ordnance man, died Monday, Jan. 29. Saturday, both at Rose Hill Funeral Home.

Lloyd, Jackie L., 88, seamstress, died Wednesday, Jan. 31. Monday, both at Hayhurst Funeral Home, Broken Arrow.

Miller, Richard, 87, truck driver, died Monday, Jan. 29. Services pending. Moore’s Southlawn.

Mitchell, Dora Deloris, 92, Sears catalog department manager, formerly of Tulsa, died Sunday, Jan. 28, in Bentonville, Ark. Services pending. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.

Moore, Samuel H., 91, certified public accountant and Army veteran, died Wednesday, Jan. 31. Services pending. Moore’s Southlawn.

Nash, Angela O. “Angie,” 77, retired restaurant owner, died Monday, Jan. 29. Tuesday, both at Fitzgerald Ivy Funeral Home Chapel.

Sixkiller, Walter Franklin Sr., 64, retail salesperson and Marine Corps veteran, died Tuesday, Jan. 30. Services pending. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.

Townsend, Susan D., 60, retired Townsend Graphics seamstress, died Monday, Jan. 29. Monday, Feb 3, Memorial Park Cemetery Chapel. Heath Griffith.

Turnbow, Alice T., 64, homemaker, died Tuesday, Jan. 30. Services pending. Moore’s Southlawn.

White, Alice M., 97, homemaker, died Tuesday, Jan. 30. Friday, Memorial Park Cemetery.

STATE/AREAFuneral home, church and cemetery locations are in the city under which the death notice is listed unless otherwise noted.

Broken Arrow

Arnold, Juanita W., 93, dietary aide, died Tuesday, Jan. 30. Friday, both at Hayhurst Funeral Home.

Frieze, Violet, 96, homemaker, died Monday, Jan. 29. Monday, Feb. 5, First United Methodist Church. Hayhurst.

Smith, Terry Leslie, 68, state fire marshal and Navy veteran, died Tuesday, Jan. 30. 29. Friday, Cemetery. 27. 29. Saturday, Prue Assembly.

Circle of LifeIn an effort to honor those who have donated organs, eyes or tissue, the Tulsa World is participating in the Circle of Life campaign sponsored by the Global Organization for Organ Donation (GOOD).
mulberry satchel bag Death notices published Thursday

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Blissit, James R., 48, artist, died Tuesday, Jan. 30. Monday, St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic Church.Jones, Traci Renea, 44, CenturyLink IT technician, died Saturday, Jan. 27. Saturday, Feb. 3, Full Gospel Family Outreach Ministries. Jack’s.Lawrence, Scott C., 52, Postal Service worker, died Wednesday, Jan. 31. Saturday, John Knox Presbyterian Church.Miller, Richard Alvah, 87, truck driver, died Monday, Jan. 29. Monday, Moore’s Southlawn Funeral Home Chapel.Moore, Samuel H., 91, certified public accountant and Army veteran, died Wednesday, Jan. 31. Saturday, Harvard Avenue Christian Church.Reidenbach, Robert, 70, business owner and veteran, died Wednesday, Jan. 31. Friday, Destiny Church, Broken Arrow. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.Russell, Hymon, 94, master mechanic and veteran, died Thursday, Feb. 1. Monday, Calvary Baptist Church.Turnbow, Alice T., 64, homemaker, died Tuesday, Jan. 30. Saturday, Memorial Park Cemetery Chapel. Moore’s Southlawn.White, Alice M., 97, homemaker, died Tuesday, Jan. 30. Saturday, Feb. 10, Bible Baptist Temple. Ninde Brookside.Wilbur, Brock Dale, 60, Hagar Restaurant Service Inc. maintenance technician, died Tuesday, Jan. 30. Services pending. Schaudt’s.Yeager, Albert Gene, 84, retired pastor, died Wednesday, Jan. 31.Broken ArrowArnold, Juanita W., 93, dietary aide, died Tuesday, Jan. 30. Friday, Hayhurst Funeral Home Chapel.Ross, Enrico John “Rick,” 70, veteran, died Saturday, Jan. 27. Services pending. Floral Haven.Woods, Jessie L., 93, Gatesway Foundation thrift store manager, died Wednesday, Jan. 31. Services pending. mechanical engineer and World War II veteran, died Monday, Jan. 29. 29. Services pending. 28, in Wedowee, Ala. Friday, Graceland Memorial Park Cemetery. Mowery.
mulberry tan bayswater Death notices published Friday

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Monday, Jan. 29, at Bethany Lutheran Church in Lake City, with the Rev. Frederick Morck officiating. until the time of service Monday at the church.

Timothy John Moyer, 58, of Lake City, passed away unexpectedly Tuesday evening, Jan. 23, 2018, at Mayo Clinic Health System Lake City Hospital. Timothy was born on Jan. 21, 1960, in Lake City to Miles and Doris (Miller) Moyer. He attended schools in Lake City, graduating from Lincoln High School in 1978, and went on to Vo Tech school for one year for semi driving. On Dec. 17, 1983, he married Pamela Bartlett at Bethany Lutheran Church in Lake City.

Tim was employed by Federal Mogul in Lake City for 25 plus years. He especially enjoyed spending time with his family and friends, going hunting, fishing, and NASCAR. He was a member of Boilermaker Local 650 Union, and was a lifetime member of the Lake City Sportsman Club. Tim was a member of Bethany Lutheran Church.

Tim is survived by his loving wife, Pam; a son, Dustin (Dana Hoyer) Moyer, all of Lake City; his mother, Doris Moyer of Lake City; sisters, Mary K. Randall of Lake City, Theresa (Scott) Dzwonkowski of Mankato, and Kristine (Todd) Walker of Mantorville; brother, Thomas (Mollie) Moyer of Oronoco; mother in law and father in law, Connie and Richard DeFrang of Lake City; and father in law and mother in law, Lyle (Carolyn) Bartlett of Zumbrota; sister in law, Robyn (Jeff) Wettern of Lake City; and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his father, Miles; brother in law, Wayne Randall; and niece, Nadine Randall.
red small bag Death Notices and Obituaries